Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I literally slept the whole day. After watching Man Utd beat Boro thanks from a funny late volley from Berbatov which ended at 6 am, I am completely exhausted today, so I just slept the whole day.

Oh my brother got his PMR results today. He scored 6a's with the other subjects he didnt get A are Agama and BM. This is preety good for a guy who didnt want to do the exam at all. Namiera also get 6a's with geography and agama letting her down. Somehow a lot of people didnt get A for agama. Either it was hard or what idk. Or maybe people these days not taking Agama seriously anymore, either for exam or in real life, this is very worrying. What is the government doing? The Silent War most definitely is working in attempt to bring us down. haaaa


Monday --> Black + White

What do you get when you mix black and white together?? The obvious answer would be gray, but in this context that is not the answer. It is not Michael Jackson neither, and it is most definitely not the president elect Obama. It is ;

Black tshirt PLUS White shirt


Something else idk wht to call.

Nice eyh??? I like it. I hybrided my old white school shirt with a black collar tshirt and come out with that. Really satisfied with the outcome. It has a kinda ellagant + punk look, which is a very odd combination which is very weird and interesting.It is weird though as the new hybrided shirt has two different materials(tshirt material and shirt material) so nanti nak basuh n gosok mcm pelik.

Damn love with the LP logo which I personally hand sew

Damn the shirt will look soo much nicer if it wasnt for the shit face model.
The main concept behind the idea was that the separation of the colour black and white will continue till the right sleeve. The separation of the two colours extended till the right sleeve in a one straight line. I think in a way I achieved that. The separation line however is not straight due to my lack of skills in sewing (Im an ACCA student not a bloody fashion student,so patut dimaafkan). It curves a bit upon reaching the right sleeve. However it still look nice and the main concept is vivid.
Another to-do-list completed


I think the past Sunday was the 1st time ever during my break that I didnt do anything at all. For the 1st time in my break I just lay back and chill. No going out, no to-do-list, no stupid stuf, no shit! It was relaxing but boring. i just lay on bed and read a book most of the day. Owh my cousin mimin come over to send oya back. She told me her bf going to watch Man Utd vs Boro at Old Trafford!! DAMN JEALOUS!! IT FUCKING UNFAIR!!! ARRRGH! he better buys me those Man Utd pillow cases and Fred The Red Devil plush toy for me. Argh!

That night i went to the mosque for awal muharram 'celebration'. Nothing really interesting the ceramah was disappointing. Ergh! after that i went to a kenduri for awal muharram at my mum's friend place, and I had a non alcoholic beer from Iran. It tasted very weird! It wasnt bad, just weird. Idk y those bloody idiot love to drink beer so much as it tastes like piss. Fuck Em!

After that I went lepak with Jim Messi and Azraei at a playground at Rabung. We talked about the good old days back in high school.Heh mcm dh tue sangat nak teringt kisah kisah lame. Hahah. But the atmosphere and the moment was very beautiful.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

4 days in the making


"4 days in the making patiently waiting to show, now the wall is on to be written in blog'
Ive been spending the last 4 days giving my room a new wallpaper. damn i tot it will only took 1 or 2 days, unfortunately a lot of problems occurred in doing it. I had to repaint my room 1st, I ran out of paper to print, and other stuff occupied my time preventing me to complete it in time. I finally finished it on Friday. Heh. Here are the new wallpapers.





well there u have it. the new wallpaper is less colourful and less exciting then the previous one, but it is more kemas and less memenigkan. It says "The Red Devils Manchester United Old Trafford" , and with Red Devils symbol in between each sentences. U might realize that the letters arent at the same level. This is due to not very accurate measurement when i was designing it using power point. hey power point susah nak budget. But the not-same-level-ness looks kinda cool so I adopted it as part of the design. Hey its DIY anyway. I can have it anyway i want right?

Another to-do-list completed


I went balik kampung on saturday. My mum wanted to use some bamboos to use as decoration around the garden, so my dad, brother and me had to go balik kampung to collect some (actually not some, 135 bamboo trees to be exact) bamboos for my mum. So we masuk kebun and tebang the bamboos and angkat keluar. Yeah it was a hard work but i enjoyed it. getting my self dirty, exercise a little bit , and get to spent time with my cousins which im not very close with was fun. I never thought bamboos are that heavy.. EEK!

That night adan messi abu n me had a badminton paralympics. Team Retarded (Adan n Abu) vs Team Crazy ( Messi n HBK) . Serious bodoh gile.. main x blh serious bwt lawak bodoh aje. i wanted to play strip badminton again, but abu was against the idea as die malu to show his tough body. Damn i miss seeing him naked. AHAHAHA


Friday, December 26, 2008

tiring day

oya wanted to go to iya's house for a sleepover.. so idk why im the one who had to drive her there.. not to mention before that i had to temankan and drive my mum and oya to ou as they wanted to do some shopping there. I had nothing to do with any of this and yet I had sacrifice my time and energy.AAAAHHHH!! (im not complaining, just saje aje cakap) One tiring day. My body wasnt build for shopping. I can jog for 10 km but i cant shop for 10 minutes. Haaaa. owh well at least i bought a totally awesome shirt. Dark purple long sleeve shirt. Lawa!! Its mark n spencer and surprisingly it cost only $59. Huh.

Due to my sibuk-ness today I cant finish that to-do-item I said im going to finish today.Esok kot insyAllah. heh!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


nothing really productive happened the se past 2 days. All the usuall, football badminton n lepak.

Ive been trying to complete another to-do-item these past 2 days, but it hasnt finished yet. Nanti when it finished i post it here.

Played 6 aside footsal at a bigger court in PJ on wednesday, seems a lot more fun than the regular footsal. and yeah before we went for footsal, ezran had an accident, he bumped into a car when trying to overtake it. heh. too much tokyo drift for him. That night again we played badminton. Heh penat~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


aries adan faisal and me (the so called fantastic four according to messi) went to ou on Monday. We watched Yes Man. Damn it was bloody brilliant!

Got to be one of the best romantic comedy movie around! The story was about a guy who been avoiding the opportunity and excitement in life, but it all changed when he took a 'Yes Seminar' where he had to say yes to every bloody opportunity that come in life. Damn funny pecah perut! Jim surely look old but he has not lost his golden touch. Still can crack people up by being a fucking clown! not to mentioned the main actress kinda cute <3

That night we played badminton again and i got fucking blisters on my feet due to not wearing shoes while palying. Heh! I had to play my guts out and jumping around the court extremely to beat 'the king' messi and adan. heh. Adan lost his phne that night . Macam mane x taw blh tercicir tgh jalan. Die naik kereta but how in bloody hell blh tercicir tgh jalan ?! Die dah sedih ah as all those love messages from Shaza now all gone , hahhaha. Good thing somehow afeq found it. Adan punye carik gile gile x jmpe afeq x carik blh jumpe. Haha

Afeq Apek and Ezran planed to go to Melaka the next day, however they only invited me along today. How am I suppose to go with bloody 1 day notice.Haiyo thrid world war mentalit, hahahah. Afeq said it will be more fun to plan last minute. Heh! However it seems like Im rejecting opportunity in life by not being a yes man, but being a no man instead! OK too much influence from the movie. Haha

Monday, December 22, 2008


Something to prevent you from dieing of boredom due to reading my fucking blog

Kiku was toooo buncit kene kuruskan/leperkan die seket. Ahhh kiku x tahan owh tgk kau nie. Hahaha

Sunday was sweet.

It started with Messi Adan and me training in the morning for the night match against Kelantan.net.

Then in the evening, a new world champion was crowned!!! Manchester United is the CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!! WOOO!!

They won the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan. So they are now champion of england, champion of europe, and champion of the WORLD!! wooooo!!!!! Rooney scored after Vidic was send out due to a fair challenge.

Not to mention Liverpool drew 1-1 to arsenal , so the points gap in EPL isnt that wide. Man Utd still have high hope to win it again. Come on u REDS!!

And on top of all that, the team of TTDI+BJ beats Kelantan.net 2-1. Yeay! Good match!!But since we played at night with all the spot lights, and since Im short sighted, I cant really see the ball very well, the whole thing was kinda blur to me. considering to buy disposable contact lens ( the kind where you can only use it once) for night matches., if I can afford =(


Ive been spending the last 3 days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) taking and editing pictures. Here are the pictures I come up with

Im trying out new kind of pictures. You might realize I no longer do those goth dark otherworld pictures. Im reinventing my self (even LP reinvented their selves with Minutes to Midnight, so why cant I) .I dont know why , Im just not interested in doing those kind of pictures anymore. Those kind pictures seems boring and dry to me. Maybe I out grew it. Maybe after doing those goth pictures for a period of time, it becomes mundane to me, its no longer fun doing it. Hell those pictures starting to freak my self out. So Im trying a new style right now. As u can see above, they arent that lawa. hahahha. Owh well thats wht happened when we try something new right.

On Saturday I send my bloody CPU for repair. It has to be reformat due to fucking virus or something. Heh!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

If I continue to do this for another 5 days I will definetely die

Damn this was one tiring day. I woke up at 7 thn i had football training for 2 hours. thn in the evening i played football again. And that night i played badminton for 2 hours. at the end of the night my whole body was tired and sore. Damn if i keep doing this for another 4 days i think malaikat maut cabut nyawe. 4JJ1

i also had to repair my football gloves. it was torned down during the morning training. i dont want to dispose it as it is still in good condition no to mention one heck of a good glove. so i had 2 sew the torned part. it looks kinda weird though, but i like it

see that part???? hahah really pelik right?? owh well syang glove punye pasal

Thursday, December 18, 2008

5 days blog

ok i said that i will post my day-to-day activities here. however due to unproductive-ness these past 5 days, i decided to lump 5 days blog into one. hahha... here the shit. i mentioned earlier that i have this list right, and this past 5 days ive been trying to complete one of the item in the list. (lets refer the item as ROBIN X 1906 )i tot after i completed it only will i post it here. at 1st i tot i will only take me like 3 days to complete it, but due to laziness and lack of motivation it took me 5 days . DAMN IT! so now i have to record 5 days activities here. Mind u , i have to remember back wht i did these past 5 days and the exact emotion i felt, so its kinda hard. heh! so here goes nothing

nothing really massive/productive happened. i went to my other house at ttdi to change the tv there with the one i had in my house at bj, since the one i had at my house x blh mn ps( mn ps trs tv jadi zaman p ramlee hitam puteh like that) and the one at ttdi can, so i had to change the two tvs . After that mn ps with mess smpi jadi gile.

Owh and that night i balik kampung to see my cousin got his 1st chld. Im an uncle now =P ok bunyi pelik sepelik alam.

thats all i guess. Still in process of completing Robin X 1906


bgn2 aje dr tido

Mama: Hariz! wash Amber (name of my mom's car)!! dh 3 minggu die x mandi!
HBK: huh! wht?? *groan groan* yeah yeah
*i need some money to pay for futsal shoes anywho. so x kesah*

washing the car took around 1 hour. after that i went to shah alam mall to take my "reanimated" futsal shoes. Y reanimated?? it was originally a football boots, but since dh jahanam i asked the cool cobbler dude to change the boots surface from football to futsal, hence i have a new futsal shoes. yeah!

Those are shirt buttons. green in colour to be exact. What so significance about this smpi aku menggdeik nak post. well u have no idea how many shops sell this. I spent like 2 hours driving to Seksyen 9, Giant, and TTDI trying to find this. I went to like at least 12 kedai kain and not one bloody shop sell GREEN SHIRT BUTTON. Damn is it so rare. I dont think so. fuck it. finally jumpe gak kat kedai at ttdi.. thank God! green button?? wht for? u will see.
that night i had another futsal match with my friends. that match made me realize how suck i am. God mmg kaki bangku bahagian futsal. Don't know why my team just cant win. Not only that , I also ripped off my 'newly reanimated' futsal shoes. damn baru pki sekali dh hancur. Ahhh!



40 minutes into futsal

Still in the production of Robin X 1906

I spent like almost the whole day trying to finish Robin X 1906. It takes much longer time than I thought it would

That night again I played futsal. This time it was a 5 groups futsal match. King stay format. And the results were 2 wins 1 draw 3 lost. Not to mention i was really suck that night. As at that night Im hanging my futsal shoes for about 3 months. Really pissed with futsal at that time.

Robin X 1906 almost finishes.


FINALLY!! After 4 days of tiring sewing and cutting, it finally finishes. wow!!
Robin X 1906 finally completed. Ahahhaha! Whats Robin x 1906?



Hahah. Robin X 1906 is only a damn shirt. Haha. Yes I have been spending the last 4 days sewing and cutting a damn shirt. Hahaha. OK i did not actually make the shirt. When my granddad past away on the 14th of August this year, I inherited some of his shirts (actually i didn't inherited it, I just selongkar his wardrobe, and anything that look nice I just took it, hahah). However some of the shirts I took are just too simple and mundane and not me. This one shirt in particular is or was a simple white long sleeves tshirt with green vertical lines. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice shirt, but however it is just was not me (hey it was my granddad's, of course the style was little bit off). So I had to vivify it. Add some extra angles to it. So i cut some part of the shirts, cut off the sleeves, sew a little here and there, and as a result the shirt u saw above. Heh. Name nak gempak aje Robin X 1906 but actually its only a stupid shirt. Hahah. Bodoh. The name come from well Robin because of that symbol i sewed at the back, X is that X on the front pocket, 1906 xtaw asl i choose that number. Wait isnt 1906 a hotdog stand? damn it! hahaha. owh well too late to change the name now. hahah. Here are some of the details of the shirt.

X tribute to DX

Robin = bad luck symbol

'Robin X 1906' has to be one of the weirdest shirt I ever made/reanimated. It didnt really turned out the way i wanted, but Im satisfied with its weirdness. Haaa finally siap puas hati. Im taking a break from my long to-do-list sekejap.

That day I went to ou with mess and adan, and i wore "Robin X" (OK this name starting to sounds poyo and budget, haha) and the shirt looked good. I felt like a gay wearing it. Hahah. We watched When The World Stop Spinning, eyh silap The Day Earth Stood Still . Hahaha nice movie 3 1/2 out of 5. Has a very strong message in it. Humans are destroying the Earth and something drastic has to be done before its too late,and kiamat nak dekat !

One movie trailer got my attention - "underground" not sure when its premiering but it sure not to be miss.


I spent most of the day collection money from players for Sunday football match against kelantan.net
The team don't seem to be in good shape as most players don"t seem serious about it, lack of sharpness and fitness, my self not excluded. But who could blame us, its been raining the past 5 days preventing us from training out guts off. Ahh damn.

That night I played badminton with my usual goof ball friends. Its been a while since we made a fool out of ourselves with rackets in our hands. It was fun.


Strip badminton babe! Hahaha. Lucky I took using a camera phone x clear sgt adan. Hahah.

Thts all for now. damn blogging for 5 days is a hard work! Ciao!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

3 and 4

the 3rd and 4th day of my break wasnt that great. nothing really productive happened. 3rd day was suck. it was the kind of day where the whole universe went against you and everything you did just didnt go your way. majority of my plans didnt work out the way i wanted. 2 words went through my mind tht day. "fuck shit". but if the whole universe goes against you,and you able to be withstand it and make it through, meaning you have strong character right. heh! but i was really moody that day. sorry to whoever effected =(

4th day slightly better. i did something on my to do list but not finish yet. InsyAllah tomorrow it will be completed and I will post it here. It did not rain in the evening so dpt mn bola for the 1st time in wht? 5 days. =) yeah gembira ! And yeah that night i went to Adan's sister majlis pernikahan. Tidak Azilah no longer available!!!! Hahaha.. but hey i did meet hani and arisha. and the food was nice. good majlis overall. i had a sweet time.

*Am trying my very best to convince her that i like her, and i really really do like her ,a lot!*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day Duos

Yayayayayaaw!! feeling hip hop here. u dig that nigga? hahha. ok enough with the stupid intro. so its day 2 of my sem break. damn rackets woke me up this morning. whn i woke up my house was like this

omg the jews bomb my house!! hhaahhaha! no lah my house is under renovation and the workers were hacking down the wall. hence the picture. it still looks kinda cool anyway. hahah.

check this out.



nice eyh? finally i can clear all those books and sumbat everything away inside cupboard. which become too look like this

Fuck eyh??All of that are accumulated books and notes from the past two semesters . Dude it looks like its about to burst out. Maybe i should throw away all the CAT books T6 T7 T9 and T10, but hell not the ACCA books. Theres a high possibility I might be using the books again next sem. ARRRGH ACCA u make my life a living hell. hahaha .

Anywho as mentioned in previous post im here to record meaningful things I did n do during the sem break and i also have a to-do-list. One of the items in the list is to touch up my Man Utd fan. See i did a paint job of Man Utd on my room fan. However due to naiveness and short budget i used a water base paint, so when the maid clean up the fan, the colour smudged and the fan look like a piece of shit.

So i had to clean up all the smudges , and used water proof oil based paint on it so that it wont smudges again. I hope. And i also used clear spray protector on it just in case. so this practically consumed my whole evening, and in the end i get a cool looking fan again =)

I guess touching up the fan is the meaningful thing i did today. And i cleared one of my to do list.Other than touching up my fan i went to shah alam mall with mess n bought new game n dvd thn lepak mamak thn watched champions league. But u probably dont give a shit about that right. Owh well.

End of Day Two.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

History is Made!!

Today a history was made as I Hariz finally open a damn blog account. WOHHOOO!!! ( add a triumph sound effect here). Since im new at this expect the initial posts to be tunggang langgang kelam kabut and not attractive at all. Heh. Im not planning to get emotional in here and post every freaging thought since, who gives a damn. I just finished my looooooong fucking exam today and will be starting my very short 28 days semester break (UiTM ape kau kemut cuti sangat! bodoh btl! ) So I signed up for this blog so that I will be able to record all my day-to-day activities during the owh-so-short-tak-dapat-enjoy-cuti-langsung 'semester break' and make sure everyday is spend properly and wisely. My goal is that i will do at least one meaningful thing each day during this break so that it wont be waste (this was inspired by Phineas and Ferb, haha). This break is to short to be waste away. So I have this around 14 things to do during the break list and i will try to do all that shit and then post it here. Sounds good enough??

So today is the starts of my 'semester break' so i guess i should record n post it here. So first of all i would like to shout MEEEEEERDEEEEEKAAAAAA!!! ahahah... finally the 4 tiring weeks of study leave + exam are over. WWOOOOO!! However to be frank im not really that happy of merdekaing as i didnt really performed well during the exam. These are some of the exam questions that really pissed me off

F6 #'What are the particulars that Sian Dan Sdn Bhd has to fill in in the Sales Tax Form JKED No 5 Bullshit when submitting it to the Royal Malaysia Custom? '
Who gives a shit about stupid particulars kau isi borang tu nanti kau tahu la

F5 #'What is meaningful budget and how can Ass Crap Sdn Bhd use it?'
kepala bana kau meaningful budget tu budget yg bermakne la. bajet bagus aje soalan budgeting ni

F7 # 'Interpret the ratios calculated and advice Vuctural which company it should invest in either Gappar or Melles.'
siot tul nak bagi soalan bwt org mati aje. nak muntah tls karangan 2 page nk nasihatkan vuctular bodoh 2. find ur owh accountant mate

# 'Company carries NCI at FV. At 31st Oct 08 FV of goodwill attributable to NCI is $1.5m'
NCI pown ade goodwill ke?? hahah

so there u go soalan yg bwtkan orang menangis. But owh well it is all over and i should enjoy the present. so i had plans after exam.I planned to go out and watch 'RAW Slammy Award Special # hours Extravaganza' with my gay uitm partner but it didnt happen as Khulafa Mamak wont change the channel since football singapore vs indonesia was on. who gives a crap about the match anyway. so i had to go with plan B, play futsal with mess, adan, haziq, ayai, faisal, azri, haziq and nawfal at hto. So how did we do? Mng ke kalah futsal? well i only tell you the result whn my team mng, so right now i cant tell you. haha. but a new team record was made as we achieved the highest goal margin ever in history.. 12!! at least! haha. owh well at least I got to meet and talk with Ashley. Damn shes dreamy. Thts the silver lining in the grey cloud i guess. hahha... after mamak we went to mmz n lepak2 n go home and now here I am writing all this crap. hahah... ok i guess that is all for the first day of the break and also my first ever post. kinda long for a 1st post. later!