Thursday, December 31, 2009

Malaysia Football Friendly and Allien Bag

Putta terperangkap in the book shelves =P

I went to a Malaysia Football Friendly match at Bukit Jalil with Mess Abu and Ayai last night . The ticket was free! So what the heck just go there and have some fun shouting and cheering for our boys. (Oh btw I was supporting the opponent actually, Syria hahha)

The ever so dedicated HMC fans

It was quite fun shouting and cheering at the football match =) Abu , Mess, and Ayai was terrified when I was cheering for Syria . "Pendek nyawa" =P 

Malaysia the new SEA Games Champ showed its usual bad habbit of unable to keep the ball. However  Malaysia took the lead from the spotkick in the first half. Malaysia then double the lead in the second half again from the spotkick. Syria then got a lifeline from, beleive it or not, a third penalty of the game. But the Tigers didnt let the penalty get to their heads, and press hard to search for the third goal. The 3rd goal finally come from a nicely constructed counter attack. However Malaysia then reduce to 10 men as the ref gave a Malysian player (sorry Idk the name, not a big fan to know ) a red card just because he was taking his time being subtituted. Like who gave red card due to that? Bloody ref. The ref did seem bias through out the game. We all booooed the ref hahaha.  Malaysia seemed to be a bit under preasure when they were down to 10 men, but seal the game with a fourth goal from a fast break with the striker finished the move with a cute chip over the Syria goalkeeper. Finale score ;


Damn Syria lost =S hahaha.


Since the past few semester I have few days which I only have 1 class in one day, I dont see the point of using the normal class bag, soo I want to use those free bag people gave you too class. But hey, I cant just use those normal bag right, so I decided to do a little DIY on one of those bag =D


Use Artistry bag cute kan? =P

Here I just conteng conteng any random pattern , and tried to give it an alien writing design.
Since I used an alien design here, its fitting  to use something alien related as well for the rest of the bag. I decided to use corp circle pattern to diy the rest of the bag. When I was at Ausie, I was kinda amuse with the aboriginal art there, so I decided to hybrid both type of design, alien corp circle with ausie aboriginal art, giving it an old and futuristic combination. 

Aussie aboriginal art 

Alien corp circle. 

The hybrid results. Ok I have to admit its very memeningkan =S

Bergaye okay =P

ops tulis ape tu?? hehehe

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Nice Day Out

I went out with Farah yesterday =D But she was kinda sick, kesian my sayang =( huhu.

We watched Avatar (x dpt tgk Princess and the Frog =P  huhu)

The movie was okay . I thought it would be 'wow' since many people say its really good, but to me it was ok, not really up there. The animation and sci fi effect was good, but story line wise, it was just ok.Atleast I watched it with the person I love right? hehe.

I bought a new running shoes =) The old one has throned out and trash out.

Adidas Preme Duramo 2.

Thanks sayang helping me choose which shoes. hehe . but I was really pissed at the al_ikhsan worker who gave lousy service =S he just left when I was trying on the shoes, and I had to get help from someone else. Not to mention when I was trying out the shoes, he only gave me one side of the shoes, like who does that. You have to try both side when trying out for running shoes to feel either its suitable for you. =S Soorry sayangi get pisse x psl2 time tu =(
Oh well I got the shoes I wanted in the end. And yes I did changed the laces =D

One really funny thing happened. We stopped somewhere to sembahyang (couple baik ok =P ) and the place has combined surau, so we end up sembhyg same same. Really funny/ awkward. Hahha Couple "baik" =P

hehehehhe =P

The sweetest thing =)

Thank you soo much sayang. Your the best ok! I love the card very much! 

Orang tu tengah sakit demam =( get well soon sayang =)Sorry I cant tolong jagekan you =( huhu

I love you very much 

Football Frendlies.

I had two football friendlies, one on Saturday at Stadium Raja Muda KL and another one on Sunday at Batu Kentomen KL. We lost our first match on Saturday 1-0 =( but won on Sunday 4-3 =) but I kept making stupid blunder mistakes during games! bola senang pon x dpt tangkap !Geram! =S  

maybe I should use contact lens when playing football friendly as my vision really blur when playing making it difficult to watch the ball =S anyone nice enough to belanje me contact lens. =P hahhaha


Me and Oya mandikan the cats the other day. Huiiii best tgk kucing basah basah =P

Ghiij basah mandi.

Kooch comel kene bungkus =D

Ghiij tengah jilat jilat keringkan badan. Sedap =P hahahah

You Keep My Heart Beating

Like any other sem break, I just have to do a DIY .Since its been a while since I last jahit menjahit, I did a a very simple DIY on a tshirt.

The idea behind this simple DIY is that the heart beat connected to the heart shaped which I sewn approximately on my heart =)

You keep my heart beating

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Down Under

Hyeeeee blog! Like its been very freaking long since the last time I bloged here, too long that I feel like the things I want to blog here has been expired, basi , out of date ect. Dewasa kini (hahah gile skema) Im not that into blogging anymore, but ade la orang to pakse I blog jugak to "stalk" me, heheh, so yeah why not continue writing this HBlogK.

In case you dont know, Im in my sem break right now, and damn time flies.I only have 2 weeks left in my sem break , and still I havent go crazy all the way this time around. 
Since its my sem break, you know the deal right, I always want to spent everyday doing something and have fun rather then just sit in front of the 32 inch HD Tele all day long right. 

I spent the 1st week of my sem break visiting my sis in BRISBANE AUSTRALIA babe! Due to misunderstanding(actually its not a misunderstanding , just me wrongly checked my exam time table) I booked the flight tix to Australia just 3 hours after I finished exam! =S So you can just imagine how rushing I was after the exam to get to the airport and all. Thanks to two of my mates Ezran and Messi who sent me to LCCT. Love you two okay =P haahhaha.

The flight to Brisbane was a real NIGHTMARE! I flew with  Air Asia X and the seat was so uncomfortable! Patah pinggang naik ok. Best low cost airlines yeah right! Can you imagine just sitting at a very small uncomfortable seat for 8 hours straight !? Its a real torture! They shoould change the slogan to "Now Everyone Can Fly, Miserably" Haha.

After the grueling 8 straight hours flight, with no hot stewardess to usha with (yup AirAsia stewardess x hot =P hahaah) we arrived at Brisbane 6.30am local time, after which we made a 1.5 hours travel to my sister's house. My sister house is really cute =D but when one whole family datang menyumbat in the house, thats when things get sempit =S 

My sis very cute house =P

The 1st day there we just went tour the city. Nothing really much interesting. The stuff there are kinda expensive so cant really shopping =S We went to the Brisbane Art and Culture Centre and I really love the modern art gallery. lots of fun art stuff there.

My sister bought us to this very nice coffee shop. Its like a coffee shop in the jungle in the middle of a busy city. Its like a escape place from the busy stressful busy life . Awesome =)

One thing really cool about Brisbane is that they do paint jobs on all their electrical booxes and make them all look really funky. Love it 

2nd day

The 2nd day in Aussie, we went to the natural reservoir to enjoy to wildlife there. Its a 5km hike around a very BIG pond. Under the heat of summer, it was  tiring =S

Nice no?

We then went to the Valley, where I bought  a very cute koala =) Oya felt sick due to heat strok =S

3rd day.

Really funny thing happened on the third day. Most of my family, including me, suffered from the heat strok, maybe due to the 5km hiking under the heat of summer we did on the 2nd day =S so the 3rd day we just spend the whole day resting at home. Hampeh gile! but my dad, my sis, and me did hit they city in the evening and did some shopping. We even saw a funny street performance =D

4th day. 

We went to my sis uni, Univeristy of Quensland , and damn the uni is very nice! UiTM kalah terok gile. hahhaha!

After visiting UQ, we went on a boat ride through the main Brisbane river =D best best!

The feeling of wind and water splashing to your face was awesome. Really refreshing.

After that, we made left Brisbane for Gold Coast babay! We took a train, a bus, and a cab to reach Mermaid Beach Gold Coast. But when we got there, it was already late, so we werent able to go to the beach . We did go to the wildlife zoo too see some very cute adorable Australian animal =D We even get to pet and feed some of them =)

Petting the koala chomel =D

Ular takut =S

Kangaroo feeding

Theres  this freaking huge 5meters crocodile. Mati if termasuk dlm his cage =S

5th day.

The next morning, I went jogging along Gold Coast. It was very nice jogging barefooted on the beach with the wave splashing to your face. Austastic vibe yeay!

We spent our last day on Aussie shopping and touring around Gold Coast. They have some good shops around there. I like this store =P

After finish shopping, we went to the beach, but it just rained, so the beach was very very cold =S so we cant enjoy it really much.


That night, we made our way to the airport via cab. Good bye Aussie tatatta~ (finally hbs pon blogging about Aussie , hahhaha)

After another torturing grueling 8 hours flight on AirAsiaX ( which at one point I cant stand it anymore and had to sleep at the toilet=S) I finally reached home at 4am Malaysian time, home sweet home, and at that time, I already missing some one really really much =( ....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One down one to go

I finished one of my paper for this ACCA December exam, F8 Audit, and man it was freaking hard! And this paper supposed to be the easier one! Let me rephrase that, it was supposed to be the less hard one ! The questions are unheard off. Its like answering aliens questions!!

P2 Corporate Reporting exam is next Tuesday, and I only have 4 days to study for the paper I record breaking flunk during trials !! =S
Oh yes, the worst is yet to come =S and yet I still have to write this post?? hmmmm... =S

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Study Tips

Best way to study without feeling stress.

#1 Drink plenty of water
#2 Have a hell lot of good damn candies to chew upon while reading those freaking notes to lepaskan geram
#3 COFFEE!! really important!

#4 text someone you really like while studying (hehehe)
#5 Watch the tele while studying (ofcourse not much studying can be done there)
#6 Study naked! =S Seriously it helps. Its like without clothes, the knowledge has more accesable area in your body . Hahahha
#7 Listen to soem good damn music
#8 And the ultimate best way to study withour feeling stress is..... (drum role please) Dont study at all!! Just throw away those damn books!! Hahha

Im crapping! Adoy ACCA geram!!!


Sorry for the late wish, been busy "studying" (damn you ACCA!!) but you know what they say, better late then never right?? So..


Awesome sembelih pictures =D

Hahaha awesom gruesom pictures =D

I didnt go to masjid to watch the sembelih and all (Thanks to freaking ACCA making me had to stay home and study) but I did went to the mosque to have lunch ( perg masjid just to makan, tak ikhlas langsung niat, hahhaha!!)

ACCA is slaughtering me man =S Get it? Raya korban, slaughter? Sorry Im being lame. Somebody please just shoot me!


Every team needs the Power House. The Power of Predator_X

The 10th edition of thh Predator boots. Predator_X.The most powerfull Predator yet. Hahah ok soory for mencapak-ing my new boots here. Excited gile! Hahhaa