Saturday, January 31, 2009


Nisa'a Farewell Dinner.
date: 29th january 2009
place: seksyen 13

Goodbye nisa! Goodluck with your study at UK! Take care ok babe. You living our dreams of further study in the UK. Make the fastrack class June 07 proud! Wht the class had was special and beautiful and Im going to miss you =P

hell of a night!

chill ah

everybody want to shoot hariz eyh? haha

im going to miss u NISA!

the girl in the red cute kan =P




they were and still are best friends. I like ur friend nisa =P

Owh Friday night messi, Adan and moi were loan to team pak cik pak cik ( the young veteran) to play for thier football team against some other team. Heh. The match ended 1-1. It was a tough game and we come out with a dissapointing result. I played owh so BAD and SUCK-ISH! Damn it. Get to redem my self tomorrow during the HMC game against MMU. Owh yeah maybe Sunday morning I will be loan again for the pak cik pak cik team . 3 straight days of football game, THIS IS DA SHITTZ!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Had a friendly match against Selangor Fan Club yesterday. The match was bloody awesome, mainly because we won 3-0, kudos to tengku oponer and imran's brace. Azraei made a terrific one handed safe to push away a dipping lob, good job mate! As for me , I had fun sliding here and there in the rain during second half. It was like swimming to me =) and i think the HMC players and the Under 23 players are starting to gel and get along together, which is very very vital.

The match supposed to start at 5, but whn we just about to play, it rained , so we had to wait a little bit for it to go away. Funny thing though, the rain keep going on and off , on and off, so we cant actually decided either to play or call it a day. When the rain finally stoped only we get the ball rolling. At first I didnt want to play, as playing on a wet surface wont be very fun, but at the end of the day , I glad I did play (2nd half) as it was fun sliding and jumping into puddles of fresh dirty water =P I felt like im 10 years younger! ahahah

preparing for the match

HMC team picture. Sorry it was raining when this was taken

This is da Shit!

match ended

other than that , I edited some new pictures =)

the original pitures was taken like a year ago, but I didnt really had the willingness to edit it. But couple of days ago I realised that I need a picture for HBlogK, I cant used the old ones as that would be well, basi! , so I had to come up with a new one, so I decided to look into old pictures not yet edited and post, and come up with this. It was inspired by the dead man inc, I called it Undert Remix =P

this picture is just something I come up just for fun and to show my devotion to the red devils. COME ON U REDS!!

am feeling much better compare to the last time I bullshited here =)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is cool.

i went 'shopping' with me sis the other day , and come across a stall selling a very cool tshirt which i just have to buy. Its really cool

the picture was hand sketch on a paper thn printed on the tshirt. How awesome is tht? Its a nice bloody tshirt /picture. Its was designed by a UM student and it costed only rm25( i didnt have any money, pnjm frm my sis =P)! now these guys deserved to get a labeling contract rather thn those fucking talentless topshop designers. they are more chun tshirts frm where tht come from. Bloody brilliant. Its labeled 'rawjug'. I think they wanted to spell 'rojak' in an English way, which is kinda cute actually. U guys should support them as they are brilliant. Their stall is near baskin and robin shah alam mall. Check it out!

I have 6 days of break for chinese new year. Friday mmg i have no class, saturday and sunday weekend monday tuesday cny holiday, and wednesday the lecturer canceled the class, so that 6 days off. Yeay! Dont really have a to-do-list as it to short , so i just go with the flow. but i have to study finance during this break. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind =(

How Fucked Up is This!!??

A friend introduced me to this girl ait, and tht friend of mine said she will help with the girl. Unfortunately before this the girl wasnt single. But now that the girl is single , tht friend doesnt want to help anymore. How fucked up is that? Hell she didnt even tell me the girl broke up. She said 'i dont want him to approach her' some shit like that. Fucking shit ! You could atleat tell me!

This is even more fucked up! This other girl which I kinda like broke up with her bf , no suprise there as the bf didnt treat her well, made her cry, cheated on her , all the fucking bullshit. But now since the EX bf coming back frm tht place where lim guang eng is ruling, they are going out again! WTF! thts just downright pathetic , stupid, and ... and.. idk I cant find a word cruel enough to describe it. thn again 'love' make u do stupid things right?? but GET A CLUE! im not jelling or anything, its just tht the guy doesnt deserve a second chance, hell he doesnt deserve her! i cant stand to see the girl sakit again due to the fucking bloke! hell if he hurts her again, im willing to go to where ever mr dickhead is , and fuck his head off!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


It has been around 174 hours since the last time I posted something here. Laziness is one thing, but I also havent been posting shits here mainly because nothing really exiting happened in moi life recently. I cant post 'perg class, blaja, balik, main bola tido, perg class , blaja, main bola, perg class,' everyday, some one might die of boringness due to that.

Anyway skip the bullshit introduction . My sister come back from Australia past Wednesday, and she bought this for me.

Its those retro hat . Damn it would be so much stylish if it is (or was) not the bloody trend. I think, trend kills style, as when something become the trend, everybody will start wearing it irrespectively either it looks nice to them or not, because they just want to be in the trend. Because everybody wearing the trend, than that unique original individuality in some one is gone.
And trend is like a parasite. After it finishes with one style, replace by a stupid new one, tht old style become dead and no one want to wear it anymore, It sucked out the coolness from that old trend and leave it high and dry. Damn trends bugged me! People should not follow trends as it only makes people lost their unique individuality and originality and make they look like clones.

Anyway wearing the hat would make me a hypocrite since it is (or was, idk wht the in thing now) the trend,which against my principals, but since my sis bought it for me, and I am not wearing it to follow the trend or look cool, I think I could give it a go.

Im not being vain or anything, hell no I hate those vain people, tolong la budget lawa sangt smpi nak tgkp gambar beribu kali so that blh usha gambar sendiri and admire their selves. PATHETIC! Im not being hypocrite, I just want to show how I look like with the hat. I matched the hat with a matching brown shirt,which make it just nice, and if I add a retro brown tie, boom! Im ready to go 60's baby. hahaha

There are over 1000 chemicals in a cup coffee, and only 26 been tested and 13 of that chemicals can cause cancer. I consumed average 2 cups of coffee every normal weekdays and at least one in weekends. So that at least 12 cups a week, 624 a year, making there are at least 8112 chemicals that can cause cancer running through my vine , making my possibility to get cancer = AGAK TINGGI! ahahaha.. god i have to change my unhealthy diet. get to change the order. 'Aney! Milo panas tarik tabur satu! no nescafe tarik. cancer la. " hahah

Since im very lapang these days due to very sikit class, im trying to involve more in the extra things around UiTM but so far unsuccessful as I cant get the opportunity so far. I havent even report my self back at the runners club. Ahhh damn. Need to change my life style sikit. Wish me luck! Thts all for know, smell u later in 2/3 weeks. LOVE YOU!

owh btw tomorrow(sunday) theres a match between HMC and Transmile Engineering. However Im still not trusting gozal. WTF he is doing idk. Ha I knw it wasnt a good idea from
the beginning to join HMC. FUCK IT!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Semester

I had so much fun during the break, but when sem starts, when my foot step into UiTM, all that happiness like sucked out from me, suddenly Im all down sad and moody again. FUitmCK destroyed my live man. AHAHHAHA

new class time table

4.15-6.05 F4 Law

8-11 F9 Finance
2-4 PAM Islamic Economy
4.15-6.06 F4 Law

4-6 F9 Finance

10-12 F9 Finance
12-2 F4 Law

well I have few evening classes, which equal to sleeping classes, but we cant be to choosy in life. (Actually I am in class Law A, which has class at Friday 3-5, but to me Friday evening brain shut down, can not study, so I am going to change to Law B with the class time table as above, and if I cant change, I will still change class, illegelay).
I have Friday off! YEAY!

Hope this semester will be a good one (however the Jan-June semester usually kinda boring as not many events took place).

Changing 'Enjoy Mode' to 'Nerd Mode'

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

End of the Road

I will be starting my class tomorrow( its shoudlve been today, but class was cancelled)pulling the curtain to one heck of semester break. I really enjoyed my self during the break by doing stupid things, and I think I spent it , should I say wisely. Seems like it was yesterday I finished my F7 paper. The break felt like one short dream, but it was a memorable one. I was able to complete most of my to-do-list and well,live life.


# black+white shirt- done

#Reanimate atok's green shirt to Robin DX -done

#Reanimate atok's blue shirt -postpone

#New Year Party - done

# Harimau Malaya match- done

#Bicycle Adventure Ride -done

#Camping -abounded

#Play paintball -postpone

#Abu's obstacle course-postpone

#Touch up Man Utd fan - done

#New room wallpaper -done

#Red Decor- postpone

#Holiday trip with friends- postpone

#Do new pictures-done

#Jog till I drop -done

#Find a bloody scholarship - unsuccessful =P

# LP tie -postpone

other stuffs like Adan's party, going swimming, playing futsal and badminton, masuk kampung kutip buloh also made this break a heck of a ride.

Since I spent almost everyday doing something, this break felt like really short and a tiring one, but at the end of it, I had FUN and spent it wisely. Thank you to everyone, family, friends, cats and to other related people for making this break an unforgettable one.

Since I am starting a new semester, I wont be updating this blog that frequent anymore. maybe I will write weekly updates to round up my horrible weekdays at FUitmCK, or maybe I will update it when something MASSIVE happened, or maybe I wont. We see.

I would really like to thank these guys for showing me how to enjoy semester break by doing something everyday.

So ok maybe I didnt fight a mummy, climbing Eiffel tower, building time machine, ride a rocket ship, or painting a continental, but at least I did a lot of meaningful things rather than just watch tv and dvd, on9, and play PS all the way.


Monday, January 5, 2009


Im not really in the mood to write anything here cause I am a little bit of loneliness a little bit of disregard, a handful of complaint but I cant help the fact you can see these scars.... eyh jap jap why all the sudden aku layan Faint nie.. kk back to the important stuff. FROM THE TOP!(to the bottom in the middle of the cord.. in the cord and the forgotten ARGHHHH!!)

ok again!
Im not really in the mood to write anything cause I am a little bit of loneliness a little bit.... argh!! ape aku nie.. k seriously.. dude!

I am not really in the mood to write anything cause;
a) I am tired
b) I am feeling down as class restart in 2 days.

I had to go to FUitmCK today for registration. Before that I had to print my tuition bill from UiTM website ( which happens to be the stupidest website in the world), unfortunately I didnt have my new student id to gain excess to the bill. And I had to 'searched' the bloody website for almost 3 hours in order to get my new student id, then only I can print my bill.

On the day of the registration , I havent paid my tuition fees ( duh! i got my bill like 6 hours before that) so before registration I had to go to Bank Islam 1st to settle the fees first. After that I went to my faculty at SAAS Tower for the registration, but somehow no one was there, and I saw a notice saying 'Registration 6th Jan' and not on the 5th. So I thought I mislead the information. Just when i about to go home, a reliable source told me that the registration at Sport Complex and not at SAAS Tower. Thank God dapat tahu if not mampus aku. So I went to the sport complex and registered and within 40 minutes or so I was done with it. Kudos and thanks to the staffs who worked efficiently and friendly to help the registration ( I had to say this because by nature UiTM admin SUCKS!). However a security guard made my day cause he yelled at me like a crazy man because I was about to exit using the entrance door. Cause a small bnde nak menyalak, ape ah.. lepak ah mamat. I think the dude enjoy cursing and yelling and terrifying students. Owh well in the end (it doesnt even matter, I had to fall to lose it all , but in the end it doesnt even matter) you are the one who looked like a stupid jerk ass.

I went to SMKBJ in the afternoon. Adan wanted to see Shaza and me wanted to see (or usha would be a more appropiate term) Serah, Nisa, and a new chick with baby blue bag( chomel gila!)

After that me adan azraei and ezran went to The Gardens to watch Bedtime Story at GSC Signature . Damn the place was classic but the ticket was double the price ( student price RM 15!! ahahah). All the seats are cuople seats so they were very spacious. The movie was nice,,, if i were 10 years younger it would be my fav movie. Hahah..

After the movie I searched for a new class bag, but x ade yg berkenan. Heh! better luck next time.
Blk aftr that.

This is the last night of freedom as tomorrow's nigh kene prepare for class. =(
Did I mention? I have to go to FUitmCK again tomorrow for course registration plak. Bodoe btl asl x blh bwt UiTM registration and course registration on the same day, x yah buang mase dan tenage perg due kali. Mangkuk btl UiTM!

got to be the longest and boringest blog post so far

SUNDAY.Happy Birthday Adan


well we did a birthday party for him at Secret Recipe. Ok it wasnt really a wild party, just a small gathering and ate cakes, but we did something rather than nothing. Sorry they were no chicks there, I asked one of the waitress there, Nadira to do a pole dance for Adan, unfortunately Secret Recipe dont trained their waitress to do that, plus there were no poles. Sorry Adan =P blame the bloody manager! hahhaha

And her beloved girlfriend couldnt make it for the party, so on behalf of Shaza (the girl Adan so crazy off) I bought Adan a slice of New York Cheese with a <3 symbol written on it (her request) budget chomel ah 2.. AHAHAHHA

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bicycle Adventure Ride

For more than one year I waited and planned to do this Adventure Bicycle Ride. I planned to ride bike from my house in Bukit Jelutong to Bukit Cerakah through the route to Kuala Selangor. Bukit Cerakah is also connected to another part of Shah Alam , Seksyen 8. So I planned from Bukit Jelutong go to Bukit Cerakah (through Kuala Selangor route) , than from Bkt Cerakah go to Seksyen 8 and go back home through Shah Alam (Sek 9, Sek 13, TTDI etc).

However I dont own any bike( well actually I have two, but sume rosak x blh pki hampeh btl!) so I had to borrow Emir's bike 1st. I woke up at 7 am and at 8am , after breakfast and making some adjustment to the bike , equiped with extra shirt, extra pants, towel, wind braker and a bottle of water, I was ready to go. So there I go to the open road. I followed the road to Puncak Perdana, and went straight.

The Open Road

Damn nice lake

When I was riding the bike, my but wasnt that comfortable. Apparently the bike's seat was very nipis and kecik so my BONTOT saket gile! So I used my extra tshirt as a lapik to the seat to make it less comfortable(its still sakit though)
After riding about 1 and a half hours, I saw a junction to the left showing Bukit Cerakah, so I took the junction and went staright. I ended up being in village in the middle of no where.
View of the village
I kept going straight untill the end of the village, and I dont know how, i ended up in Kapar Klang. How the hell I got there idk. It started to rain so I put on my wind breaker. I wondered around Kapar for a few minutes, and decided that I was going no where so Im just going to retrace my step back to where ever. When I was retracing my step ( or should I say paddle, idk) through the village, the rain started to become heavier so I decided to stop at a small nice warong tepi jalan , have a nescafe tarik and wait for the rain to stop.

the cute warong where I had nescafe n teh tarik
After about 40 minutes or so, the rain drizzeled, so I can continue my journey. I changed to a dry pants( I wanted to change my shirt as well but my extra shirt was use to ease my ass pain remember) and off I go.

I retraced my path back to that junction where it showed Bukit Cerakah, and actually I have to take right after the junction in order to get to Bukit Cerakah. So I took the right , and I come to a long uphill downhill road.

The hill I had to go through

Since the hill was very step and high, I had to get off my bike and climb on feet as it will be less tiring if I do so. But when I was going downhill on my bike, the feeling of speeding 60km/h with the wind splashes on your face, its got to be one of the best thing you could ever experinced.

The view a long the way

After fininshing going uphilll and downhill for a million times, I arrived AT

Damn how the hell aku sesat smpi sini aku x taw. AHAHAHHA! Owh well since I was there, I decided to look around the town and whats there. I even get lost in the town. twice! hahaha.

Eventhough the place was kinda like a village, the houses are big nice bungallows, kalah bunggalow kat Jalan Menara. No offence Adan, your rumah lawa ( lagi lawa the girls inside the house Azilah, Hani, Kak Ku, Kak Mod, ect2) but seriosuly the buggalows there cun gile.This one house mmg kerek .
This dude has his own football pitch at his house. How fucked up is that. Ahhh damn jealous.I want a house with a football pitch. ARGH!
Anywho, when I was wondering around Kuala Selangor, it was already 12.40pm like that, and since there is no way for me to go to tembus Seksyan 8 from there, I decided to call it a day and went home.
The journey back was very tiring as I already drained out all my energy . I arrived home around 2pm, and since I was so hungry I ate 1 bowl of soto and 1 plate of nasi lemak (for Ezran nie dikire sedikit). Hahaha
Actually I did arrived at Bukit Cerakah, just that I was at the other side of it, not the side where it attached to Seksyen 8, so I cant really actually tembus to Shah Alam from the other side of bukit Cerakah. Heh. Owh well I had my adventure. Was it everything i hoped for?? Yes and much more. HEee.
I would like to thanked Emir for lending me his bike. And I would also like to thank these guys for being my motivation in doing this adventure ride

yeap this to movies thought me to live life and have some adventure. And Ive done it. Hell Yeah!!
Bicycle ride.DONE! another to-do-list down. This might be the last item on my to-do-list that I will be doing, as new semester is starting soon =(


friday night i went swimming at elaise with messi adan and azraei. best + penat + sejuk+ puas hati. 2 je la kot =p

Friday, January 2, 2009

Philosophy on Joging

"If you really want to jog, you should jog all your heart and energy out. You should jog untill your legs no longer can take the pain, the numbness, and the tiredness. You legs will be begging "stop please stop i cant take it anymore!" but your heart mind and determintaion keep on pushing forwards non stop. Step by step. Sweat by sweat. You only stop when your whole body no longer can take it. When all of the energy and stamina in your body drained out. You only stop when your body shut down. You only stop when your body fainted. As long you still have it in you , you keep on going, you keep on pushing. You will be eager to continue your jog as long as you can. That is a true jog. Not jogging for 5 minutes then walk for 30 minutes chatting with your friends then walk again 5 minutes then walk and chat 30 minutes. 'Jogging; to market. That is an embarrassment to people who really into the sport"

Today I jogged frm my house to lagenda to giant to ttdi to mmz to d pangkin to guthrie pavilion to u8 and back to my house. Its been 3 years since I jogged that long.I was melepaskan nafsu jogging, ahahahah. Damn kaki sakit gile after that. hahah.. got to be one of the longest jogging route i ran my entire life. I jogged till I dropped

Songs that I listened to while jogging.

Angel with Dirty Faces, Sum 41, Chuck
A Place for My Head , Linkin Park ,Hybrid Theory
A Place for My Head ( Live) Linkin Park, Live in Texas
Bat Country , Avenged Sevenfold, City of Evil
Bleed It Out , Linkin Park , Minutes to Midnight
Confusion and Frustration of Modern Times, Sum 41, Underclass Hero
Count Your Last Blessing, Sum 41, underclass Hero
Crank That Remix, Travis Barker
Crash, Mark Willis, Mr Bean Holiday
Dont Stay , Linkin Park , Meteora
Given Up (live) Linkin Park , Road to Revolution
Headstrong , Trapt
Helena, My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

High Voltage(live) , Linkin Park , LPU
King of Contradiction, Sum 41, Underclass Hero
Lying from You (live) , Linkin Park , Road to Revolution
One Step Closer , Linkin Park , Hybrid Theory
One Step Closer (live) , Linkin Park , Live in Texas
One Step Closer (live), Linkin Park, Road to Revolution
Over My Head, Sum 41, Does This Look Infected?
Papercut, Linkin Park , Hybrid Theory
Price to Play, Staind
Pushing Me Away, Linkin Park , Hybrid Theory
Raw Theme Song, WWE
With You , Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory
Second to None, SOB feat Mike Shinoda, Transformers
Somewhere I Belong, Linkin Park, Meteora
Still Waiting, Sum 41, Does This Look Infected?
Subject to Change, Sum 41, Chuck
Teenagers, My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade
The Hell Song, Sum 41, Does This Look Infected?
Wings of Butterfly, HIM

When I was listening to Somewhere I Belong, my phone broke down and no longer able to play songs. Idk y? But when Nike and Apple combined to come out with iRan, i remember one of the runner said, "Jog until your playlist no longer plays". I think I achieved it, in a way =P

Jogged gile2 smpi puas hati. Jog till I drop. Another to-do-list done!

Today is the 1st of Jan. Class restart on the 7th. 6 days of freedom left =(

Thursday, January 1, 2009


its goodbye 08 and hello 2009.

i didnt go to any party or fireworks display or event or whatever for new year. I dont like those crowded places with people desperately looking for life. if u have a life u wont go to those event. plus those events are just too mainstream. BORRINGG!
so me n me mates just chill around bukit jelutong. We went to a park on top of a hill at birai ,ate some pizza n chips and just had some good times among close friends. And at 12 we went to a place where we can see fireworks display from a lot of places. KLCC, genting, dataran merdeka, curve, and shah alam. we ate, we laughed, we played true or dare, went crazy, and had a blast without had to go to crowded places which in the end is tiring and boring. wht better way to start a new year other than to chill with close friends and a had a good time with them and cause chaos around your own neighbourhood . some neighbours even complaint about the racket and disturbance we made and the security guard terpakse turun padang. we also invaded dBayu. haha..

B4 jd x betul.. a breezy peaceful night

starting jd x btl

definetely losing it.
true or dare?
lari pusing satu taman naked!

view of fireworks from kubah

In our place.

azraei's idea of fun. ceroboh rmah tgh renovate

ape nth kite bwt

view at night overlooking the pitch. this is nice
band photoshoot. "muse"
another band photoshoot. "back street boys"
sime darby sucks man
d'bayu models