Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Lets us begin with something that could crack you guys up and put you guys in the mood shall we??

Thats got to be one of the most ridiculous absurd audition ever!! Audition to search for a teruna??? Wth???!!Ahahha. Its very hard for me to describe what I thought about it, as it is just too ridiculous! It soo mengarut that it is damn hilarious! Ahahahha! To put a poster searching for a 'teruna'! This cracked me up good man! And why does it has to be a virgin dude anyway? Does it even make any different ?? ahhaha!! But isnt it kinda sexiest??I mean they can recruit a woman that been deflowered, but they wont recruit a guy who already fucked other woman (or guys, UiTM byk gak gays). Or maybe they think all unmarried girls are virgin , while there are unmarried guys who are not virgin. Make any sense? Do you dig me nigga?? ahahaha! The sexiest think is just a joke to fool around with the cranky audition. Haahahh! But seriously, searching for teruna? Omg thats just, thats just, #%^&hjhjhfsw5678^*(&jhghgw798&*(&!!

But thats not the case that make so fucked up about UiTM.

UiTM is the most wonderful amazing beautiful place to study (insert sarcasm here, Nad I know how much you love sarcasm right?) so I just have to post a blog specially for my beloved racist institution. Right, here it goes.
There is a career expo through out this whole week at UiTM, and apparently they invited some group of people , including that fat, nightmare, Atlantuya murderer, power obsessed, money crazy Datin 'fucking' Rosmah , puppet controller of Najib in order to become the first ever lady president ( ok I better not enter politics here) to launch the career expo. And since they invited a group of people to come over, they decided to close down all the major student parking space around UiTM so that these people can use those car parks. This made around 1000+ students dont have parking space! And also made most students late for classes and also caused a MAJOR traffic jam around UiTM. The jam was even worst than the one usually see in KL. Im not exaggerating here!

Ambik kau sampai atas bukit tu jam teruk gile!

Just for a group of people they decided to make life difficult for their own students. Come on ah get ur priority straight. Which one is more important your students or group of people launching something. Your a bloody learning institution not a fucking exhibition center! The student who arent able to get parking space had to parked far far away from their faculty , then either walk or take the bus to their faculty. How damn tedious is that??!! Some students even had to skipped classes due to the hectic condition. Bloody hell! Just for an expo and a bunch of people they made life difficult for their students. They way they ran UiTM is unbelievably ridiculous.

You just have to "love" UiTM dontcha?


Ya Alllah if any one in the UiTM admin found out about this post my sorry arse is seriously going to get expelled. AHAHHAHAHA!

"You can love it you can hate
But dont mistake it everboy's saying"

Life is better of without..

Monday, February 23, 2009

HMC Coneli FC vs Yob 4ever FC

Date: 22nd February 2009
Time :5.00pm
Venue : Setia Eco Park Canopy Club House

Its our first ever game after that disappointing defeat to HKC last weekend, so this was kind of a vital match in order for us to regain our momentum and motivation. However a few players cant make it ( Syed, Afeq, Akif, Atan, Hakim, Nabil siot btol masing2 bwt hal!) so we were short on players. Azraei started between the stick, with Faisal and Rocko in front of of him in the heart of the defence, and Arif and Nawfal supporting them at right and left back. Adeeb started as a defensive midfield, with Azri playing alonside him as an attacking midfield, and Arief and Azim play at the flanks. Azwan and Tengku partnered up front.

1st half started up good. Both team had equal share of the ball, equal attack and defence. After a few minutes , it started to rain, which made it kinda hard for us. However at 20+ minutes, Faisal brought down a player from what seemed a soft tackle inside the penalty box , so for the

2nd straight game, luck were against us as the referee gave a penalty to opposite side. I shouted to
Azraie "kiri weyh! KIRI!" hahaha. Unfortunately he didnt hear it, so when the striker actually shooted to his left, he didnt dive, so 1-0 Yob 4ever FC (whts up with the name anyway?? gile chomel 'Yob' hahaha). After the penalty I think everyone was feeling kinda down due to unfair penalty which made us lost our head and played kinda unorganized. We had another couple of scare time, one when the linesman didnt catch Yob4ever winger on an offside position, which almost lead to another goal, fortunately Azraei was there to make a terrific save to his far post. Then their midfield produce a cracking volley 20 yards out, only for Azraei to pulled an even better save to push it out. 1st half 1-0.

2nd half I come in for Azraie. 2nd half was soo much better then the 1st half. We had a lot of chances. Remy even shoot form the half way line just after the kick off. We had like 15 chances but unfortunately not one single bloody goal get into the net. Damn it. The rain got heavier and I cant barely see a thing. Unfortunately on the 50+ minutes, their winger escaped the offside trap and get on a one on one position with me (somehow that sounds so gay!! ahahah) . He shooted to my left near post, and sorry guys I hardly cant do a thing, and they were 2-0 up.We continue to make more chances but to no avail. Minutes later there was a high ball which I shouldve catch, but lost my handling, and their striker collected the ball and shoot. Fortunately it didnt meet the target. Huh lega! On the 60+ minutes their left wing again escaped the trapt and one on one again with me, luckily time time I was equal to it. More irritating off target chances for us after that. Finally at the 68 minutes (or so, aku hentam aje all this time sume nie... ahahah) Amyr finally tapped in a cross and we finally get the breakthrough. We tried to search for the equalizer, but maybe the goal come in too late for us. The referee finally blew his whistle and we suffer our 2nd straight lost. Full time ;

HMC Coneli -1 Yob 4Ever FC - 2

We might have lost 2 straigh games, but we showed a very good determination and resilient fighting spirit. Maybe we just short on luck . No that 10% luck to remember the name. We have to look at the brightside and pick ourselves up for the next game.

Great flying save there by Azraei

Huh! nasib baik x gol. Klu x ade yg kene kelepuk. Ahhaha

Next match : HMC Coneli FC vs Tok Gajah, 29th February, eyh silap 1march 2009, ahahah. Politeknik Shah Alam.
Gozal said Tok Gajah they have Mido and Amir Zaki, so in the word of the Rock, "Just Bring It!" ahahha. Come on guys, we really need to win this one!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Over the Roof

My first ever blog video!! WohooooO!!!
Was having that 'owh I just have to do this' feeling.
Please tilt ur head to ur right to view this as the camera angle x betol. Will really appreciate if u do.

sorry the camera senget. I have no bloody idea how to make the video straight. Ahhahaha

credit to Azraei

Friday, February 20, 2009

Play That Funky Music White Boy

I have this pair of old black levis shoes which I no longer use. Its all torn up and the colour already faded. Plus I have a pair of totally awesome black full leather chuck taylor (heh poyo!) so the levis shoes become redundant. But during the mid term break I decided to give it a new life, reanimate it, so that I would wear it again.

Theme: Funky Music Modulation

Ahahahha dude that is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to funky! Ahahaha!! Too many bright colours! Haha! Seriously nampak kelin(ops better not get racist here,hahah). The shoes are way too funky . Hahah. I wanted it to has those music bar graph pattern like the one they have on the radio, but I guess I used the wrong colour combination, and the bars are too big. Seriously the music bars look like shit. Without the shoe laces the shoes are crap. Ahahha. But funky is fun though, so why not eyh.

"Everything Falls Apart Even the People Who Never Frowns
Eventually Breaks Down"

I won't always love what I'll never have, I won't always live in my regrets"

Im not insulting those related songs by writing their lyrics on the shoes ok. Pushing Me Away happened to be my favourite song, so there is no way I wrote the lyrics on the shoes due to hatred.

So idk either to wear the shoes with the current design, or redo it, or just abandon the whole thing. Ahahha. Just wear it ah. Nike Just Do It. Ahahha x pasal pasal.

"Why I stick with you just push away"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lets ViViFy Stuff

I saw this during my morning jog.

A half naked European guy jogging with his dog in the brizling hot sun all sweaty and what not. Huuuuuuiiii! What can be more macho than that??!! Ahahhaha!!!

I have the dullest freaging looking helmet ever!!

Yeap thats not dope at all. Not dope at all. Something has to be done mate. Lets make it more interesting shall we.....


it says.. " Subhanalazii Saghorolanaa Hazawamaakunaa Lahumukriina Wainnaila Robbinaa Lamun'kolibuun". Thats doa naik kenderaan for you. ahahah

Theme: Poker + Punk and Religion

I wanted it to be something that will be me and kinda punk, and poker sometimes related to punk designs, and I always wanted to use poker as part of a design. Its kinda cool the 4 symbols, heart, spade, diamond, and club. Awesome 4. You might notice that there are some defects on the symbols. well if I use normal poker symbols, it would look kinda cute ( not good cute but bad cute) so I defected the symbols so it would look more rugged. Rugged My Arse!!! I wanted to use spray paint to make the poker symbols instead using paint marker as it would look more professional. I planned to use stencil , however the helmet surface kinda curvey, so its kinda hard to paste paper on the helmet for stencil, so I had to use marker paint instead. But owh well the end product still looks kinda pro. heh!

I wrote doa naik kenderaan on it. The main concept is that we wear helmet for protection purposes so that our brain wont bloody burst out when we get into a fucking accident ( actually the main reason is that we wont get caught by those faggot cops and have to buy them drinks RM 50) but actually only Allah can give you that protection, not helmet. So I wrote the prayer on the helmet as a symbol of asking safety from Almighty God. And hopefully I will rememebr to say the prayer when Im riding Xera ( thats my scooter btw =P). Unfortunately the Arabic writting arent so nice. I wanted it to has sort of a punk / metal look, unfortunately my marker and chaligraphy skills arent so good (its fucking pathetic actually) hence the Arabic writting arent so good. Ahahahah owh well, we cant have everything can we?

My sister said, poker = gamble, as in Im gambling my life when riding the scooter, but I ask for protection from God for gambling. As in doing something wrong is the right way. It doesnt make any fucking sense at all. AHAHAH


Jom ah merempit!! Ada berani???!! Ahahah

Xera got a new thing~ ahaha

Huh! Finally its done!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Exam Results!!!!

My ACCA December 2008 results are out!! Arrrrghhghghg!!!!


Mr Hariz Badrulhisham

54 Jalan Seranbi 08/29
Bukit Jelutong
Shah Alam

Examination Results
Your examination results for the December 2008 session issued on
16-FEB-09 are:

Paper Details Mark(%) Result
F5 Perf. Man. 55 Pass
F6MYS Tax. 66 Pass
F7INT Fin. Rep. 63 Pass

Phew I passed all three!! Ahahahhaha! Alhamdulillah! Im so bloody relief.. Alhamdulillah.. Ya Allah.. Huh... Alhamdulillah.. Ahh gile lege!! ahahahha.. I think I performed badly during the exams, but I still passed... WOOOOOOO!!! Alhamdulillah.. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ahahhaha..I think lame kelamaan I can get heart attack due to the kechuwakan mengambil results every semester..Ahhahaha... Alhamdulillah!! 4JJ1

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Human Body Not Designed for This

KL Milo-Power Cross Country

I entered this run held at kl under the UiTM Runers Club. The run started at 7.30, so we had to be there at 6.30 am for preparation ect2, meaning I had to be at UiTM at bloody 5.30am! Which means I had to wake up at fucking 4.30am! babi gile awal x bleyh blah. Never ever I woke up that early to go to UiTM.Ahahhaha.

But the run it self was very very fun. It was an 8km run around Taman Tasik Perdana. Its really really cool with all the trees surrounding us.

However there are couple of dickheads who didnt have any sportsmanship and integrity who cut through a few shortcuts. Fuck Em! Owh and it was not just a run on flat surface like the typical run, we even had to go into a jungle where there are no proper tracks. We had to go through the jungle on pure soil. There were no tracks, only small opening with ropes guiding us the way . How cool is that? Its like those jungle tracking thing. But it was very slippery due to the soil and dangerous with all the trees branches and root come out blocking the road. Good thing there were no elephant's poop anyway. hahhaha.The track in the jungle it self was 1km making me lose some valuable time to speed up, but its kinda good in a sense that I can regather my energy .

Soorry the pictures arent so clear and look like shit. Its hard to kept still to take pictures why running on bumpy soil. Hahaha. I know I was suppose to concentrate on the race and shouldnt give a crap to take pictures, but it was just too cool you know to enter a jungle as a part of a cross country. I never experienced that, it was awesome mate. When I finally exit the jungle, there was a sign saying '2km left' so I ran as fast as I can to the finish line. WEEEEEE!!

Yes I do looked like shite while running. Tengah gile penat kot! Wht do you expect, control macho time tengah penat letih? hahhaha

Yours truly. Number 66 out of 400+ contestant. Hahahah damn it I shouldve done better. I aimed for top 50, but owh well atleast I still get chun a medal =)

UiTM Runners Club baby!

My hair kinda long now, and I look absolutely crap. Ahahhahahah


Just 5 hours after the tiring cross country run, I had a match for HMC against HKC. Owh damn I was very fucking tired. I had to take 2 shoots of coffee and a red bull to kept on going. Ergh!

Time. 5pm
Date: 15the Feb 2009
Place: Politeknik Shah Alam

HMC 1st Eleven


HMC Bench warmers =P

The game started with HKC giving an early threat with their striker made a looong shoot from the half way line just after the kick off. Then onwards they pretty much controlled the game and making a few good chances. We on the other hand had to defend properly and only able to made half chances. Our best attempt was when Hakim shoot at the keeper and the keeper spilled the ball for Arief to claim, but unfortunately Arief unable to make use of that chance fully. Our midfiled
was outplay and unable to control the possesion and the game. Half time it was 0-0.

I come in for Azraei in between the post for the 2nd half. 2nd half pretty much the same with the 1st half with HKC controlling the game and making chances, and we had to defend properly. However on the 73rd minute, HKC got a corner from the right , and one of their striker escaped his marker and headed the ball. I was unable to dive to it, Nawfal unable to clear the ball of the line, and the ball went flying into the goal, which made us conceded our 1st ever goal in 293 minutes of game time. 0-1 HKC. We tried to search for the equaliser but their defenders were too solid. 10 minutes later, Afeq brought down a player in the penalty box which give HKC a goal scoring opportunity from the spot. The penalty taker kicked the ball to my right, and I correctly guessed and dived to the right, I could feel the ball stroke me hand, but unfortunately my hand wasnt strong enough to prevent the ball from going in, 0-2 HKC. We tried to look for a goal but to no a vail. After 93 minutes of playing time, the ref blew the whistle and we suffer our 1st ever lost. So it was our 1st ever lost in HMC, and the 1st time we conceded a goal in 293 minutes playing time. But no team is invincible, no goal is unbreachable, and no keeper is unbeatable. So we lost so what. Failure is a good motivator, it makes us try harder the next time. Its a morale lost, showing at which lever our team are, and to make us to train harder to face tougher competitors in the future. HKC deserved to win, and all I can say to them is thank you. Plus we conceded from set pieces, corner and a penalty, not that big of a deal. COME ON HMC, LETS GATHER OURSELVES AND RISE AGAIN!

So that was my day. A cross country and a football match. It was very tiring but very fun. Hahah. Owh my ACCA December result will come out today. Chuwak! Ya Allah , bagilah aku pass sume papers aku. Amin.

What am I doing? Whats the purpose of waiting for something that will never happen?
Im just hurting my self. Its pathetic! Its down right stupid! Its hurting my self. Its, its, its ,

It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back,It's like a whirlwind inside of my head, It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within,It's like the face inside is right BENEATH MY SKIN!"

" Why I never walk away, why I played my self this way?"

"Fuck this hurt, I wont lie, doesnt matter how hard I try!"

"I dont know what worth fighting for?"