Friday, March 27, 2009

Eyes of Beholder II

Ive found more and more pictures of me during the dinner (thanks to WOW! and me mates) so I just have to put them here on a new post, rather thn editing the old post!! ENJOY!!!

Interviewing the sponsors booth. She was reading from a prepared script. Hahaha

"Look at all you beatifull people here tonight!"

"And the lucky number is, 6!1!9!!!!!" Shaza muke semangat gile...haha

"owh u pathetic accountants!"


Monday, March 23, 2009

APAcS Grand Dinner 2009 Eyes of Beholder

Ive been shiting alot about all the preparation, meeting, and training for this dinner for the past 2 weeks, and when it was all set and done. the dinner turned out to be really really good. Definetely better than last year.Not as bad as I frightened.Hahaha. The MC thing was awesome I had a blast making a fool of myself on stage. There was even a performance by Nora (some popular Malaysian singer), and someone even won an iPod shuffle. Im not kidding!!

Last minute rehearsel

the Performance~

The Terrible Trio in action! ahahha

The MCs, The Terrible Trio!! From the right, Mr Cool, Miss Controll, and Master of Chaos!

The white hat crew!

Me n Sharina Kapur... eh eh Sarah... hahha

Hariz + Taylor Swift + Avril Lavigne. This chicks performed Love Story and Innocence. Coooolio~

Hellloo ladieeess~ =P


Owh I like this!

Yusri! My total opposite that night. hahha


Girl of the Year, Rifhan. Shes prreeety~

The Project Director/ APAcS President. Damn it last year dinner this dude was a model together with me. This year Im only a stinking MC and he is the Projecy Director.


Shes taken people!

The MCs with their sifu.

Shazalina. 012227XXXX

Owh did I mentioned?? I won Most Outstanding Male of the Night. hahhaha cool eyh?? Ba'i won Most Outstanding Female.. ahahahah

One more pose~

now for some really cool professional photos....

ahaahaha cooolio~ credit to WOW! Art & Photography. Check that shit up people!

I got a boquet of roses for winning most outstanding male, but I gave all the roses to other girls, and left with this baby breath. I know a certain some one just looove these. Hahhaha.

Overall, the food was good, the performance magnificient, the speeches arent boring at all, good event flow, and the MC thing wasnt that bad. Great night great night! huuuuuuu~

Happy Birthday Mess!!!


220489(gambar x boleh bla gay giler)

Thanks for beeing my gay partner all this time!
And thanks for helping me with the keeper training (eventhough agak hampeh sometimes! hahha)
Hopefully now that you are 20
(oh my god 20!) you can stay with a girl for more than 1 month alright! Hahahha
Goodluck in Holland nnti dude!!

We celebrated his birthday at Seoul Garden. Cool place, its Korean. They gave you raw stuff, buffet style and you have to cook it your self. Very nice very mengenyangkan very memengatukan! Hahhaa!

Heh more n more of my friends are getting old. DAMN IT!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mengharungi Cabaran Kehidupan

A video to show that no matter what obstacle we face, we need to find a way to overcome it.

haha dramatic aje lebih. Pengajaran kite blh ambik dari video ini ;

1) We will face obstacles in our everyday routine lives, we have to figure out a way to overcome it
2) If we tried one way and did not succeed , do not give up. Try again using other avenue.

3) Make through the day with a smile


HAHAHAHA bodoh!Sorry for wasting nearly 2 minutes of your life excluding browsing time =(

Ok actually I posted this shit because, well I havent post anything lately. Im preety tied up dewasa kini as the APAcS Dinner is this Saturday. Ive been staying back till night this entire week at UiTM (oh my God! pathetic gile hidup!) to practice for the MC stuff for the dinner. Alhamdulillah the dinner is tomorrow and the tiredness will end soon.. I hope. So wish me luck for the MC thing.

And And And

(sorry belated birthday)

Lagi sorang kawan menjadi tue. HAHAHHAHA !!
If Im rich and baik hati I will give you Satri Neo CPS + Buggati Engine as a birthday present.. Unfortunately I only have RM2.53 left in my wallet... soo sorry babe... Maybe another 4 years I can actually give you Satria Neo CPS + Buggati Engine. HAhahahaha.
Your Birthday Resolution this year = kurangkan berat 25kg ok??? Ahahhahaa. Jom ah celebrate birthday open table MMZ!! Ajk Khan sekali!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


TelekomMuzium Run

I joined ths TelekoMuzium Run under UiTM Rinners Club.

but this is actually one fucked up run! It says 10 km run, so I controlled my run , I just jog moderately so tht I wont ran out of energy half way. But apparently its only a 5km run, so for those who ran all out without consuming any energy won it. Fucking organiser. Damn it.!!

But my recent performance has been dissapointing. Really need to practice more and get my shit up.

hah menang due hamper lak =P curik hamper orang blh ah cerite.

It was held at telekomuzium, there were alot of old fashion telephone...

Running aside, MC meeting was cancel, I missed football, and and MAN UTD 1-4 Liverpool. DAMN IT!!! ahahahaha

Thursday, March 12, 2009


N4L Know what I mean???