Saturday, April 25, 2009


To start things of, lets do a quick quiz. The above is a picture of ....
a) a ping pong ball.
b) a tasty salty peanut jual kat kedai sebelah mydin dpangkin.
c) The Champions League Finale Rome match ball.
d) Ghinghey's balls.


Ok heres da shit. Ma boy Azraei was chosen to go on a selection for the Sea Games, which is a very big deal. Congrats mate you deserved it after a string of good performances in the last few games. However, why now only he was selected?? Not couple of years ago when he had better chances to improve him self rather than now? Why not a couple years ago when he was 16 when he had more time to developed? I tell you why. Its because only now he has the connection through the MBJ coaches. No Im not saying he was only chosen due to cable, Im saying he deserved to be selected, but without the coaches, his talents wont be noticed and will all go to waste. He has the talents all this while, but only when he has the cable only he can make it far. Only with cable he was noticed. It shouldnt be like this. By right he shouldve be noticed years ago.

What Im trying to say the FAM (FuckAM) doesn't have a real proper scouting program. They dont go from one neighbourhood to another. They dont go from one field to another searching for new talents. They just hope these players will get into a league or represent their school team or college and get noticed.

Then what about those who cant afford to get into a league due to financial problems or they dont have cable or maybe their team mates sucks making him unable to perform to their very best? How are they suppose to get notice?What if the next Pele or Zidane or Peter Schmeichel are in this land, but since they dont have cable they wont be noticed and their talents will all go down the drain. What if the dude who could lead Malaysia to lift the World Cup lives in a rural area where he can not be notice since he cant enter those major leagues? How is he suppose to be noticed? That will be just a waste of talent. FAM should established a very good scouting team and search around the land for some REAL talents hidden somewhere in this land.

Look at Man Utd, their scouting team go all the way from Brazil to China. Wayne Rooney was discovered playing in the streets , not by joining a league or due to cables. FAM, please make a proper scouting program, that is they way to improve the damn declining status of our football, not by proposing to shut down the entire league for one season to make a fresh start, or to abandon foreign players . Thats fucking ridiculous!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Law trial is tomorrow.
I still have a bloody tick company law notes to memorise.
I need to study but theres Man Utd vs Portsmouth in 2 hours.
I have lost the willingness to study.

Somebody please burn Menara SAAS UiTM Level 14 down so that I dont have to do the stupid meaningless menyusahkan hidup trial.

Owh can some one please teach me how to tell a girl that Im no longer like her without really telling her. ( yes im a jerk i know that thank you very much)

23rd April, seems like a big day, but I just cant remember wht .. huahuahua

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'll be just fine

Kiku! Hodohnye hang!! Hahaha. This is Kiku si mate juling hidung mancung perangai x senonoh . Cicit of Hotness, cucu of Putta, anak si Theo. This picture was taken while he was "enjoying" piss (mata tertutup mase kencing macam nikmat besar gila!). Check his left back paw. He was steping on a pile of shite while enjoying his piss. Ahhh classic Kiku.

Yes its been 3 weeks since the last time I updated my blog ( Gila Lama!) . The reason for this is, well nothing really interesting been happening much in my life these days. After the MC thing, I havent do anything out of the ordinary.

1. Trials approcahing, so I realy really REALLY need to get serious and get my shit up!
2. I quit HMC (well actually the manager kicked the whole squad from the club) so no football freindlies recently.
3. Im not active anymore in UiTM Runners Club, so yeah no more running these days.

So due to those 3 reasons above, my life been preety much ... boring and normal. Heh.

Yeah Ive been thrown out from HMC, but I joined a new proper football club, MBJ (short for Mans Bj, or Maju Bj, or Masjid Bj, idk theres too many meanings, haha) . So now I will be representing BJ when Im playing, waaay better than playing under HMC where I represent Malaysia FA Fan Club which I actually dont want to be associated with. Haha. Yeah and MBJ actually have proper training sessions every weekend, which HMC didnt not provided. I actually have the oppurtunity to train under an ex national player, how cool is that. Its been raining these past few weeks, so during the GK training, I just....

Mandi Lumpur! ahahhaha! This is why I love this game. hahah. Who wants a hug?? haha.. btw the pants was white.. hahha

My trials are approcahing , F4 Law on the 24th April (sorry nad ) and F9 Finance on the 30th April, so I guess I wont be blogging for some more time.

And for your guys entertainment, I have this really hillarious video. Check it out!

Ive been eyeing this boot.

Ahhh some one please derma RM100 ... I NEED A NEW BOOTS!! huahuahua


"I'll be just fine, pretending Im not,
Im far from lonely but its all that Ive got
I'll be just fine"