Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whirl Wind Inside of My Head



2003- RW
2004- RW,CF

2005- CMF

2006- CF

2007 - RB,LB, CB. CMF

2008- RB,LB, CB, CMF, RWF, CF

2009- CB

Yeah Man Utd lost to Barca in the Champions League Finale. But hey Barca deserved to win, they were the better team all around,so cangratulation to them. My only regret is that, Man Utd did not show a real fighting spirit. Shouldve put Scholesy sooner as he is the only one who looked able to beat Barca passing system. Owh well, better off next season Red Devils. Gloory Gloory Man United!

Finale in 5 days!! ARGGHHH!! I still have a lot of shitz not yet cover! Not to mention I cant go to Carnival Bj due to the exam. Damn you ACCA! MyTeam tryout, Selangor Testi Match, A few good frienly matches, Euro 2008 , and now Carnival BJ, just a few of things I missed out due to bloody ACCA!! argh! Good thing is Im taking Law and Finance, one is reading subject and another one is calculation subject, so I dont really get too bored studying as there are more varieties in the studying. Nerd much!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Divide!

The shitz everyone (well atleast me and other LPS) been waiting for. Here it is, LP newest single for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack.

Give it sometimes, and it will melt into you. Love the chorus and breach part. But maybe could do better with some rapping frm Mike, no?? Enjoy dude...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cigarettes, Drugs and Alcohol

To be honest, I just loooooove cigarettes smokers, alcoholics, and drugs addicts. Seriously Im not joking. The thing is, the world is becoming more and more hectic, and soon theres not going to have enough land and resources on mother earth to cope with the increasing demand of the world population.

So all these smokers, alcoholics, and addicts who are killing their selves, will help lessen the world population, and leaves more resources for people who actually appreciate life.

So thank you smokers, alcoholics, and addicts. Keep inhaling, drinking, and injecting those shitz into your body so that you will die faster and give more opportunity to those who actually deserved life. A big thank you and hug from me to you guyz!

Owh btw, next Monday is going to be a BIG day! Its the premier of LP new song for the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen soundtrack- New Devide! So you better listen to the radio or check you tube or to check this shit out. Its going to be sick!! [LP]

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pilih Kasih, APAcS Family Day, and KL League Debut.

I went to PAS today and saw this.

basicaly its a talent road search for new actors. I think its a good idea that they make this to discover new acting talents rather then sticking with the current bullshits actors we have now. But to the participant who went there, come on, get your SHIT UP! Some of the act really make me wanna cry. Somehow when Malaysian act (alongside with cheesy skema scripts) they just cant seem to make it looks natural. The 'X" factor just was not there.

Owh theres a lot of people queing to get into the show. Come on be serious, Malaysia film industry?? adeyh...

Acting aside, i had this family day at UiTM under my faculty. really fun stuff man. I played mix netball. Its mix netball, so theres chicks and dudes playing. And I was "forced" to mark the opposition attacker who just had be a hot chick! hahaha!! I played wing defend, and had a blast marking the opposition sexy WA chick.Bahahhaha!! My team won 4-1, but I was the player with the most faul commited. hahahah!

And as I mentioned in a past post, today was the MBJ first league game in the KL League. Damn it our game was at 3pm under the brizzling hot sun. Sunburn aku!!! Our first opponent - the army team. Ahahaha 1st match dh jumpe team askar, mampos! We lost 2-0 to them as we were totally outplayed in every section , but these guys are suppose to be very very good. So to be beatened only twice, can be sonsider acceptable

I get injured at my left elbow, my but, and have cuts at my groin area. Bahahahah. Next game we really need to do better. The teams in the KL League are very good, we have to bring our A game to them. 10% luck, 20% skills, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and a 100% reason to remember the name.

Had to much to blog about that I had to post 3 seperates blog.. Bahahahha!

Just Playing Dumb....

I really really love my 2 frns, Messi and Ezran. Seriously if im a bitch I couple with them both!! bahahahah! They accompanied me to a place where it can only be found by those who knew where it is. And through all the jams and chaos road, and sesat 5 kali they were with me. thank you guys and sorry for the trouble.

I went somewhere, to give something, to someone. The thing is, idk where is that some one's house is( and had to ask another some one's help to knw where the house is). And when we finally arrived at the house, that someone wasnt at home so I just left that something at the door.

Thinking back, it was a bloody stupid shit to do. I drove god knows berape jauh for 1.40 hours through all the jams and chaos road and sampai sesat 5 kali, and even dragged me 2 mates with me,Ezran even get in trouble with his mumsy, and I kacau my cousin in the middle of the night, and then in the end I just left the thing at the door. And then expect what? naaah stupid shit man..

But thank you Mess, Ezran, and Mimin for helping me out and really sorry for all the trouble. I really put a lot of people in trouble for this shit.....


Ok heres da shit.For those of you who doesnt know whats happening at padang BJ ( Stamford Highbury Trafford), weve been playing football using a small goal, which is not very good as it does not promote good passing game and doesnt increase your accuracy for the goal. Me, Mess, and Afeq realise ths 'dangerous' situation, so we decided to get the field some cones so that we can use the cones as goal instead of the small goal. However one cone is fucking expensive! One cone is bloody RM 30, thats fucking absurd!! So we had to come out with new plans, we just
had to steal some, which was very funny.

We just drive around BJ looking for cones, and when we found one as the roadside, Afeq quickly stop the car beside the cone, Mess open the door and quickly take the cone inside the car. very funny shit man!

We found one cone near MMZ and another one near Elaise where they are doing some construction. Bahahha!

In action...

and to prevent any one stealing d cones we steeled, we sprayed our initials on it... H.A.M.. Bahahahha

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Glory Glory Man United!! As the Reds Go Marching to ROME ROME ROME!!!

Owh hell yeah !!Man Utd are in the Rome Champions League Finale 2009 to defend their European title and to try be the 1st ever club in the modern era to win back-to-back Champions League tittle. And what a tasty encounter it will be. It will be..


Very very very tasty match it will be indeed . Since the semi finale draw, I always dream of this finale. After seeing Man Utd beat Arsenal 1-0 and 1-3, I really hoped that Barca will beat Chelsea so that this 2 giant will meet at the finale.

I didnt watch the full match between Chelsea and Barca, I only watch the last 10 minutes of da game. When I turned on da tele, Chelsea were 1-0 up, and I tot it will be Man Utd vs Chelsea (again!) and I was about to turn off the tele. But after seeing Messi ran through the Chelsea midfield, I decided to stay on. And how I glad I didnt turn off the tele. After a trademark free flowing passes by barca and messi wonderfull skills, Iniesta finally equalised for Barca in the 93rd minute with a stunnig strike from outside the box, and putting Barca in the finale due to the away goal rules. I was actually celebrating at that time!So the dream match is set!!

Yeah I know, be carefull of what you wish for. Barca will be tougher to beat compare to Chelsea, but who cares, I want a great finale (not like the boring game last season) plus whts the purpose of winning the cup if you dont beat the best right? I think the Barca Man Utd match will be a much better game compare to Man Utd Chelsea. Plus how many times have you seen Chelsea vs Man Utd. In the last 3 seasons, these two clubs have meet 9 times, and their encounters dont really label classic. You watch it over and over again in the EPL , the Champions League Finale should be something special, and not something you can catch from the domestic games.

I know what you might be thinking. This two already meet in last season semi finale. But remember, last season Barca wasnt as strong as they are this season. Last season Eto and Henry havent reached top gear, and Barca had to really mostly on Messi. But this season they scored 70+ goals between them in all competition, which is crazy!! And last season Man Utd were a one man show ( Fuckng Ronaldo show) but this season they are playing more like a unit.

With Barca will most likely be the champions of Spain, and Man Utd leading the EPL table in front of Liverpool with 3 points and 4 games to left play (1 game in hand I might add), the game could be between the champions of Spain going one-on-one with the king of England. The propable (Im still cutting Liverpool out ok!) champions from the two of the best football league in the world going head-to-head, you cant ask for a better match to determine the conqueror of Europe ths season. The best meet the best!

Barca will be without the rock Abidal, but Man Utd will be without the on fire Darrent Fletcher. Thiery Henry will be renewing his rivalry with Man Utd like back in his Gunners era (or maybe he wont be plaiyng due to injury.. who knows). Barcelona have been playing the most beautifull free flowing football ever that they been call the pass master. Eventhough Man Utd havent been playing to their very best this season, when they reach gear 5 they can stand toe-to-toe with Barca. Barca has one of the best line of the defend with captain Puyol as the general, but Man Utd have the brave Vida and the solid Rio,backed by Evra with all his phase.

Im not going for the cliche Messi vs Ronaldo (plus its a no brainer that Messi is better as a footballer and a person compare to Ron). Think about this. Barca have the best goal scoring records this season, with the Messi-Henry-Eto team cant stop scoring goals. They scored 30 goals this season with the highest average in the competition of 2.5 (Man Utd with the average 1.5) . Man Utd however have one of the best defensive record ths season, with Rio n Vida in the center of defend and Van Der Sar between the post, they broke the British defensive record this term. They conceded only 6 goals through out the entire campaign with the lowest average of 0.5 (Barca 1.08) .So the best attacking power meet the best line of defence. The unstopable force meet the unmoveable object. Can the Man Utd defensive power of Rio and Vida contain Barca, or will the Messi-Henry-Eto quartet run riot again? Can Evra mark the running riot Messi? Can Carrick neutralise Iniesta? Can Rooney and Tevez brake down Puyol and Co., and can Ronaldo beat Valdez?

This two clubs are pretty much equal. The stake can not be higher with Barca will be looking forward to eluminate that 2005 double winning season , and Man Utd trying to be the very 1st club in the modern era to be the king of Europe two straight seasons. Remeber, back in 2005, Barca won both the La Liga and the Champions League , and only last season Man Utd won both the EPL crown and the Champions League, so this two will try to repeat that succes.

The best vs the best! The best attacker vs the best defence! The unstopable force vs the unmoveable object. Champions of Spain vs the King of England (maybeeeeee). The Catalans vs the Red Devils. BARCELONA VS MANCHESTER UNITED! When this two meet, expect FIREWORS!!

Catch ths mega match 27th May 2009 for the Champions League Finale 2009 from Rome!!

(heh aku jadi promoter champions league finale nie, Uefa kene bayar aku dowh)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Im the Geek In the Pink

Ok I havent done this in a while,

A few months ago, I blindly bought a pretty pink jacket. ( Blindly as in I didnt try it in and see how I might look in it, I just naively picked it up from the shelf and put in the shopping basket) When I got home and actually tried it on, the jacket was really sempit! and I look really really gay(bad gay way not good gay way) in it. There even spaces for men boobs. Bahahahha!!

So what can a brother do eh?? I cant just throw it away or give it to some one else, I like the colour =P

So I guess its time for...


Front Back (nothing much going on back here) Punk Rock yo!! Idk y I just love to put this 'X' symbol on my shitaz "Its going down.. The logical ..
Progression on a timeline" (I screwed the lyrics there, bahahah) Its Going Down Executioner ft LP 19!!

Reanimation aside, I finished my trials which was fucking hard and irritating (a trial could be irritating eyh??) ahh damn it that F9 paper really killed me man.

MBJ League will start next Saturday 9th of May...

You tried to do a nice thing for some one but they just pushed you away... nicee...