Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Boredoom Strikes

Omagad!! Im like Freaging bored this past couple of days!!

So much for the out of control "Im Freaging Dead !" from the previous post, I didnt get to the marathon as something kinda disturbing happened the night before which made me lost interest and mood for running. Good thing though, as if I did get to the marathon I might get cardiac arrest and mati just like Jacko due to the lact of training. Hahahah!!

I was soo bored these past couple of days with nothing to do, with unable to get to any to-do-item (due to lack of time, willingness, and materials) . I was so fucking bored that I had to find anything I can get my hands on and just go crazy with them just to kill time and my bored-ness. Hahha!!


Class beg.

Ok seriously dude I have nothing else better to do. Hahaha!

That aside, I had some times to edit and made new pictures =)

Tittle: Lonely road.To those who have my facebook or myspace you mightve notice this picture at my profile.Simple select and edit some part of the picture technique. This picture suppose to have a sense of loneliness and the effect of sadness in it. Kinda off a symbol of me letting go of a certain someone.

Tittle: Possessed. Just like the title, supposedly its a picture of someone being possessed of some sort. This is like my first goth picture in a year, so Im kinda rusty =P

I love you but Im letting go...

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have a half marathon TOMORROW and I havent trained a shit! ahh bollocks!! Ok I tot I have a football game tomorrow, so I didnt have to go to the marathon. However, the blooody opponent decided to canceled the game last minute, so now I have to go to the half marathon without any training. IMMMMMM DEEEEEEAAAAD!! Seriously Im writing my will now, anyone want my stuff???

Today Saturday the 27 th was one BAD LUCK day damn it!! A series of unfortunate event happened today ogay!!
- Me mess and Ezran were supposed to go to Nisa's sister's school carnival, well to usha awek la kan. Unfortunately thanks to some 'brilliant' road direction from Nisa, we arrived at the school 10 minutes before the carnival was over, and to depends the nails on our coffins, there were no hot chicks around. Zero. Nil. Zilch. Yale!!
- We then went to Pavilion. At 1st we thought 'ok fine we cant have eye candy at least we can hang with nisa ' right? Hell wrong!! She just had to brought along her 'bf in the making ' Ashraf *read with suara menggedik please*. But on the plus side Pavillion was heaven on earth. It has the best food court ever surrounded by chicks. What more can u ask? hhaha
- We had lucnh at Pavillion at KFC. Can you imagine we drove all the way frm BJ to KL to eat KFC. Hampeh btol. Lagi baik lepak kat sek 13 je.hahhaha.
- Heres a funny shit. When we were about to exit pavillion, we totally forgot where we parked the car and ended searching for the car at 3 different floors for about 30 minutes! hahaha
- And to put the cherry on top *enters sarcasm here* the smart tag didnt work at the tol.

That was one fuuny day. Maybe because niat x baik nak usha awek in the 1st place. Haha!!

Ok so Revenge of the Fallen is finally out and everyone is talking about how great of a movie it is, but to me I kinda disappointed with it. Sure it has some kick ass jokes, funny lines, and the humans army beating the decepticons,but the movie forgot the most important part of transformers, and that is the Autobots and the Decepticons kicking each other arse!!! Seriously think about it, the main thing about transformers is robot wars right?? But in the movie the robot wars scene were tooooo bloody short. Mostly its humans' army against the decepticons, the journey finding the key, and also jokes made by the sub characters in order to make the movie more fun , in order to cover up the stupid story line as the director cant make the movie more interesting, which ironically overshadown the main purpose of transformers. And I was really disappointed with the Fallen. He seemed like a very strong legendary Decepticons, but one but kick in the arse but Ultimate Prime and he is KO! Watafak with that?? Wheres the robot action damn it!!???

And the whole world seems to be upset about the death of legendary MJ. Yes he was a great musician, some even say that the day he died was the day music died, and I do respect his works and contributions to the music world. But somehow when he died, everyone suddenly become a huge MJ fan!! All of the sudden! Out of no where! Even people who barely listen to MJ or never actually watched he moon walked suddenly become his fans. To those who were really a great MJ fan I absolutely understand your sorrow. But to those who become 'a great MJ fan' 5 minutes after hearing the news that he was no longer breathing , one word HYPOCRITE!! RIP MJ....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you have New Divide in your playlist, could you please kindly play it while reading this post, it would be absolutely brilliant if you do so.

Ive been working on something new for the last 3 days, and this is the finale outcome of the new shit!

- Fun with simple lines and colours
- Less is more
- New Divide

The 5 lines in the middle is a tribute to the original 5 sport teams back in SMKBJ, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Earth. Getting a little bit nostalgic here =P
And the wordings around the shirt are lyrics from New Divide (thats why I asked you to turn the shit up! =P) as the shirt also a tribute to New Divide and Revenge of the Fallen. Since Revenge of the Fallen come out yesterday, so it was only fitting that I finished it yesterday. Heh cool eyh???

In every lost, in every lie In every truth that you'd deny
And each regret and each goodbye was a mistake too great to hide
Accros this New Divide!!

Everyone who is reading this, go and watch Revenge of the Fallen, and rock out to the theme song ok!! Hahahha Im only psyche tp hear the theme song not to watch the movie. Well the mivie to actually. Hahahha!!

These two go just owh so well together no???

On another note (and which Im quite sure nobody give a shit about but I just had to post it here) I found my sister old short while geledah-ing through her old stuff the other day, which would be just perfect and matching with my Runners Club tshirt. It doesnt have a pocket though unabling me to put my phone in it to jamn to the music while running, so I guess I just had to 'instal' one. hahhaha. I put on the pocket on the inside of the pants =)

Perfect fit =)
Looks kinda weird from the front due to some bad craftmanshit
See matching right?? Looks perfect ogay! Huyyo bergaye aku lari nnti! Best runners dress award siot!! Hahaha!

These are the shits Ive been doing in the last 3 days, apart from going to a cute little picnic on Monday with Nisa Dye Afeq Apek and Ej. Dye is off to Sabah btw, goodlcuk girl. Nisa I just love to put ur 'cute' sleeping picture kan, but luckily for you Im a nice person on wont do that. hahhaaha!!

Thats all for now, Im off to watch Revenge of the Fallen and mosh to the theme song on the theatre! hahhahah! Across this new divide~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Football Carnival!

Had a football carnival today at UiTM , and suprisingly we reached the quarter finale, which actually exceeded our target and expectation, cause usually we suck cock and lost the first round!. Hahahha! So by reaching the quarter finale , it was kinda a respectable achivement for the team. I didnt play with my usual team mates though as I played for another team, derang just ajak aku masuk theri team. My team mates were (as far as I can recall) Akif, Uncle, Boy (ok I have no idea wht uncle's and boy's real name are, like I said I dont usually play with these guys) Atan, Afek, Adly, Walter, Billy, Fendi, Imran, Hakim, and two other dudes which I cant remember the name. heh hampehnye team mate aku nie! hahaha. And Ayaz was the manager, hahah! And oh to be at UiTM during the break is just sad and depresing =( hahha

So we reached the quarter finale by beating two teams in the 1st 2 rounds. The results;

1st round FT 1-1 , won on penalty 3-1
2nd round last 16 FT 1-1 , won on penalty 3-1
Quarter Finale FT 1-1 , lost on penalty 3-2

Hahaha ok seriously the results were ludicrous! We ended all 3 mathes on a 1-1 stalemate and had to rely heavily on penalty to go to the next round! Thats just too funny and kinda pathetic and sad actually. When we finished the 3rd game in a draw and the match was going on a penalty for the straight 3rd games, I knew we were pushing our luck too much and ran out of it and eventually get our arse kicked out of the tournament.

Owh well atleast we had a good run in the competition, got a few experience, and the teams we went agaist arent bad at all. But seriously, we lost the 3rd match when our supporters club Messi Ezran Ayai and Apek showed up. We were doing just FINE before you guys come showed up! Bad luck you guys brought man bad luck. Hahahah! =P

*I need to do new pictures man

Just drop dead and lost

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Great Wall

Ahahhahhaha Im too bloody happy today. Infact Im too darn happy that Im going crazy and nuts just laughing alone by myself. After 2 weeks of tiredness and getting frustrated and working my (sexy) arse off, I finally completed the project Ive been blabling (Im not even sure if this a real word, Im just to darn happy that I dont care and just hentam any word that might sound nice!) about in the last few posts.

Finally! The project has been completed after 2 weeks time! (please real in the Rocky way, yeay thats how I wouldve say it). God at one time I thought I will never ever finished the thing *Its like a work that is never ending (read in a Crawling tone, ahahah)* . Ok seriously Im going nuts! OK enough with all the intro bullshits and getting all of you confuse. Let me just show you what Ive been working on. =D


Ahhhhhaha O_0 there you go. Thats what Ive been doing these past few weeks. In case you are wondering, its the
last 10 verse of Al-Imran. Want to know why I choosed that last 10 verse?? Please read and understand it ok? Really appreciate it if you do.

Previously the wall is just too flat and dull with onlt a Man Utd poster on it, so I decided to put something more on the wall, to make it more 'happening'. Writting lyrics of a song on the wall come in mind, but then I thought, why am I so caught up in song lyrics when I can write the greatest script known to men on it ie the Quran right. Plus I think it just wrong to decorate my room with only Man Utd and LP stuff but no Islamic stuff.

The Man Utd poster I cut in into half and put it on my closet door.

Hahaha cooolioooo!! (heh jakun syok sendiri kot!!) I just love the cut out poster on the closet door. It just looks perfect. Hahahah!Finally another to do item completed, and I can finally do other things on the list. So far only 2 things completed. Can you imagine after 2 weeks of holiday I only completed 2 things only. This wall mural really ate a chunk of my holiday. Hahahha. Waaazzaa..

Other things happening ;
1. Training for next week Standard Charted half marathon.
2.Finished download Scrubs Season 6 and wathng and loving it! This shit is addictive man!
3. Looking forward to next thutrsday for TRANSFORMERS!! love the theme song. hahha!! Im only so hyped about the movie only because of the theme song. Hahaha New Divide kick arse man!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oih Penat!

This is going to b a very looooooong post, so prepare to be bored. If ur not then just click that 'X' icon on the top right hand corner of the window (unless ofcourse you are using apple) and cut the misery.

Ok I said I will post my daily life during this semester break, to make a small cute little diary (cute my freaging arse!) but as you can see, my last post was 1 week ago, so yeah I failed to post my daily life here. mangkuk nye Hariz! Reason is, Im still not done with the project I mentioned in the previous post! Damn in this project is BIG and lame gile nak siap! Ahhahahahah! Getting frustrated here still unable to complete one project after 1 week! And this project prevent me in doing other project. 2 days! 2 days lagi siap kot. Agaggagaga!!

Project aside, Im writting to make up for the day I didnt write anything. Here it goes (seriously its going to be loong, still not too late to click the 'X' icon!)

Wednesday & Thursday (6th & 7th)
Worked and get frustrated with "da project"

Friday. (8th)
Went balik kampung with the family. Small family gathering ect2.

Saturday. (9th)
Went out with my family (except for the dad) to KLCC. The mother wanted to watch Night at the Museum 2 (so do I as me frens didnt invite me whn they wathed it!! marah kot! hahaha) but the ticket sold out (fuck it) so we watched ;

Not a bad movie. You can judge by the poster its a heavy drama movie. Russel Crowe was in it a man hes fat . Hahahah. Ben fleck was in it also, but his acting sucks. Movie about a journalist working on a story about a corrupted congresman (which is also his friend) who had an affair with a murdered secretary. Funny twisted shit man. Hahaha.

Oh and I went shopping ( omg hariz actually went shopping! biar betik!) and bought these.

I bought a red collared jersey tshirt. Man Ive been searching for this for ages. Ever since I saw Roger Federer wore it in last year US Open Grand Slam Finale, Ive been dieing to get my hands on this, and finally dapat gak. Bahaha. I also bought a Adidas Predator Water Bottle for football futsal and running. Beleive me, water from Adidas bottle is tastier compare to normal water. Hahahha.

That night I went to a sale but it was closed, so Haziq Muzzy Aries and moi went to "Pasar Muhibah " Up Town ( x pelik ke name, mule2 name nak islam aje ade muhibah and then tibe 2 terus transformed nak market jd uptown. hahah) and bought my self

I love this shit. Been searching for this for ages. Very punk yeah! Pergh pakai perg class best siot! Reminds me during my time in Alcatraz . hahhaha

Sunday (10th)
Had our 4th MBJ League game at KL. I didnt play this one as the coach prefered Azraei compare to me to gueard the goal. Since there were only 14 players, I was optimistic and very excited to play outfiled. Hahahah but unfortunately the coach didnt trust me playing outfiled so I had no chance to play outfield that day. Argh. Buat penat semangt warm up aje. We end up losing the match 4-1, thanks to scrappy defending and miscommunication. Damn it our worst defeat so far. (tu la coach ni aku suruh masukan aku LB x nak dgr, kan dh bolos 4. HAHAHHA!!) In case you are wondering, our position in the leage table is Played 4, Win 1, Draw 0, Lost 3, Points 3 ,GF 1 GA 9 GD -8 . Bahahaha that sucks man. We are soo gonna face regulation battle. Hahahah.

After that we hang out at Subang with Nisa. Shes cool fun and kinda cute. Hahhaha

Me Ariez Ezran Fendi Azraei Afek Niza and Die ( Nisa'a friend) spent most of the day just chiling and getting ourselves fat and increasing the risk of getting diabetis at Burger King on Monday. Ezran spent alsmot 80 bucks there!! Damn it byk gila! Feeling kinda guitly here =(
Ezran was over excited + sakit perut nak jumpe Aliya which was kinda funny. Hhahah. Planning to go for paintball this weekend. Yeay

Tuesday. (11th)
Im in my 2nd week of the semester break and damn it only 1 to-do-list completed!Well obviously Im writting this blog right now, still trying to complete the project yang x siap siap! Arghhh penat! 2 days! 2 days! Alllling!!!

New Divide music video is out. Check it out man!

Ok Chester was kinda gay in this with all the emotional overacting act. hahah. Give him a mike or something to play around instead of him doing those gay actions. Hahahah.

Thats all I guess for now. I swear next time I write my blog, I will already finished the project and post it here. Promise! Told you its a loooong boring post. Hahhaha.

Im lost in the blistering snow of winter.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Most Guys Are Gay

Here are some of what the typical guys said about what they want in their dream girl.

"Owh I wish my gf will support the same football team as I do, so that she understands how much football means to me and we will share the same passion. I want her to watch football matches with me, wear my fav team jersey, and I wish we could discuss about football together"

"I wish my gf will play footsal with me"

"I want my gf to eat more!"

"I wish for a girl that wont go shopping for 5 hours non stop so that I dont have to be tired and bored accompanying her!"

"I dont want my girl to be too girlish!"

"I want my girl to be more extreme, and able to do some extreme stuffs with me"

"I wish my girl will play sports with me"

"Why cant a girl be less emotional?? I dont want to take care of her feelings, I just want to have fun with her when I want to"

"Choclate?? Rosses?? Wtf for?? No need man!"

"If we go to watch a movie, I dont want to watch chick flicks together. I want to watch action or horror or comedy movies. Movies that are you know.. manly!!"

"I wish we could talk about pollitics together"

"I want for me and her to able to head bang to metal together"

"Impress her with my engines!!"

Think about it men, if you were to put some of this "dream girl' characteristics together, you dont get a girl! You get a dude! So there you go, a typical guy dream girl will actually be a guy. The only reason they still want a real girl because of the sexual stuff. If they want all that dream characteristics, they should be .....


Hello which part of opposite attract you dont understand guys!!?? Thats why guys and girls are so opposite with each other, because opposite attratcs! That is the way Allah created us. The differences between two individuals complete the two. If you want a girl that is the same with you, its not going to happen. If you want a girl that is the same with you, if you want the same to be attarcted, then you should be gay!

Sunway Lagoon

The Fucking Five (thats Messi, Azraei, Jim, Jim Jr , and moi) went to Sunway Lagoon yesterday, and had a tones of ridiculous fun there. We rode the marry go round (???? bahahha) roller coster, the pirate ship, and poison snake stuff (???) and the spinning tea cup. Man Messi's face during the pirate ride was pricless. I laugh/cried/scared all at once at that time, really funny shit man. The spinning tea cup was horrible. Jim kept spinning the tea cup untill it becomes too fast and rase macam pening nak mati! Hahaha. But to be honest I expected more from the theme park, and really shouldve spent more time in the wet park, if it wasnt for beeing too damned hungy. Dang it!

Im still doing the thing I mentioned in the previous post. Its progressing, but really lambat! hahaha.

Owh I finished download Greed Day lastest album 21st Century Breakdown. I wanted to buy the original CD, as it comes with a free tshit, but then again why should we make a rockstart millionaire richer right? The new album isnt bad, better then American Idiot. They still maintained the opera story album concept like they did in American Idiot, but this time it has more edge to it. They certainly broke down their walls and did something bigger better and more meaningfull compare to their previous album. To whoever reading, download/purchase this shit up ok??

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not Going as Smooth as I Wanted It to be

Sooo much for the hype in the previous post, my break isnt going fucking well as I hoped it would be. You know wht they say, when you over hype it, it would turn out bad! Or ade ke pepatah cam tu, aku hentam aje. hhahaha

The 1st day of the break ie Friday I didnt do anything much, as I just wanted to sit back and relax. I did however bought the tix for Man Utd vs Malaysia!!!! RM 308 sit shit man!!! Hahahahahha.. ok I was just joking, RM 68 sit actually. But hey as long I can watch Waaza, Edwin and Schoeshy in action live, I wont complaint. Owh and I fetch Oya from cousin's house. Nothing much other than that.

2nd Day.
I started on a new project for my bedroom, which is one of the item in my to do list. Its kinda big, so I estimate it would take me like atleast 5 days to complete it. So far I only completed phase duos out of 5 of the project. Erggghhh still a damn lot of works to be done mate. Check back for update.

En Processco...

3rd day
Nothing productive really happen today. My dad invited the whole kampung (ok not the whole kampung but his family over for dinner, which is alot mcm satu kampung jugaklah) for dinner, just because her sister back from Sabah. So more force labour for moi (its against the fundamental liberties actually), hahhahaha.

Ok Im out for now, check back if you want to know how the project going to look like. Its going to be ... different??? heh?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Owh Hell YEAAAHH!!! Exam finally over, and Im freeeeeee babaeyh!!!! woooo!! Its enjoying partying go all out-ing get waste time. Wooo!! I have 1 months of holiday, and just like last break, I have lots of things listed to do. You just have to check back what I have instored for this semester break. Its gonna be AWESOOME!!! Yeyeaye!!

F4 Law was manageable, but F9 Finance was FUCKING HARD!! Idk wht the hell the examiner asked me to do! Owh bloody hell!! When I read the question the 1st time, I cursed the examiner for asking such bullshit questions. Then when I cant do the questions and time was running out, I felt like crying. Then when 15 minutes left, I lost hope and felt nothing. Drama in exam hall. Bahahhaha!!

InsyAllah blh pass. Who ever reading this, may u please kindly pray for me that I will pass both papers. Really appreciate if you do.

Owh well exam is done and dust and its time to rock. InsyAllah Im going to post 'most' of the thing I will do here, so check it out later to find out.

Btw, the video still make me terharu till today ;)