Friday, July 31, 2009

Xera is a Decepticons~



Kayun Budak Gedik!!!

I got my 1st ever client!! Hahahah how cool/weird is that?? hahaha.
Ok shes not a real "client". Nisa sister, Kayun has her Sweet 16 coming up this Sunday, and Nisa asked me to put "Sweet 16" wording on Kayun's tshirt as a "birthday suit" during her party nnti. Heres the end result =D

I tried to use the design on the back of football jersey ,where they put the name and number of the player, but still want to make it kinda funky and happy. Ok not my best work, the jahitan kinda messed up. Sorry Kayun =( I wrote her birthday date under the '16' using marker paint. Ok maybe I shouldve just use marker paint to write the "sweet 16" . Will be much funkier and more happening and more kemas instead of sewing the letters kan. Huhu wrong planning there. Sorry =( I messed up my 1st ever "client" huhu sorraay =(

Ok Nisa, Kayun! My payment is....

Hahahaah!! Penat ok jahit baju smpi pkul 3 pagi! =P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome...... =S

I would like to welcome a certain special someone in becoming a new reader of this blog.
Okay shes not actually new, she has been "stalking" my blog for a while dah but only recently die bgtaw =P
Any who, welcome to this twisted blog of mine and hope you will have fun and enjoy reading it =D
Aduh sape la rajin sgt google search people's blog =P

Nice guys finish last

Bicycle Ride III

This is sort of a "historical" event! For the 1st time ever, I did a Bicycle Ride not during my semester break, but during this short h1n1 break instead. (ok not very historical event, just wanted to give a gempak introduction =P ) Ok seriously I have nothing else better to do. Hahaha.

Enough with that. This time around, I took the NKVE highway all the way to Klang, which on the way I made a short detour to Taman Pertanian Selangor and Bukit Bandaraya. Damn it I really wanted to mingle around Taman Pertanian on my bike, because the atmosphere and the surrounding there was just awesome. Its green nature everywhere and the air was very soothing and relaxing and calming, which was perfect to mingle around on me bike. However sadly, bicycles are not allowed into the park, so yeah cant actually ride around the park. Damn it I love that place very relaxing.

After facing the disappointing rejection, I continued my ride all the way to Bukit Raja, then entered Seksyen 7, go all the way to Section 2, Sec 3, 4, went trough the Shah Alam park, then to Seksyen 14, 9, 13, cut through the stadium, then took a quick nostalgic ride at TTDI, then all the way to MMZ (Khan!!) and then back safe and sound at Bee Jay.
The route which I actually went through =D

The ride was kinda short actually, only like for 4 hours or so, compare to the previous one where I went lost at Kuala Selangor which took me 6 hours. Haha! The path I went through pon not very adventurous and fun, as I went mostly through highway and city road, instead of those kampung road or jungle or plantation. Maybe because I did it during mid term break, so can not do it very extreme =P haha. Nevertheless I enjoyed the ride and really satisfied that I did it.

The NKVE highway which I selambe aje belasah redah !! =P
The Bkt Pertanian yg x dpt masuk =(

I saw this at Bkt Bandaraya. Really nicee. A lake with a beam of light shinning on it. Its just soo beautiful mate~
Jalan not very betol =S
And after all that tiring cycling, just lepak and chill and berkelah at BJ was just nice man.

Some people ask me, why on earth la I do all thing stupid things??!! The answer is actually quite simple, to live life, and to add a little spice to the live Im going through -Cigarettes Fort Minor -
It soothes me. Took my mind of the things that been playing through my mind these past couple of days. Gave me some peace for my mind.

Btw to those of you who might be wondering ' 3rd bike ride?? bkn baru due ke???"

The 1st one I did during my 1st ever semester break in Dec 2007. I went through the Subang Permai road and went all the way to Damansara and the Curce and OU, then come back BJ using the highway. I didnt blog about it. Hahahaha!!

Bicycle Ride III done! Hahahah

Red Converse

I took my old red converse and conteng2 a little bit on it. It has a ying yang, mirror image opposite attract kind of thing going on.
See how the left shoe it has a white laces opposite to the right shoe where it has black laces. The artwork on the left shoe is a fire artwork in black, opposite to the water artwork in white on the right shoe.
So yeah white shoe laces with black fire artwork opposite 2 black laces with white water artwork, on a red backgroud, work together awesomely =P

I over did the fire artwork though, too many inferno there. But the white laces sort of bring back the balance to it, so its all good =D

What am I bullshititng about la ni! Merepek btl! Hahahah

Convese is cooool~

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ive done a lot of stupid things in my past. Beating innocent kids, stealing my parents money, beating up a close friend for a stupid reason ect2. But nothing actually beat this!

I wrote a name of a girl which I quite like on a study book. Then forgetting that I wrote her name on the book , I actually gave her that book!! An eventually she found out about that. Ahahhahah! Im dead!

Her friend even took a picture of it and tagged us in facebook!!! Really niceee! AHHHHH!! Im messed up!

Pink Tie

Lets make a tie so odd, so crazy, so weird, that it will change, revolutionize the tie art forever *heh introduction nak gempak poyo x blh bla! =P *

Originally a boring light pink tie



That is tooo weird man! hahhahaha!!

Bring on the tie of the century, thats too weird no one dare to wear, The era of weirdness and going locco, Leading us to crazyland. -Green Day, Song of the Century-

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy h1n1 Holiday!!

Hahahahah UiTM is closed due to h1n1, so I have 1 week off!!
Hell yeah!!And good timing as well cause I have a lot of works to do. Muahahahah.
But there wont be any mid semester break later on to compensate for this 1 week off, but who cares! cuti!!
Ejoy!! Partay!! hahahah

To those who caught the flu, I wish that all of you will get well soon. Be strong be brave and be positive that you all will get cured. Allah said, every sickness theres a cure except for death. So be patient and determined ok.You lot will get better. Good luck, my prayers are with you. All the best.

Man Utd vs Msia II


Ok the 2nd game was kinda boring, but who cares! I got to watch Man Utd in the flesh live! Twice! Pictures from the 1st and 2nd game...

1st game Man Utd 3 Msia 2

The massive red devil crowd!!


After the game, the lads thanked the red devils fans.. huhu... nani n anderson even threw thier jersey to some fans!!

2nd game Man utd 2 Msia 0

The lads warming up

Michael O, Kiko, Fabio, Zoran Tosic, Wes,
Giggsy, Johny Evans, Fletch, Ben , Carrick, Garry


What experience man. Really terhatu menangis tgk Man Utd play in the flesh. Huhu. Great time great time.