Saturday, August 22, 2009


Happy Ramadhan 1430 Hijrah!!

If you are hungry during fasting, please come to my blog, I have this is specially for you guys. Enjoy~

During this blessed holly month, byk2 kan la beribadat ok?

Mess, I dare you puase more than 20 days. Hahhaha!

Thanks Kayun for the shirts . Cute! Hahaha..

Ok Happy Ramadhan to yaaaaaaalll!!

I am very happy, thanks to her.
"Kau sememangnye cinta, membuat ku rindu pada muuuu"

Monday, August 17, 2009


The ACCA June 2008 exam results are out!!! AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhH!!!!!!
Moi results are;


Mr Hariz Badrulhisham

54 Jalan Seranbi 08/29
Bukit Jelutong
Shah Alam

Examination Results
Your examination results for the June 2009 session issued on 17-AUG-09 are:

Paper DetailsMark(%)Result
F4MYSCorp & Bus Law70Pass
F9Fin. Man.64Pass

Ahahhahaha I passed! Hahahhaha!Alhamdulillah! Hahahah! I did F9 Finance really really suckish, but wow dpt pass.. Hahahah Alhamdulillah.

Congrats to kat orang tu pass F4 and F7 gaaaaaaaaaakkk =P


All together the holiday wasnt bad, quite good actually. It couldve be better if we go to Pulau Kapas, but the dad changed the plan last minute and we end up just pusing2 around KT x ade kerje. Hahahah.

Thanks Mess and Ezran for sending me to the airport (although I did pay you guys 75 ringgit kan? taxi lagi murah ok!hahaha) . I took a different flight from my family since I had F8 test on Friday morning, so I had to take the night plane instead. 1st time fly solo, so agak bangge, hahahah! I wore that skull mask at the airport, and everyone look at me like "Watafak is it with this guy?" hahahha!
I love it!

AirAsia now everyone can fly. Hahaha!

We stayed at my uncle's house which was very nice. His house is next to a hills, so got a very nice scenary and vibes. Apparently the king of terengganu is building his palace at that hills. heheheheh blh romapk2 with proper planning. Who wants to join me rompak rumah Agung Terengganu? hahaha.

Nice eh the view? I wanted to explore the hills, but its prohobited as its the agung's property. Damn that spoiled Agung! Hahhaha

My family did the best part when I wasnt there yet. Best kan kene tinggal? hahahha. They went to the beach and pusat tamadun islam without me, bagus betul la. Hahhaha. But the pusat tamadun islam was kinda cool actually. Hahhaha

The 2nd day, like I said, we planned to go to Pulau Kapas to mandi manda and i can get soem tan in , Yes we British love to tan. Hahaha ok dah perasan! hahha. But yeah the dad canceled the plan and we end up pusing pusing around Terengganu and even went to museum, and oh there was a boat ride to. Seriously x ade kerje. Dah la the museum like bosan gile.Hahaha! Really like a foreigners there. Hahhaha.

Kene kuruuuuuuung!!

Gooners going down! Hahha

But after that I went fishing at my uncle's mum's house pond! =D ok cant really call it fishing cause, its like damn easy to catch fish at that pond. Just puit the bait and immedietly got the fish. Hahhaha. But the house is damn nice man. They have a fish pond, and at the back they have a river, and the river lead to the beach. How cool is it to have a fish pond, river, and beach at your own lawn. Cool gila ok! Oh and they have this place where they make thier own coil!

The fish pond. Its kinda small but loaded with fish, thats why so freaging easy to catch those dang fishes! Hahha

Thats the river, and just after that the beach. Cool gila ok!

The fishes yg tangkap!

That night, we had a barbeque pki ikan yg jadi mangse. The bbq got to be the best part of the holiday. Hhaha

Hahaha semangat siot kipas kipas! Berlakon aje lebih! Haha!

Gambar kelaurga 'bahagia' hahhaha

Hahhaa muke jambu x tahan! Hahha

We went back on the following day.Thts preety much wrapped up this short "vacation" Ok la kot. hahah.

Sorry x dpt tngkp penyu =( huhu. Susah ok!

Exam results kelaur esok! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Help!!!! OK anyone reading this, please doakan Ill pass bot papers yeah?

Friday, August 14, 2009


Mid term test is over (ade few questions yg mcm siaaaaallll!!!! hahha) , and Im off to KT over the weekends!!

Take care F9~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Dude is 20!


HBK 19. 19 is not the age ok! dont say anything about age, sensitive ok bile dh "tue" nie =P 19 is the football jersey number =)

And the very best part is.......

OMG I CANT BELIEVE IM 20! Hahahhah! Correction, Im not twenty, Im twenteen. Still ade that 'teen' at the back ok! Hahahhaah. And Im going to stay 'twenteen' for the next 50 years! Hahahha!

Thanks for those who remember and wish, family and friends, and the cats, I guess. Hahaha.

Ferrero Roche, Choclate Coffee, Nixoderm, a really cute adorable note, and a suprise visit (sesat on the way =P) Thank you soo much.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Masked On!

With the Swine Flu Influenza h1n1 virus pandemic going on, weve been urged to wear face mask at public places. So, who wants some cool face mask?? Saying you care about your health but still able to look "cool"? Hahaha

This one is very basic and straight forward but still agak cool. Saying "wear face mask, no to h1n1"

"Why so serious??" nak Joker anyone??

Vampire. Sape suke gigit2 kawan or ayah blh la, or maybe x kot sbb ni agak x lawa =(

This one for macho goth biker kind of person.


Where theres Spiderman, there has to be Venom! Ok the Venom really buruk! hahah!

Ok who wants to buy?? The face mask is 30 cent, but the artwork is RM50, so all together its RM50.30. Hahhaha gile cekik darah and ambik kesempatan. Since when my blog jadi blog jual2 barang ni? Hhahaha. Im not really selling it ok, who wants to buy anyway kan? Hahhaha. But would be really cool if people actually wear this kind of art face mask kan? Just have a little bit of fun during this dark time.

Ya Allah, tolang la bagi la cure for this flu, and please selamatkan those who already infected. Amin...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jamned Packed Weekend

I had, one tiring busy weekend!

On Saturday morning, I represented my Accountancy Faculty in Sukan Antara Fakulti at UiTM for the running event. Very short run, 4 km or so around UiTM campus. The distance wasnt the challenge, the main challenge was all those hills at UiTM! Penat ok turun naik bukit lari2! Good thing we didnt go through Bukit Tonggek ( a 70 degree hill at UiTM!) if not I wouldve tergolek tengah jalan! Hahaha. But after running in 22km half marathon, 4 km run rase agak bosan (hahahha poyo!)


FP Numero Uno!!!
4 hours later,, I had a match for MBJ! At 3 pm! Oh God seriously it was dang hot and I was tired after the run plus in the middle of the day, oh I was half dead!
It wasnt a league game, but an FA Cup match, at UM. And we won! 1st ever victory in 6 games! hahaha! The match ended 1-0 after a controversy goal form our forward, but who cares, we won! We are going to the second round of the FA Cup next weekend. Hahhaha.

Football posing! Hahha


I should have a paintball tournament on Sunday morning, but instead I had to balik kampung with family and spent some 'family time' . Huhu sorry nisa cant play paintball with you =(. Some other time k? You still owe me Kayun's shirt fee. Hahah!
We went to my dad's kebun and had breakfast and did some work there. Theres this one dog , which I named "Ace" (dont ask why, I just named him on the spot) which was lepak2 around the kebun. Nampak agak chomel but kesian. huhu.

Ank nenas... comel kan?

And that evening, I had another football match.2 matches in 2 days, best kan?

I played with team Remy under my high school coach, and the game was quite good. The team kept a lot of possession and defended well . The game ended 2-1 in our favour. Nice game, but seriously penat gile! Hahaha.

OK another couple of weekends like this I think I can die kepenatan. Hahhaha!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

SpongeGay SquarePants

Warning! The following blog post is rated 18sx. Any underage reader please do no read as it contains extreme sexual items!

SpongeBob is no longer suitable for small childrens viewing, reason beeing


and thiiiiss....

aaaaand this.

Should these really be what our small childrens are watching on the tele? These will totally corrupt the mind of our young future generations! SpongeBob really is gay. Remeber that episode where he took care of a baby shell with Patrick? I rest my case! =P Ok all Spomgebob's hardcore die fans sure gonna hate me for this.. haahah

Hahahha! OK what am I doing with my free time??!! Dont I have any better things to do? hahah

Midterm test is coming up, and the week after that, RESULTS!!!! =S Plese doakan aku pass yea? =D

Is she really worth firghting for???

Sunday, August 2, 2009

adidas King of The Road

I completed my 1st ever 22.7km half marathon run today! How dope is that?! Hahahaha!!

I had to report at the stadium at 5.45 am and the run strated at 6.30am. Awal gile. But its a good thing it started early so that it wont be that hot while running kan.

The road route is from the Shah Alam Stadium, go to Seksyen 9, Seksyen 8, Seksyen 7, went past through UiTM, then go to Padang Jawa. From there I lost my track of way, hahaha, but somehow it reached Seksyen 17 bus station, then UiTM Intec, then pusing2 around Shah Alam again till we reached the main Tesco, and finally back to the stadium.

The whole shebangs took me around 2 hours! Hahahah didnt really check my time, but its briefly 2 hours. But the run was fun. They gave refreshments and wet sponges along the away, so it wasnt really that tiring nor torturing. They even put mock 'supporters' along the way to make it more enjoyable. Hahahha. 22.7km isnt bad actually, it is less tiring and torturing because you just run steadily instead of laju2 like you have to do in 10 or 15 km. So yeah half marathon could work. The only problem I suffered was sakit perut while running smpi rase I have to shit tgh2 jalan. Hahahah! Some dude even stooped tgh jalan and got into some drain or bushes to take a leak or to shit. Funny! Thank God I didnt do that! Hahahha

Sorry didnt get top 50 =( Byk gile orang masuk like 9000+ people. But I did get a finisher medal =D meaning I got atleast top 300! Hahahah!

Streching before the run. OK I really look ridiculous in orange sleeveless! Haha

Byk gile orang!! 9000+ people ogay!

The best part is, the run ended inside the stadium! So after a tiring run, you get into a dark tunnel and then merged into the stadium with all the cool open spaces. Awesome!~

Cam whooring after the run.Hahaha. Penat ok!!

22.7km in 2 hours.I still managed a finisher medal! =D ok la 2 kan eventhough didnt get top 50?? huhu

Owh they gave these for the checkpoints. Colourfull. Lawa kan??

Hehehe matching matching!!

Ze medal. Its not really lawa, but its what it resembles that important rite?

It rained just after the race. That was cool and refreshing. Awesome mate! What a way to end my h1n1 break. Hahahha. Oh class restart tomorrow =( huhu

btw, sorry nisa, sorry kayun I didnt go to ur sweet 16. Huhu really sorray. I wanted to go, but ade la that person just had to go to pavillion 1st when I cant barely stand after the race. Hahha