Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yeah here we go for the 100th time,

Hand grenade pins in every lines,

Throw em up let something shine,

Going out of my fucking mind!!

Hahahha!This is my 100th blog post here on HBlogK ladies and gentlement! Cant believe that I actually reached this "milestone" after creating this place where loath everything out around 1 year ago.Bangge bangge! Dh banyak gak bnde merapu I posted here kan?? Im able to reached 100, x mcm orang tu kan, buat blog, post 4 topics, then delete the blog, then create another one, mmg x smpi 100 la kan =p Ahahahah Ok since this my 100th post, I should post something really great, meaningful, and special. So with that in mind, I think for my 100th post, I will write something about this one very very special girl.

Im currently studying ACCA in UiTM, and to be honest, I dont really enjoy doing it. It has been like that for the past 2 and a half years. I think accountancy is a very boring dreadful subject, and Im not very keen with UiTM. So I really dont enjoy my time there and also had to come to class every day. So how did I managed to survive, withstand, pushed my self to go to class day in day out for the last 4 semesters? I think , it is all because of this one very special person in my life...

She, has been the number one reason I was willing to come to UiTM everyday, day in , day out, for the last 4 semester . Everytime I feel tired, or bored, or just dont have the willingness to go to class , she has been the reason I pushed my self to still go to class,so that I could hear her cute "shy" manje voice again, so that I could see her "onion rings" hair once again, so that I could discover "oh today farah n me pki same colour =D ", and so that I could see her face one more time. When I could do all that, all the tiredness or bored-ness of having to go to class just go away, and it was all worth it. Eventhough I could only admire her from distance, and see her around some other guy, and eventhough the very thought of it really burned in me, it didnt mater, because in a way, I didnt mind hurting my self, for what seemed to be a one sided feeling.

A lot have happened along the way since my 1st sem with her till now, some are funny, some are embarassing,but most are self hurting. Fast forward till today, thing have changed a bit, and I have a sort of 'moderate' chance to be with her, but nothing is certain.Im afraid that I might lose her, afraid that she might lost interest in me, but most all afraid that I cant make her happy and satisfy her.

For years Ive been searching for the definition of the word 'love'. I read alot of articles, asked a lot of people, and watched a lot of merepek love movies, but none of the meanings of the word 'love' really satisfied me. I still didnt know the meaning of the word, untill recently.I think only now I understand the meaning of the word, and to me, my description of the word love, is you, Farah Hafizah.You are my definition of love. You are my love. If anyone were to ask ask me what is love, I would answer "Farah". So thank you for teaching me the meaning of the word love, to make me feel how it is like to be on love, and to be loved.

2 years ago you were my eye candy.

1 year ago you were my main reason continuing study in UiTM.

Now, you are my fav girl,you are my life,you are my world,you are my everything.

Thats why Im ignoring all those 'rumours'

Thats why I never get mad at you.

Thats why I dont mind missing football (for wht before this means a lot to me)

Thats why I accept you regardless of you 'bad'past

Thats why I dont mind waiting forever for you.

Thats why I dont mind changing my self for you.

Because right now,it is safe to say,without any doubt, honestly,

I love you Farah.

Saturday, September 12, 2009




Check the hair! Check the hair!

Hahaha! Ever since I was borned I already have this mohawk spiky hair style~ Its like, I was born and meant to have that kind of hair style.Sungguh coool~ hahahha

Im so loving my ex classmate niiiiii..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Xara!!


Happy Birthday Farah Hafizah bt Basri =D
These past few months been really great thanks to you.
Thank you for making me happy, for sharing with me all the stuffs, and for "memelihara kebahagian " =D
Im glad that I can be a part of this "historical" moment in your life.
I really hope whatever we are having will continue into something better.
I want to be with you what ever the weather be.
If I were to 'stracth' away, please pull me back in ok.
Enjoy your 20th Birthday and have a great live ahead k, with or without me
I hope u like the giftz I gave yooouuu =D
Have a great birthday and thank you very much, for everything faraaahh=)


Hello hello hello! Oh fasting month, sopan sikit la tulis blog right, Assalamualaikum =D

Its been freaging loong since the last time I blogged here , sorry sorry .

I have LOTS to write about, so prepare to be bored! Hahha. If u dont want to be bored (lagi2 time puasa ni kan?) or thinking "Who is Hariz think he is, thinking I actually care whats been going on in his twisted life ?" then please just click that red 'X' icon on the top right hand corner, left hand for mac users if my writting is torturing you.haha!

Ok lots to talk about, lets start with something "fun"

Do you have a friend that isnt fasting and thats totally pissed you off, feel like nak sound je and rase nak berdakwah kat derang, I have the perfect sollution for you.

OK so basicly you just wear the tshirt next to the person that isnt fasting =P hahahha

Thank you to a certain some one who gave the inspiration for the tshirt. Dont let me wear this next to you! Hahahha

Wore it to UiTM the other day, and timbulkan some kacau bilau . Hahahha.

But this tshirt blh buat gaduh if terkene to those people who takes thing seriously . Aduh!

Had some stupid picture fun with the tshirt. Hahahah

I watched a mafia movie the other day, and saw one of the maf wearing this shoes.

Gile cool ok! Omg Im so in love with this shoes *excited gay voice!* hahah

Its like formal shoes but still look verry cool . Huhu. But mcm not available in Malaysia . huhu. If through the internet it would cost around Rm90(Its $25). Nanti la bile ade rezeki baru beli. But the shoes is very cool ok! huhu.

Other stuffs I have in mind.

*Sony Ericson W805 flipphone walkman (RM 700)
* Sony Ericson blutooth speaker (RM 80)
*Man Utd red/black jersey!!! (RM 300)
* Adidas F50 red gloove (RM 60)
*Adidas futsal gloove (Rm 80)
* Adidas Climacool cap (RM 60)
TOTAL = RM 1370!!!

Ahahhaha mmg x laa kan nak dpt sume 2. Kumpul duit raye pown x cukup. Ahaha. Priority is the F50 gloove and the climacool cap. The other tu mcm berangan aje laaaa. hahahha. The man utd jersey cool gila!! Hahha

My phone is busted. Dropped it the other day and now the LCD is broken, so handpone screen x ade lampu =S So currently Im using this basic phone yang for calling and texting sementara the phone being repaired .

huhu gile basic. check the contengans I did on it..

Some cute angry robot at the back =P gile x ade motif

Some random music bars pattern on the side. kononye nak bwt mcm XPress music laaa

9hrF =D sorry gmbr blur =(

Im eyeing this phone right now. The W508 I mentiond earlier. Coolest handphone ever ok!

Aduh anyone tolong dermakan RM 680 to me. Huhu.

I think now there is only one season , no more four.Im sticking with one and really really nak be serious this time around. Jadi Msia la one season sepanjang tahuuun. =P
I really really want to be with her. Im trying to show to her that I am really serious and very into her.
Please give me the 'key' someday. I'll wait till whenever when you are ready and really trust and belief me.

One more time to say,
I love you always,

And keeping faith,
Letting love find a way.