Friday, October 23, 2009

People Sleeping

This is a new segment on my blog which I called "Random ". Basicly this is where I will be posting, well random stuffs which I might found interesting, or funny, or sickening, amusing, but one thing for sure, they are GOOD STUFF!

So for my 1st ever "Random" post, Im posting series of funny pictures of people Ive been "collecting" from numerous places for the past 1 year or so =P Enjoooy~~

Oi tido waktu khutbah Danial!! =P

Prof captured sleeping at 14. Aduh kelakar gile muke ok! huhu

Mess sleeping at MMZ while watching Man Utd vs Everton. Aduh macam mane kat mamak pown kau blh tertido owh???
Ok some random unknown girl sleeping at 14. Hehe=P
Sarah hilang ayu kantoi sleeping at 14 (hahaha puas hati gile dpt post this picture!)

Nisa~ sleeping in Afek's myvi. Ok I promised I wont post this picture... buuuuut sorrraayy its to good to be left out =P Ok Nisa muke tido lene gile

Afek sleeping after football game in Mess' car. Lari awek-awek kau oh if they see this picture tido ternganga besar. Hahaha

Prof tertido at 14 # 2. Hahaha congrats Prof you made it in here twice! Ok gambar tido priceless =P

Errrrrrrrr......????? =S

Okay to whoever who feels kinda offended or malu for me posting your sleeping pictures here, sorrryyy in advance. Im just a guy trying to have some fun ok =D. If you dont like, please kindly ask me to remove the pics, (instead of leaving hate comments =S) and I will consider to remove them =P

Trials is in 2 weeks, and I havent study anything =S kene "study group" ni. ahahaha

Btw, bloging using IE is very depresing as you cant sopy and paste pictures, instead you need to drag them =S Ahhhh frick!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Soory =(

I am soo sorry for hurting you like that. . Im really really really sorry. I shouldnt have disrespect you like that. You are my everything, and you mean a lot to me,I cant beleive I hurt you like that. I wont forgive my self for doing so.I promise to you I will never ever do it again. Im regreting it each and every second. I really am sorry. I know you wont trust me that much anymore, but Ill try to regain it. Im really really really sorry sayang...


MBJ vs Celcom FC

Time: 3.00 pm
Date : 10th October 2009
Venue : Batu Kentomen, KL

We had our 5th MBJ match last Saturday, against Celcom FC. After being disqualified in last weekend game, we had to play this one and come out with a good result, not to mention because we are in the last place in the table =S

In the first half both team we equal, our opponent had two clear cut chances due to some sloppy defencing and off side traps, but fortunately their strikers didnt bring his scoring boots, as both chances went wide. We had our share of chances as well, but none of the chances really tested the goal keeper. the 1st half ended nil-nil.

After the interval, both team pressed harder to get the break through, however all attempt been cancelled out at the midfield. As the game went to the third quarter, the opponent right wing beat my left back, and made a low cross to the far post, where their left wing come unmark and shoot the ball pass me. 1-0 Celcom FC.

As the game is narrowing to the end, it is as seemed that we are going to suffer yet another defeat. But then after an opponent corner being cleared by me, the ball dropped to Sasi on the right flank, and then he sprint the ball forward setting up a well made counter attack which made us level 1-1.

Few minutes later however, Celcom FC left fack got the ball unmarked again, and made a cracking shoot on the goal, I shouldve deal with it better as the ball went straight to me, but somehow the ball found the back of the net , and they again lead the game. Ok it was a very stupid blunder by me =S

Our team then fight again trying to find the equaliser, and finally , just a few minutes before the game ended, after a nicely orchestrated movement by the midfield and the strikers, our left wing shoot the ball pass the keeper and we are level again 2 all.

There were still some nervous moment towards the end of the game, with our opponent winning a couple of corners. But thanks to good defending, and a diving safe by me right before the end of the game, we were able to defend the goal from being entered the third time. The ref then blew the finale whistle, and the game ended 2-2. '

A well earned draw all thought we shouldve done better. We must now increase our game and try harder as we are very hampeh at the bottom of the table. Huhuhu. But we have 1 game in hand, so not all hope is lost . Come on MBJ!!



Ok lame gile since the last time I blogged here. Been quite busy these days that I dont really have time to update on things Ive been doing. I finally have time to blog, here at the faculty computer lab during that 4 looong boring hours break with out anything to do. *kebosanan!* Ok atleast by blogging here right now I got to burn sometime kan (actully I should be studying right now since trials exam is in 2 weeks !! =S ) Ok very lame since I blogged here, too long tht things I want to blog about pon mcm dh outdated =P Ok so I had quite a fun and meaningful (meaningful as in I didnt spent it just by membazir baring2 watching CSI NY on AXN) weekend.


KRESMA Paintball Tournament

Yeay I played paintball for the 1st time ever ay UiTM (Finally hajat nak main paintball tercapai jugak!) . There was a paintball tournament at UiTM, so me and my friends decided to join and just main2 mcm bodoh =P hey amateur, 1st time main, of course main terabur aje kan . Hahahha. Our team is Hitman and consist of Fatin, Kak Aza, Niea, Anwar, Farahin, Farah , and me. Farah is also the team manager/coach/ cheerleader =P

Apparently Im really bad, like really really bad in paintball. All the games we played , I died 1st. Seriously suck gile! =P We played all 4 games, and we lost all 4 games! hahah very terok! Hitman stands for un being hit =S But hey 1st time main kan mmg la hampeh. After this nak main2 dulu so tht hebat la skit next time masuk tournament. But at the end of the day, at least we had fun and experience (even though its a stupid one =P ) OH Farah actually played one game also, Hebat2!

Semangat before the game!

Ouch! Fatin my own teamm mate shoot me on the back! Hampeh =P
Farah main~


Ekiden Raley Run

On Sunday, I joined this raley run under UiTM Runners Club at Putrajaya. It was my first competition aftrer raya, so all the lemang and kuih and ketupat were still in the badan, not to mention my fitness very low since I havent been training after puasa, so memang hampeh la kan lari . But running at Putrajaya is really nice man, the view is awesome, not to mentioned I got to run on one of the bridge accros the river, so that was very nice.
This was a raley run, meaning you run in team of five. Each member have to run 3km , and then past the batton to the next team member to continue the run. I was the third runner for my teamand when my team mate the 2nd runner pat teh batton to me, my team alreay trailling at number 30+-, so there wasnt much i can do to pick up. I did beat a few runners along the, (when baru start lari la semngat and x penat la) but when I already tired, there were a few runner who beat me =S Overall my team got number 31, ok la kot. Got to try better next time.

Theres this new member , mix Malaysian American called Zach, which is a lot of fun. He looks like real mat saleh but then can talk kelantan. Really funny stuff, ahahah! And his name is actually short for Zakaria, nak market Zach jugak =P

My team , dapat number 31. Nas! Salah kau la ni lari mule2 dh kt belakang ! =P

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Resistance

Muse brilliant 5th Studio Album ! - The Resistance

Track listing;
  1. Uprising"
  2. "Resistance"
  3. "Undisclosed Desires"
  4. "United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)"
  5. "Guiding Light"
  6. "Unnatural Selection"
  7. "MK Ultra" –
  8. "I Belong to You (+Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix)"
  9. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)"
  10. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)"
  11. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)
So what can I comment about this album except for it is totally awesome! Work of a genius! I wasnt a Muse fan before this, just layan a few songs like Time is Running Out, Bliss, and Hysteria. But this new album make me take my hat of for Matt Bellamy and co. The album is absolutely brilliant! It is very different Absolution or Black Holes and Revelations. The music is very different . The music in this new album is very unique, mesmerizing, and very nice to hear . janasequia . Im not even sure either they can be called rock band anymore, because the music and the instrument in this album is out of this world, a new sound of music. They combined a lot of music in this, from tango music, to jazz, and even to ancient Egyptian music, making a very special unique album. Genius! Im so loving this. 5 STAR!

My favourite tracks would be;
- Resistance
- Uprising
-United Staes of Eurasia

-I belong to you

To anyone reading this, make sure you buy the original album, it is worth paying RM 40 for this one (heh aku srh beli, aku pon download aje =P )

Ok come on Mike, top this one out!

"I can't find the words to say,
They're overdue,
I've traveled half the world to say,,
I belong to you"
-I belong to you, Muse-

Friday, October 2, 2009

EID 1430H

Heeeeeeeey~ Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir and Batin!!!!

Ok sorry lmbt wish, and sorry lmbt post raya blog here. Huhu. I wanted to kumpul a lot of raya pictures 1st then only post it here.

My raya was very fun, best raya I had in years. I was able to meet and lepak2 with my cousin, the open houes my family did for the cousins arent bad, quite good actually. And also, I had the best day ever when I raya DJ's and Nad's house on the 7th day as I able to share it with a very special person =)

Here are the raya pictures. ENJOY~

hahahah posing x blh bla with d red n black baju melayu

Model iklan coke hari raya ~ =P

open house~

little children attacking the ice cream mcm haiwan buas =P

During one of the open house. Penat ok cuci pinngan!

banyak gile ok kene cuci! huhu

DJ's! Mcm family potrait

A memorable awesome day with the girl in the pink =)

winter meets summer =S I am so in love with the girl in the pink =) huhu

vain cousins.. hahhaa

haha model insan bahagia... ahaahha

ok adek beradek x btol! proof tht we are actually related! huhu

Definetely thinking and missing some one at this moment.

hahahhaah potrait keluarga "bahagia"

open house nisa. x kenal most of the people tu, main tgkp aje gmbr menyapak =P

Fendi muke priceless ok!

Hahahah x blh bla!

$$$! ok mostly rm1 and rm 2 je.. huhu

Ok thts all. Enjoy the rest of Syawal to all of you!!

This thing is hard, but I want to go through it so tht I can be with you.