Wednesday, November 25, 2009

End of Time???

If 2012 is really the end of the world, the end of time, the end of life, KIAMAT! Then why the hell am I geting my arse off studying like mad??!!

If 2012 is really the end of time, then we really dont have anything to look forward to, and we definetely dont have to study our arse of cause we dont have to worry about getting any proper job in the future.

We can just sit back and chill and enjoy our remaining time rather then studying (and ofcourse bertaubat and bykkan ibadat =S). I dont have to prepare for finales and enjoy a good time with my princess =)

Really missing my princess right now =( *really hating ACCA and finales unabling me to be with her ... GERAM!!*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Study and Finales =S

Check out this dude showing of his hot ass in the public! Some one pleass slap his ass! =P Hahahah

Studying = Stress
Stress = Bad health
Bad health = Bad for ourselves
.: Studying = Bad for ourselves

So let us throw away those boring irritating stressing books and notes and just enjoy our selves. Because life to short to be stress all the time =D

Ok Im crapping. Thats how we all feel when exams are approaching right? Haha . Unfortunately if we dont study now we have 90% chance of having shitty life ahead of us, so we have to study now so that we wont become sampah masyarakat in the future (unless of course you are a profesional footballer, then your life is just playing football and advertise Adidas all the time. Dream job! hahah)

Finales is in just 3 WEEKS!!! Aiyoyoyo! After the very bad trials (I failed both paper ! =P ) I really really really REALLY need to focus and be more serious in studying! Come on Hariz! Get you shit up!! =S Who ever reading this, please doakan Ill pass this December exam pleaseeeee... hehehe

Im missing some one soo much right now cause I cant be with her right now, and cant see her for another 3 weeks due to exams and study leave. Okay really hating ACCA right now. Geram =S Miss you Princess. Take care ok!

A picture of me kene tgkp basah with Jebus =P Hahahhaha

Ill wait a thousand years, just to see you smile again -Muse The Resistance-

Friday, November 6, 2009

She Who Stole My Heart

You took my heart away~ You are indeed my happiness and my love. Love you princess.. very very much.. With all my heart =) Sayang you sangaaaaaaat

Thursday, November 5, 2009

END! (For noW)



Ok Im over reacting. Hahahah. Not entirely happy that trials are over because;

a) The real shitty exam is yet do be done and in 1 month time (adui P2 hampeh gile mampos aku!!)

b) Didnt really study for trials

c) As mentioned above, my P2 Corporate Reporting hampeh gile!! Confirm fail paling hampeh! Actually, I can pass my P2 Paper, if the passing marks is 12 instead of 50! =S

d)My princess havent finished her papers yet =( *missing you rite now

"Favorite" questions from trials;

#The company entered into a loan agreement totaling $32million which will be matured in 8 years time at interest rate of 8%. The standard rate of loan is 6%........ *big blur cant remember the questions anymore.

# $30m of the NCA is a revolving loan that changes every 6 months at interest rate of 6%. It has been like this since 1st Sept 20X2. (And Im suppose to adjust this in the balance shit and recoment the manager what to do )

# Company purchased $8m stocks when the foreign exchange was 1:5 . The company then paid half of the inventory when the exchange rate was 1:4.5. The company still have the inventory at year end when exchange rate was 1:3. Account for the transactions.

#.... if auditor thinks company has put adequate disclosure on the going basis problem, state what type of audit report auditor should produce, stating the details of such report, and how different from unmodified audit report.

Sume soalan buat pening kepale rase nak gigit gigit kertas exam =P hahaha =S

Oh well trials over and hope for the best result nnti.

Really need to get serious in studying P2, if not im dead. Finales in 1 month =S erk!

Hey, jom la perg celebrate hbs trial,, pleaseeeeeee =P heheheh

Oh check out this twisted picture of my cats =S

KIKU!! What are you doing to your own sister!! Tak senonoh la die ni! Tendang2!! Hahaha

Check this out!!GREAT STUFF MAN!!!

Hahahah kelakar gile 5 star!