Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not Alone

Apparently this is a new LP song. It is featured as one of the songs in the Music for Relief Help Haiti. Idk either its from the new album or just a song they made for HaitiHelp. If it is from the new album, damn Ill be freaking disappointed. Come on where the head banging shit man!??

Its quite good, but I WANT FAST BANGING MUSIC FROM THEM THIS TIME! Enough with the gay songs already. And did Mike lost his voice or what!!?? Good to hear Mr Khan scratching at the back again =) Come on LP fourth album!


My friends sucks...
Why do I even bother ask to hang out with them when they just fucking leave me behind every single fucking time?...
Some friends huh? Fuck off...
"oh my god wht if they read this post?" oh who give a shit

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Balance Pacesetter Marathon 2010

Ghij se ekor kucing yang SEDAP dimakan! haha

I joined a marathon under the UiTM Runners Club last weekend.

Date: 17th Jan 2010
Place: Padang Merbok , KL

I only entered the 20km category, because Im not fit enough to join the 30km =S Since the race strated verrrry early, I had to wake up at 3am, so that I can be at UiTM at 4am. (OMG AWAL GILE!)
The stupid thing is, the 30km category started at 5.30am, but Subuh was at 6.02am, so those who entered the 30km category cant performed their Subuh prayer. How stupid is that. The organizers were really inconsiderate of the Muslims who are entering the race. Then again, the Muslims who entered 30km category also couldnt be bother to perform their prayes and just ran, so ... idk =S The organizer also couldnt be bother to provide Surau, wtf!? I was so pissed off. My run started at 6.30am, so I had the time for prayers, but I had to pray in the open on the ground.

Silly pics before the run.

Ape la aku tngh buat? =S

That looks sooooo wrong =S

Stupid posses =S

Since I prayed before the run, I had no time to stretch first before the run =S Good thing I didnt get injured.
The run was good. It strated at 6.30am , so it wasnt hot when we were running. The route was good too, we ran through the forest, the main city, and also through high ends housing area, bassicly through most ok KL is what about.
My time was 1.47 hour, which is quite good =D

Me finishing the run.

Milo "hot" models

Us with the winner. Bile la aku boleh angkat piala tu? hahah. He told us to train harder =S

Me with catwoman. Hahahha. The woman ran in mask. Next time I want to run wearing batman mask pulak la =P

Runner Club Yo!

Next marathon

Putrajaya Night Marathon. Malaysia 1st ever night marathon. Wohooo! It would be nice running at night at Putrajaya. But its on the 6th of Feb =(

Itu my ah moy very sweet maaaa =P =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The First-Semester-of-the-New-Decade

Today was the registration for the new upcoming Jan 2010 Semester. The-1st-semester-of-the-new-decade. (Oh wow sounds very gempak) NOOOOOO!! My break is FINISHED =S Damn this semester break went really fast. Felt like only 1 week X best!!

Anywho, enough with the emo stuff. Registration was like usual, very crowded, and hectic, and sempit! I came very late as my mum had to do some stuff 1st. Because of that, I got into one of the class which has not-a-very-good-timing =S

The first -sem-of-the-new-decade time table;

12-2 pm - P3 Bussines Analysis
2-4 pm - P1 Professional Accountant

2-4 pm - PAM Prinsip Amalan Muamalat

10-12pm - P1 Professional Accountant

8-10am - P3 Bussines Analysis

10-12pm - P1 Professional Accountant
2-4 pm - P3 Bussines Analysis

OMG! For the first time ever I have class on Friday evening =S I think the last time I had class on Friday evening was when I was standard 5 during sekola agama =S Otak jamn on friday evening ok! I shouldve habe tuesday off if it wasnt for PAM =S

But on the plus side, there are no those loooooooooooooooooong 4 hours gap like I had in last sem. And I only have one class starts on 8am which is on Thursday. So it wasnt so bad.

And oh, I will be classmate with Farah again. We have P1 together. The 5th time I will be classmate with Farah, but 1st time with my gf. Huhu, no idea how it will turn out. Just go with the flow brother. Lets hope this semester will be a good one. Its already starting very different.

Oh and to Rabi: Welcome to UiTM. Best kan your first day registration at 14 =P You will 'enjoy ur time there' hahahah jk2!

Oh, I love my girlfriend very much ok!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paranormal Activities

Yesterday was my last holiday of this sem break (x suke!!) 

So what is the best day to spend my last semester break other then spending time with my beloved princess =D

She picked me up at my house (very baik ok sanggup pick me up *terharu*) and we went to Pyramid to catch a movie. She decided to watch Paranormal Avtivity =S

Its an exorcism movie. But they make it as though its a real thing. The gimmick was, the main actor bought a camera to record all the scary stuff happened, and they used the actually film to make the movie. It really gives an extra takut-ness. Ok I better not tell everything. Go watch it yourself of buy the pirated dvd at subang . hahahThe movie was good. 6 star! TAKUT =S


Last Sunday, I went to watch a musical show at KL with my family. It was a UiTM production, under the faculty of Performing Arts I think. My mum is a friend of the producer, so she forced me to go =S but I do like musical theatre, so why not. The show was called;


The story was about in the future, people are forced to be married when they reached 30, if not they will die. So one guy dislikes this, as it makes people get married due to law, and not law. So he travel back through time (yes he can time travel somehow) to searched for the person who made the law. He eventually find the girl who made such law. The girl made the law because she was unable to fall in love, but in the end, yea you guess it, she fall in love with the guy. 

I hate the main actor. First of all hes not even hot! His acting sucks, thinks his all that, and he cant sing! How can you cant sing when you are in a musical. But kudos to the main actress. Her acting was good, but her singing was great! Like a real pro. She can hit all those difficult high notes! Very hebat. Like wooaa!!

Overall the theatre was quite good. The main actress deffinetely the main attraction. There were also commedy in there. So yea quite good actually.

Hey.. Jom la tgk musical together =) 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Paintball Pants

Remember a few post ago I posted about me and my UiTM friends and also my at that time not yet gf ( =P) went to play paintball at UiTM. Well when we were playing paintball, I saw something really, how should I say this, funky. When a paintball bullet hit someone, it produces a very funky splash pattern on the person shirt or pants, and I though "Wow! The effect of paintball on the pants/shirt really funky, I really need to do something to have that on my own pants, permanently!" So I thought of putting paintball splash pattern/design on my own pants. How funky would that be?!

Several idea hit me on how to do that. The best option to actually capture the effect of paintball hitting the target is by actually using paintball gun and shoot it at my pants. However, the paint from paintball arent permanent, so that is no good. Another idea is to tie balloons filled with paint to my pants, and then throw darts to the ballons so that the paint is in the balloon would splash on to the pants. BUT the splash pattern will be very hard to control, and there is a very high chance the whole pants would get really MESSY! 

Ergo, the best and safest option would be using the old reliable marker paint! =) Although I cant get the real splash pattern, atleast I can control how it might turn out =) I used some paintball splashes as reference



Now thats what I call an ass shot =P

Ok I think I did went over the top with the pants! =S but it does have that funky look. Imagine I wear this to UiTM. Haahaha!

Hariz Badrulhisham is in a relationship with Farah Hafizah

Oh I just love seeing and reading that on Facebook =) Like very suke very much!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finally Not Single Anymore!


We are finally official boyfriend/girlfriend. Finally after months of waiting =)

I love this girl very very very much X10000000. Dont anyone dare to take her away from me. huhu.
Thank you soo much sayang for being my love and happines.
Thank you soo much for giving me a chance and actually confessed to me. I cant imagine what it would be like if you never ever confessed. Thank you soo much sayang, for everything.2 years waiting for the perfect dream girl was totally worth it.
Ill try my best to take care of you and make you happy together with me =)



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

just Another DIY by Moi!

Few months ago I bought this totally "cool" black long sleeve shirt from UnderGround Products

but OMG one day I wore the shirt to UiTM, apparently DeeJay has the same shirt, but in cream and pink! Ahhh jadi boria tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk!! =S

So in order to avoid any other possible 'humiliation' ob boria-ing in the future, Im 'forced' to change and edit the shirt =P I cut through the middle of the shirt so that it becomes sort of like a light jacket. Very simple job.


Wohow!It has a sort of "sexy" light look (sexy la sangat =S )

Yeay x same with Deejay dah! Hahahaha

Monday, January 4, 2010

2 football friendlies in 2 days =S

I had two football friendlies in two days =S dang! It was tiring but very enjoyable.

The first match was on Saturday at RRI. Since Azraei was being the goalkeeper, I had the opportunity to play at left back. But me , Messi Adan, and Atan didnt not start the game since we came in late. The opponent took a shock lead by scoring two goals in the opening stage of the game. But Remy scored one goal before the break to give us some hope. 2-1 at half time.

At 2nd half, me , Mess , Adan and Atan entered the game to change things around. Just a few minutes after the break, Messi scored a goal to equalised the scoreline after Adan's shot was stopped by the keeper and all Mess had to do was to shoot the ball into the empty net. Itu pown nak bangge =p

I made some good tackles to defend our goal. But being a left back is hard work man. very tiring running up and down to defend the goal and also try to help in the attacking. =S My fitness these days kinda poor. Got to start training fitness again. Adan and Azim added two more goals in the 2nd half to make the finale score 4-2. Nice comeback by us. Yeay!

The 2nd match was on Sunday at MPSJ Stadium. Since I came late again =S I ahd to be benched. But at the 2nd half I got in playing left back again.Yeay! Wow Im changing position. Hahhaha. Im starting to get the hnag of playing left back. The best part is you get to tackle people =D Hahaha. But in the third half I change to my original position between sticks. Didnt have much to do as the defensive lines were solid. Just some simple catch here and there. But after a while Azri gave away a soft penalty. The opponent shoot the ball to my right. I already guess right, but didnt get down fast enough, so we conceded a goal and cant get the cleansheet target. There were some other scares. There was a time the opponent get into a one on one position woth me but thank good I was equal to it. The opponent did score again but it was rules out for offside. Finale score ;


Waaah menang besar =D

Sorry no pictures as we didnt have our camera man during the game. Never had one pon actually =P

Cuti nak hbs dhhhh  only one week left=(

Orang tu cepat la sembuuhhh ;) Get well soon sayang =)


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !!!!

New year resolution: I want to have a girlfriend , an official one =P 

Didnt do much this year for the new year celebration. We didnt plan it that well, just some last minute rojak plan. We just bought some unhealthy fatting fast food at burger king and then went to some hill at Bukit Jelutong and watch the fireworks from all over the place from there. Baik ok sambut new year. 

But when its new year, thing bound to get a little wild, and I got captured red handed =S A friend of mine took an indecent  picture of mine (not spilling the ugly details of the picture here) and a friend of my dad saw the picture! Mampus hancus aku!!! 

2010 started kinda slow. Maybe sume orang nak jadi baik kot in 2010. hahahaha! In 3 years time its 2012 =S hahahha