Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hyeee... its that time again, when I have a-not-very-long-midterm-break-but-soooo-bored -that-I - have - to -fill-it-with-something-interesting. Its been a while since I decorated my room with something that MU-ish, so heres another (pathetic) attempt to vivify me casa~

"Glory glory Man United!" Thats Man Utd's antheme people!

Since theres a new "devil" element in my room, so I have to balance it out with something "nice" So I wrote doa for looking into the mirror on the closet mirror. hahaha

Im not good enough to find new curtains for my room like someone else sanggup buat =P

Gaffie eating the doughnut =P

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TelafuuuuuPomPom!! Telafuuuuuuu~~~

December 2009 Exam Results are here!!! =S


Mr Hariz Badrulhisham

54 Jalan Seranbi 08/29
Bukit Jelutong
Shah Alam

Examination Results
Your examination results for the December 2009 session issued on 22-FEB-10 are:

Paper Details Mark(%) Result
F8INT Aud. & Ass. 63 Pass
P2INT Corp. Rep. 55 Pass

Wohooooo alhamdulillah still manage to pass. Seriously, my P2 was really really bad. But I passed!! =D OMG! Alhamdulillah dpt pass O_o

Seriously, the tension, the suspense, the nervous-ness few minutes just before the results come out (not to mention the results download mcm kura kura!! ) was nail biting, heart pounding, life shortening. I think I can suffer form heart attack if this continues!! =S

But Alhamdulillah dpt pass (still cant beleive I passed P2 man!)

Kesian my sayang =( dont give up princess =) you get it next time =) dont worry ok ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

OMG This is Going to be Such a Looooooong Post Since its Been Quite a While Since I Bloged Here! and oh long tittle too =S hahah


OMG its been so freaking lone since the last time I bloged here! Its been 26 days, 2 hours, and 32 minutes since the last time I wrote something here (OMG Im becoming like a real accountant so obsessed with small details! HEEELP! I dont want to be a corporate boring loser =S ) "Dewasa kini" (haha skema) my mood for bloging isnt really there lately. Not writer's blog, but writer's lazy ass I guess =S Since its been very lone since the last time I post something here, I guess I have put everything that has been happening to me for the last 26days2hours33min (well not everything, I cant put the unmentionables here!) Ok enough bullshiting lets start with the real shit (is there even any differences , hahah) Im writting this blog at 4am while haveing a bowl of Milo cereal, nestle yogurt, a pack skittles, butterscoth bread (butterscoth bread are really good stuff man, go to the nearest store to purchase it now. Y am I promoting this? hahah ) and a cup of mocha. Aiyo so very late still eat alot ka? Ezran, this is all your bad influence! If I get health problems its your fault. Oh and why can I stay up till 4am to blog, but not when I wanted to study for test?? =S Ok enough with the stupid intro already Hariz. Yikes!

Since there were a lot of stuff that happened Im just going to write summary of everything. Who really cares to read them all anywhere, except for stalkers. Hahaha! OK!!Heres go!

Had a football friendly a few weeks ago against WakDan FC at Setia Alam. Finale results ;

BJ+TTDI+Setia Alam 1 - 2 WakDan FC

We were beaten due to wasting chances infront of goals and some mistakes by the defender =S

The very next morning, I had a running competition at KL under the URC. I was "forced" to run as there werent enough people to run. It was a 3X3km run around Bukit Jalil. It was poorly manage as the changes of batons all took place at the same place. And not to mention and Indian fella was in charge to keep thing errrr "organise" =S But hey guess what? My team got number 10 babay! Woo hooo. We were in the mix category and got 10th places. Good placing by our standards. terharu ;) =P
Before the race started.Im in there somewhere =S See right there on the bottom left hand =D

10th BABY!!

The next weekend , we had another match against a subang team. Finale result ;

BJ+TTDI+Setia Eco Park 1- 2 SomeSubangTeam

This time we lost maybe to lack of fitness. 2 lost in a row. Damn it!

6th FEBRUARY 2010.
We are "officially" 1month together =D
She gave me this
Teddy! And a very cool keychain =D How cute are these. *like*


During one of the weekdays ( I cant remember which since lame sngt dah =S ) we (as in me and the uitm friends) did a farewell party for our friend Mira who is "cruelly' living us to further study in the UK (cis jealous!) Thanks to Ijjati's "brilliant" idea, we did a bbq dinner near a lake in Seksyen 4. It was a very nice venue except for the palce doesnt have any lights at night, and it rained! So that was kinda berterabur sikit. But it was still fun though. I get pissed due to the 'Permainan Berfikir" *geram!* Farah didnt like the bbq idea really. kesian die had to go through all that ;( huhu.

Pic courtesy of my beloved sweet princess =)

Few weeks ago(after going to karoeke with Farouq and Tawfiq, off q-ing so mane darn songs) I bought a totally "hot" red pants from Ruffy ID

Then last week , thanks to my beloved gf , I bought a red jacket which I have become soooo obsesed about getting for the past few months.

Thank you for semngt finfing it for me sayang~ Youre the best =D

So if I wear this two together, I can look like.........

BOOOM! Matt Bellamy Live in Wembley baby! Hahahah! Ohh Matt, youre so H.O.W.T! =P

Last weekend I had another football friendly, and guess who it was against? MBJ, my old football club =S Thought try to show the old coach that we are better, buuuutt..... finale result;

BJ+TTDI+Setia Eco Park 2-5 MBJ

Ok we got our arse kick man! No more excuse. Maybe we jsut really suck at football! Fullstop! =S haahahah

The day after that, Kak Long finally went back to Ausie. Ok gotto admit, ade sedikit sedih ;( hhahah.

I just finished my P1 and P3 , which I did very terribly I might add, and Im now on my mid term break waiting for the last semester results to come out! Chuuuuwaaaaakkkkk =S huhu *help* anyone reading this, please doakan Ill pass the exam. huhu.

Oh wow finally finish bloging about a whole bunch of stuff =S Till next time I have the rajin-ness to update my crapology again. hahahah. Take care ~

Seriously, do you really expect me to be perfect???