Thursday, April 29, 2010

8bit Me!

I gotta admit 8bit version of me are cuter thn the original person =P Ok Im addicted to Blackbird =S

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Unreleased LP song form the new 8bit rebellion game.=D

I was expecting a more fast hardcore song like the one they had in the promo, but this one nice too. Chester's voice is always nice.

Monday, April 26, 2010

AtasTarikh ???

translate.. "Update" Hahahha. ok stupid lame joke hariz =S

Trials is like one week away and I havent study a shit!! =S and currently my brain is empty without any knowledge of p1 or p3 what so ever =S HEEEEELPPPP!!!!

The EPL is coming to an end with a possible very dramatic explosion. After being knocked out by the Germans in the Champions League, and after looking like surrendering the tittle to Chealshit, Man Utd finally get they grooved back with that dramatic last minute goal via Scholesy against City and that 3-1 battle against Spurs. The blues maintain at the peak with a demolition against Stoke. Chealshit leading Man Utd with one point with two games to go. And the Blues still have to visit the Kop net week. This all lead to a very dramatic end to the season. Come on Man Utd!! 4 consecutive tittle!!

Social League: TABJ are 3rd in the table with 6 points after 2 wins against Wira 15 but 2 losses to the hand of Shah Alam FC and the group leaders SA Celtic. Next stop , SA Celtic , where we really need to come out with at least a point to get to 2nd place to enter the knock out round, and then we must try to beat Shah Alam FC. We are leveled with 6 points with Shah Alam FC, but they already went against the toughest team ie. SA Celtic for the 2nd game, and will have the easier one to come against Wira 15. While we, already go against Wira 15 twice, and havent go against SA Celtic yet. So it looks like Shah Alam FC have the upper hand and we have an uphill battle. Its all come down to the game between us TABJ agaist Shah Alam FC to determine who gets 2nd place and qualify for the knock out run this May 5th. WE MUST WIN!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

WeirdDay =S

I had, one of the weirdest day last Wednesday.

It all started in the morning like any other morning routine, me mum and me were otw to UiTM. When we just about to enter the UiTM gate, suddenly a white Gen2 cut infront of our car dangerously and then just stopped in front of us. The driver then hand signal us from his car window for us to stop and wait for him to come over to our car. Me mum was panicking, but I thought he was just somebody who needs help or asking for direction, so okay we stopped and wait for him to come over to our car. When the guy stepped out of his car, he is an Indian guy, probably in his mid 20, and dressed all nice and smart , most probably to give the impression that he is a professional and a nice guy. Then he came to our car, and knocked on our window and then say aggresively and unpolitely " Get out of the car. Im a car puller. The bank asked me to take away your car because you havent been paying your insurance!"

Me mum beginning to panic and didnt know what to do. For sure we have been paying our insurance as the road tax in still valid! The guy then again told us aggressively to walk out of the car. The guy was standing right infront of our car blocking us from going away. Me mum again didnt know what to do. I told me mum to just drive away and enter UiTM but the macha was standing right infront of our car. So we tried to make him go away by intimidate to run him over with the car, but the fu*cking (eh ape punye censored mcm ni! =S) just elak sikit and start to shout at us " HEY BERHENTI LA KELUAR KERETA TAK FAHAM KE???!! AKU KENE TARIK YOUR CAR LA!!"

And then at that moment another car, a navy saga came and park just next to our car, try to block our car from going anywhere, and another dude, a malay guy this time, in mid 40's, probably tak mandi pagi lagi and tengah busuk (=P =S) stepped out of the saga, and it seemed obvious that these two fuckers were in this together. Me mum dah panic tahap gila! I told my mum just to ignore them and just drive straight into UiTM as the main gate was a few meters away only. Luckily the Gen2 and the Saga didnt blocked our car fully, so there was still some room for our car to drove on and enter UiTM. Once we got into UiTM, I quickly told the security guard at the gate what just happened, as the two guys were trying to rob us making story we havent been paying the car.

Suddenly the two guys bravely enter UiTM still trying to "pull" away our car. They said the bank ask them to pull our car due to late payment. He said the bank asked them to wait for us in front of Giant and then follow us to pull our car. Hello genius! How the hell the bank knows we use the Giant route in the morning to UiTM. When I asked whats the name of the car owner, and which bank asked him to do so, he cant answer and gave some lame excuses. Mmg nmpk sangat la meniou kan. How the hell the bank ask them to pull our car away but the bank didnt tell him whts the owner's name. Hell he didnt even knew which bank asked him to pull the car. When I asked for the letter from the bank instructing to pull the car, he said its in his car and can not be shown to us. If the bank really asked him to pull away our car, by right the bank gave me parents some warning letters first of over due payment before the bak can actually take away our car. The bank wont freely nelly pull our car away like that. Plus if the bank really wanted to pull away our car, they will do it at our house, and not by the road side, thats just absurd ok! So those guys were without a doubt were trying to steal away our car. When my mum confirmed my dad has paid for teh car, and the bank actually DID NOT send anyone to take away our car, and not to mentioned they were some UiTM guards with us at that time and some other people, the car stealers were getting frightened and they came out with these excuse
"oh sorry, ade silap sikit. Acyually kite tarik your car by the 20th, so by 20th if you tak bayar lagi baru la kite orang taik betul betul " Ass!! kantoi gile-gile kot.
So thats my first ever expereince of almost getting robbed tepi jalan. Hopefully it wont happened again. Alhamdulillah the guy tried to rob us when it was near to UiTM. And thank you to other people who were there to help us, and also the UiTM Pak Guards ( time ni la baru boleh appreciate pak guard UiTM as before this we selalu kutuk2 derang for menyusahkan hidup kite orang. Terharu jugak ok ;) ) hahahha

Okay thought my weird day was over? not really unfortunately actually (hahha main2 rhyme sikit) That night I went to the surau to perform Isya' prayer (ok not to banggekan diri of going tothe mosque ogay! Just wanted to blog of what happened at the mosque ogay!) So when I was praying ofcourse la I have to take off my glasses and put it on the floor. Anywho, when I was praying, theres this 2 years old kid keep running infront of the praying lines/saf (ok Idk wht do they call saf in international language =S) , and everytime he ran infront of me his foot just barely missed my glasses on the floor, and it happened sooo many times. Sembahyang pon tak khusyuk okay!! =S Then eventually, it had to happened, the kid kicked my glasses and then stepped on it! Aiyo lemah semngt x khusyuk sembahyang. I wasnt mad at the kid as he was 2, mane la die taw ape2 kan? Alhamdulillah la I was able to meet the dad after wards to ask for compensation, and the dad was a real gentlemen, so no hard feelings what so ever. I then went to to optician to get new glasses and make sure it looks awesome on me . hahha =P

My 2 years glasses broken =S

My new "awesome" glasses. She didnt even think Im cute with it =(

And heres a picture of me wearing it

=D =P

After that, another weird thing happened =S After making my "awesome" glasses, when I was on the way back, i saw a black dog just standing outside of my car, which looked quite creepy. When I drove away, the dog then followed my car. And I thought it was only coincidently that me and the dog was going the same way. But when I stopped, and the dog then just stand in front of the car. When I drove away again, the dog was again chasing my car. I drove faster hoping to lose the dog, but the dog continue to chase me. Really starting to be creepy ok. I then drove faster and finally was able to lose the dog. When I looked at the mirror, the dog was just looking at my car as I drove away. The dog looks so sad ok =( Idk maybe the owner left him there and thought I was his owner. huhu. Or mayeb there was some hantu on top of my car and he was chasing the ghost =S hahah

Ok really weird day man!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

SMKBJ MSSD 2010 Tournament.

Remember few weeks ago I posted that Im working with the school football team to prepare them for the MSSD tournament? Well the tournament took place this past Tuesday and Wednesday at LGM Sg Buloh. I was able to pick these 18players to bring them to the tournament. Having to choose from 36 good players, choosing these 18players was a very very hard decision.


Syed Nabil


Firdaus CB
Fakhrie CB
Izzat CB/RB
Faiz LB
Aizat RB/DMF
AhKeong RB/LB
Izafi LB


Mikhael DMF
Maanoj AMF
Arief LMF
Shafiq RWF


Armand CF

First Game - vs SMK Batu 8 Puchong.

I used the = 4-5-1 formation so that we would be strong in midfield with Yan and Maanoj running the show. However nervous wreck got the best of my players which led to them conceiving an early goal from the right. Another blow hit the team as Arman was badly injured that he cant continue the game anymore and had to be changed with Arief on centre role.The score line remained until the interval. 2nd half we had to go more offensive to score goals, so came in Nazmi to support Arief upfront and Haziq come in to play on the right flank. the change of formation to 4-4-2 and the introduction of the 3 subs really made an impact as Arief scored hatrick against the opposition. Although 2 og the goals are form the mistakes of the opponent defend and goalkeeper.
Finale results: SMK BJ 3-1 Batu 8
It was a good results for us as it gave us 3 points and in good place to qualify for knock out round.
Only down part of it was that 2 of the goals were due to mistakes made by the opponent and not due to our playing game.

2nd game - vs Seksyen 19

Having the 4-4-2 formation look more effectivehe previous game, I maintained the formation for the 2nd game. We were unlucky to been penalized inside the box for a 'handball' very early in the game. The opponent took the lead via the penalty spot. The team however unable to recover from the setback as they become too ambitious that they lost the ball very easily.
Finale result: SMKB BJ 0 -1 Sek 19

Since Batu 8 eventually lost to Sek 19, we were lucky to be at second place in the group and qualified to the knock out round the next day.

Last 32 - vs Seksyen 16
The next day, we had our last 32 knock out round game. The team was now full with injuries, as 3 of the main players were injured , not to mentioned 2 of them are key atacking players, making me short of option in attacking. After the last game, I returned to the 4-5-1 formation as we can retain the possession more.
The team was very energetic early on, creating wave and wave of attack on the opponent defend, and maintaining much of the possession. And just a few minutes into the game, we found the breakthrough with Yan shooting a smart shoot past the keeper, and for the 1st time in the tournament we were 1-0 up. We continue to attack with Haziq terrorizing the left back and the midfield controling the game. Arief almost double (and triple even) the lead with a lobbing header over the keeper and a free kick from the left, the 1st one unluckily hit the post, and the later on was smartly saved by the goalkeeper. The opponent goalkeeper denied another far post shoot to prevent us going two goals clear. Despite our dominance, the opponent also created two clear cut chances (mostly because Haziq was taken off due to injury and was replace by Arief), however both of the attempts were smartly saved by the goal keeper Syed, one denying a long shoot by diving to the left , and another one in a one on one situation.
however, shortly after the interval, the opponent had a freekick on the left due to Maanoj foul on the opponent. The free kick dangerously and slowly went over the wall, and look like no trouble at all for the inform Syed to catch, however unluckily the ball spin of his hand, hit the top post and went into the goal, and teh opponent undeservedly leveled the game at 1-1. The equalising goal however brought the whole team down, and after which they werent able to play like they used to as they again become to ambitious that they lost the ball quickly and cant control the possession. The game then turned in to a rubber match with most of the action in the middle of the field. At teh finale whistle the game stayed at 1-1 and the game went into penalty.
The 1st 2 shoots went inside the goal for us, and same for the opponent despite Syed saved 2 of the shoots but the ball still went in. The 3rd taker for us was Faiz , a left back , shoot the ball the bottom corner, the ball seemed about to go in, but it then misses and went wide, and we were down 3-2. Having both of the 4th shooter scored respectively, it was down to Syed to save the 5th shoot from the opponent to keep us a live in the game. The opponent shoot to the upper left hand side, and Syed was unable to read the shoot as the ball horrifically go into the goal. The finale penalty result 3-5 adn we were out of the tournament.

The players were all very upset to
off the tournament due to penalty, especially after staring the game so brilliantly. But oh well thats part of the game, winning and losing. Try again next year. Funny though, I've been the coach or assistant coach of the school football team for a few years already, and before this when the team went out of the tournament, i didnt felt taht sad,however this time when the team lost, I felt very sad, more sad then the previous years. Idk, maybe I was so caught up in this one.

The weird stuff is that, Im supposed to be the one teaching them to play football, but I think they taught me something more important, something that I have lost for a very long time. They taught me the desire to play football again. Its been a very long time since the last time I had this feeling and desire and motivation to play football. but when I was coaching them, I felt that desire again. Maybe seeing their desire and willingness to play football, influenced me to play football seriously again. After years of not playing properly , I had that desire, that I lost few years ago, back to play football properly again. So in a way, Thanks guys, for giving me a new motivation.

Im now in a Social League, and I think I should use that desire to try and play properly in the league.

The team with some unknown gut in white =P

Before one of the match

The penalty shoot out

If only he saves this shoot. Haih...

APAcS Annual Grand Dinner 2010 "Starstruck"

Date: 20th March 2010
Time: 8.00pm -12.00 am
Place: PICC Putrajaya.

Ok so the dinner was soooooo long time ago, but due to stuck to shit load of stuff only now I was able to blog about it.

I was late for the dinner as I had to but something for a certain someone first. Not to mention the place was soooo far from BJ which made me arrived so late (Why APAcS you had to make it sooo far away. Drive 160kmh took 30minutes =S)

Since I was late, Farah was kinda pissed off, and didnt seem to like the flowers I gave her (that would be the something and someone I was mentioning earlier) .

But other than that, I think the dinner went quite well. The performance was good, and no dragging stuff. The lucky draw was good( sonce it was my idea =P). The MC was ok, but cant beat mine =P (nak mng jugak =P ) I didnt win any prize though that night. Sedih sedih =( =P
Unexpectedly I received the High Achievers Award in Finance which I had no idea I was getting one. And I lost the "Most Outstanding Man" award to Nabil (he dressed like Adam Lambert, what can I do?? although I dressed lik Matb Bellamy??) huhu.

Me, my princess, Nik, and his gf.

Matt Bellamy.

Hariz Badrulhisham =P

Oh did mentioned that I was involve in making the dinner video?? hmmmmm.. yes I think I did. And just like I promised im posting the video here. Enjoy~

Man watching your 2 weeks of hard work role on the main screen in front of hundreds of people was really something. Thankfully the video got some really good reception. Good thing if not 2weeks worth of hard work would go down to the ground =S
Btw, please view the video in full screen. something went wrong and the video jd setengah in the blog =S sorry

But I think the best part of the dinner was I got to spent it with my girl =) (she was sooo preety that night. her mae up and hair was perfect. and her dress really matched her. She was the most beautiful girl that night) And when we were driving back home, it was soooooo nice at that particular time having her by my side =)

Taken on a bridge in Putrajaya.