Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After the Standard Chetered Marathon, I went to my old high school as there was this carnival day to raise funds for the school. Because I was sooo freaking hungry due to the marathon I ate like chicken, burgers, nugget, nasi tomato, corn, some traditional food, and some otehr stuff there.

And I end up like this

OMG Freaging Fat!! Hahha

No lah, i was playing sumo wrestle at the school.

I lost =S kene himpap macam sial.

I even sang Glee Dont Stop Beleiving at the school karaeok =P

The whole hibang was very fun. But when I come home I was soooo freaking tired already =S

Apparently more Malaysians are becoming aware of all this Illuminati NWO shit. Ok good for them. But they are too narrow minded in it and over paranoid. Hell they even thing PKR is illuminati because they use that eye symbol as thier party logo. Hmph!!

Ohhh look here illuminati is in Malaysia!!!

Loook! Pyramid design!!ith the top being transparent! Illuminati!!!! *sarcasm*

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010

On Sunday 27th of June, Hariz Badrulhisham finally competed in his 1st ever Standard Chartered Marathon, and completed his 3rd half marathon ! (just trying to sound epic here =P)

When I woke up, I was fealing absolutely fine, so I can run that day =D

The half marathon category starts at 6am, so I had to leave the house at 4.30 (considering all the sesat2 and parking problems )

Thankfully , I didnt get my self lost that morning, but it was raining at that time so there was a little concern. Alhamdulillah the rain eventualy cleared off before the race. =D
My 1st ever KL International Marathon so I was very excited!!

Taking picture of people asses before the race =PP

The race it self was good. It took us all around KL, through all the dodgy area, main highways , streets, and also KLCC. It was nice to jog around KL early in the morning, seeing the city from a different perspective. The best part was that seeing all the roads being closed for us to run. Some of the motorist even get pissed of due to all the road block =P Sorry no picture during the marathon. How in the blue hell am I suposed to take picture while running? =P

The organiser even put some street bands and also some vuvuzuela players to cheer us along the way. Oh and there were two of my juniors from UiTM helping around at the water station giving me and the other runners drinks during the race. Thanks girls =)

I startered the race kinda strong and fast for my standard. But once I reached the 10km mark, I started to become a bit tired so I slowed down a bit. The last 6km was the real challenge because I was geting cramps and also blood clog on my feet making it more difficult.

However I did make it to the finish line at a time of 2hours and 9 minutes. A bit longer then I targeted, but still a satisfying time.

Winners them Niggerz!

The finisher medal , shape of the standard chrtered logo. I like it =)

Its a very good satisfying feeling to complete and finish a marathon. Next year, FULL MARATHON! 42km! Just Bring It!


I had to come back to Stadium Titiwangsa on Saturday to collect my race pack. Thank God I finally able to collect it that day , if not I seriously gonna whoop some organiser ass that day. Hahahah!!

The race pack. You get the race bip, bip number, timer device, guide book, 30% discount off NewBalance shoes, power bar =D (really impotant if not jadi penat tahap babi) and also gannier facial cleanser ??? =S

My race suit. Matching =D

But due to all the hastle I went through on Thursday, I had such a high fever that day. Caught a very high fever the night before the big marathon. Great =S Aduuuuuuuuuuuuyyy =SS So after all the hastle trying to get the race pack to run on Sunday, that hastle gave me a very high fever which could cost me not running the next day. Ironic! Oh well qada' and qadar .....


Last Thursday I had one of the most tiring day!

I posted this on Facebook on that morning;

"Woke up at 6 and went to a fitness boot camp till 7. Thn did a 15km jog in 1.5hrs. Next going to subang n titiwangsa. mayb going to karaoke aftr tht sing a little bit of bieber mayb.Ftbll in d evening n thn bdmnton at nite. Thn netherlands v cameroon at 2am. Great great day ahead."

Apart from karaoke and football, I actually did all the other shits, and the result was one very freaking tiring day!

There was this free bootcamp trial at BJ thatmorning so I thought I gave it a try.

It started at 6am, but being in Malaysia I had doubt it would actually start at 6, so I come kinda late, but it did actually started at 6am, so I was late. The thing it self was good. Kinda army like fitness stuff, but none of that discipline exercise shit. It was kinda tough, but it makes you feel very goood afterwards. the real thing would be held 3 times a week, all starting at 6am.....soooo hell to the no Im joining. just come in for the free trial. The best things are free anywho =P

Since the KL Marathon just 3days away, after the bootcamp I immediately went for a jog. Did a 15km, but it was very hampeh since I was soo freaking tired already at that time. Yup the big day just 3days away and my fitness was very low at that time. hmph!

After the jog, I went to ss18 to say good bye to my girlfriend =( shes leaving me..... for 6 days. huhuhu. but she left me a pink note which was very sweet and mengade. hehe.

Once done at ss18, I went to Stadium Titiwangsa to collect my race pack for the Sunday marathon (and I lost in the middle of KL like for almost 2hours trying to find my way there =S) When I reached there, the que was already sooooooooooooooo long. =S

So I had to wait for like 40minutes or soo for the line. When I reached there, the guy said my registration was incomplete and I have to to to the information counter to sort it out (Pulak Dah!) The information counter line was so freaking long so I had to wait for another 1.5 hour.Fucking hell! And when it was finally my turn, the guy asked me for the receipt for payment confirmation( which the organizer said we didnt have to bring in the 1st place) so I didnt have the receipt with me, so I can not collect the race pack at that day. SOOOO I had to come back all the way to BJ, get receipt, and then go all the way back Stadium Titiwangsa (thank god I didnt get lost this time!) And when I showed the guy at the information counter, he simply said " Oh actually we dont have your bip number since your registration is completed but not being send to the event manager system, so we cant give you your pack today" What the fuck!!?? After all the hustle Ive been through, I still cant collect my race pack due to organiser system malfunction! It wasnt my fault but I was being penalised for it! And I have to come back again another day to collect the race pack!! Ive already made the trip twice! And it wasnt my fault at all! very bad management Standard Chartered , no wonder you are sponsoring the Scouser next season! So after a tiring boot camp and joging, and being lost in the kl city for 2 hours, and had to wait in line for 2 hours , and then had to go back to BJ and come back again, and havent had any lunch yet and unable to collect the race pack, I was in a fucked up condition at that time. And yeah to put the cherry on top, I had to go through the terrible KL jamn on the way back! really nice.

That night, Bieber already booked a badminton court so after a very tiring day I played badminton that night. Seriously I almost fainted! =S And Wildan wasnt helping at all =S After badminton I immediately KO! One of the most tiring day PERIOD!


Few years ago, I did this half black half white shirt , which is one of my earliest DIY,which I really like alot.

But since this was my earliest one, the craftmanshit was very bad. And its already too small for me to use. Since I really like the idea bhind this one, I decided to make a new one, or two!!

Its like a pair of shirts for twins. Too bad I cant wear the two at the same time. Would be cool though =D

Basicly its just one white shirt and one blak shirt, cut them both into half, and sew each of them togother. Can I wear when I go to work in the future???

Monday, June 21, 2010

YALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUU!! Hello to whoever still out there reading my blog (which I can assume very very very veeerryyyyy small number because HBlogK has been hiatus for a very freaging long time ) . Anywho enough shit shat lets get to the main point where you stalk my life eh?? =P

I ended my ACCA finales for the Jan 2010 exam 5 days ago on the 16th. MERDEKA DAMN IT!!!! Hell yeah no more late studying till late at night and growing acne due to stress =D
Throw away those damn ACCA books and notes and I can finally enjoy watching world cup without any worries =D

No more of this shitss

The exam was...... aarghhhh buat org bengang tahap babi. P1 Profesional Accountant was quite tough . P3 Business Analysis was manageable, although the finale 30 minutes of the exam my brain totally jadi tepu cant think a shit!! Oh well thts bites d dust now. Oh and whats the best way to end your exam?? SHOES SHOPPPINGGG!!!! hehehe. Ok not really shoping gila2 la.Just after exam I bought a new futsal shoes =)

Umbro. Velp cheap maa. wanted to get myself a pair of Adidas Sala, but a certain someone dont let me buy expensive stuff =P

I showed the shoes to my sister and she said "Hmmm xde perasaan. All of your shoes look the same". Look the same?? look the same?? Thats an insult. I show her my shoes arent all the same

There! Not all the same... Ok kak long might have a point.. hahah. Just that I love red+black =S

Thursday 17th July
The next day after the exam, me and Ej Bieber went to book badminton court for the night, and this happened along the way

Aiyo Bieber, macam mane bumper boleh terkoyak laaa. Hampeh punye Bieber kerete over lowet and immedietly tore off when naik jalan yang ternaik by just 5cm hampeh! hhaha. That night we played badminton and it was good. Lots of diving and made by back super hurt! =S

Saturday 19th July
Went to Curve with my two sisters and three other cousins and we watched ...

This movie is nice man. El Buzzo was soo freaging funny! And the ending was very touching. I had tears in me eyes ;) ;P I think this was the 1st time I went out with my cousins to hang around, which turned out quite nice. Huhu

On Sunday I started working on a new DIY thang,which I would post in the next blog.

Monday I went to the urve again (going to curve twice in two days wow very semangat curve) but this time I went with he girlfriend, she wanted to go there sooo much. huhu. We watched the Prince od Persia (yeah yeah I know the movie was soo very lauk already but blame ACCA for that because we cant watch the movie earlier) The main actor was H.O.T! =P

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

like its been so freaking long since I like bloged here *bimbo accent*
Well yup other then the ordinary, nothing really interesting been happening to me lately, ergo nothing to write about.
And oh yeah "pencabut kegembiraan" ACCA Exam June 2010 is just around the corner so I have to turn myself into nerd (although my studying has been very hampeh =S)
Can you imagine, my exam starts on the 14 of June!! It starts just after World Cup starts! Damn you ACCA!!!!!!

My current fav past time =S