Monday, July 12, 2010


Well its Sunday, the last day of my last semester break. I spent the last 2 hours blogging about what I did during the semester break. Since I had to post a hell lot of blog, that would explain why the past few blogs werent very full of enthusiasm and post cincai cincai only.

Anywho, being the last day of the semester break, I just kick back and relax. Have a bottle of cold one

Barbican. Non-alchoholic beer. Nice~

And me, messi, adan, and ayai whoop the candy asses of zombies later on that day!! Left 4 Dead 2 . Damn nice, thrilling, spooky, heart stoping game Well it is world cup finale tonight (OMG after a month of world cup, this is my 1st ever post on world cup. Thats a sin!) Of all 365 days in the year, UiTM just had to choose the day of the world cup finale for the first day of the new ACCA semester. Of all 365days! Damn you UiTM! Im going to mogok and not go to class tomorow. COME ON ESPANYOOOOLLL!!!! COME on DUTCH!! hahah! Im going to whoever wins =P

Oh yeah, MEGA news! LP ALBUM IS COMING OUT SOOOOONNN!!! Mike has been posting alot of puzzles on his website giving clues for the new album. And now it has been confirmed!
The new single going to be "the Catalyst" coming out August 2nd, and the new album , 'A Thousand Suns' coming out Sepetember 14th. This is SICK!!! FINALLY after years of waiting. Its finally here!WOOO!!
Cant wait for the new album man! LP already gave a preview to some music centers, and the say the album is GOOD! CANT WAIT! 2nd AUGUST! 14th SEPTEMBER!!! Hell yeah!!

Come on LP! Come to Freaging Malaysia!!

ACCA Career Fair

Yesterday, Saturday, there was this ACCA Career Fair at the Crowne Hotel, KL.

Since I might start working next year after completing my ACCA, so I went to the fair in KL

There, there were the usual accounting firms, E&Y, KPMG, banks, ect2 *booooooooooooring* nothing really interest me as I was looking something more in the sales and marketing , or management post. So I wasnt really interested in the fair. Although some companies do took my interest such as Sunway, IBM, and few others.

I might consider to work at IASB since the office is very near to my house adn I could avoid all those horid jams and expensive traveling expenses =S That is IF I want to be a boring accountant.

Hmm I might start working next year. Everything more serious now, no more joking fooling around. Kids, appreciate learning life, its the best damn thing. Working life sucks. I havent started yet and already I feel sucky.

After completing ACCA I want to jual karipap tepi jalan =D

UiTM Registration

Well last Friday was the UiTM registration, meaning my semester break is almost over (damn it never puas cuti!)

I decided to pay the UiTM bills that morning through the Bank Islam ATM, unfortunately my bank account has been block because I havent been using it for quite a while and had very little balance in it. Soo I had to wait in the long que to reactivate my account. I thought this was going to be one of those days where the whole universe gonna bring the smack down to you. Hahaha. Fortunately not. Due to the trouble earlier, once I reached UiTM, most of the people already registered, so there were no lines or hassle to go through during the registration, so the registraion was very fast =)

I registered for P7 Professional Audit, but Im still not entirely sure. Im considering to switch to P4 Advanced Financing as it would be more relevant for my career path. But oh we shall see.

July 2010 Time Table (Im putting the time for both P7 and P4 yea)

8-10 am P7 Professional Auditing
10am-12pm BEL
2-4pm P5 Performance Evaluation

8-10am P5 Performance Evaluation
2-4pm P4 Advance Financing
4-6pm P7 Professional Audit

10am-12pm P7 Professional Audit
12-2pm P4 Advance Financing
4-6pm P5 Performance Evaluation

8-10am BEL
10am-12pm P7 Professional Audit
12-2pm P5 Performance Evaluation
4-6pm P4 Advance Financing

10am-12pm P4 Advance Financing

Oh on top of all this shit, I stil have 2 hours of Oxford Brooks Degree class still unknown when the class is. Damn this could be one tiring semester =S

If I take P7, then I have monday morning class at 8. But if I take P4 I have Friday morning class. Dilema dilema =S


Went to OU this past Thursday with my girlfriend and we watched Eclipse.

Another kinda disaapointing movie. Despite all the hyped it failed to deliver. It might be slightly better than newmoon, but still not there yet. And oh yeah, Bella Swan is a slutty whore bitch! Seriously!

I saw this pants at OU...

And I was like "It soo coooll!!! Soo want it!!"

But sadly my girlfriend marah and x bagi beli =( *sedih* She said it looks like wearing leggings =S

I couldve been Dominic babay!

Unfortunately only rockstars could pull of this look

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Devil Cap

Saw Avril wearing this few months ago..

And I thought "That Hoodie is soo cute and cool with that little horn"
So I thought I want it myself, but maybe put the devil horn on my cap or something. But then why stop there. Might as well goo all the way. Being a United fan, might as well do the cap with the devil horn on my Red Devil cap. That would be sooo perfect!!

The most challenging part of this was to estimate the perfect size of the horn for the cap. I had to redo the horn like 5 times, sometimes being too small and sometimes being too big, before getting the perfect size. Sewing the stuffed horns to the cap was also very leceh =S Thanks to Ira for giving the tips =)

And thank you Avril for the whole idea (she was my celeb crush btw =P )

Mate jules mcm kiku =S Sorry for the cam whoring =S

Really cool shit!

I went out with my girlfriend (sayang her!) the other day, and we watch this movie.

Its an ok movie. Not really funny romantic. About a guy who was a 5 dating a 10 girl, and about how guys can not jump 2 points =S
Btw sayang, you a 9. hehehe.

Anywho, I bought this really cool and sexy vest. hehhehe.

I could wear it to class, to go out, or maybe when I start working =S

Heres me wearing it.

Hahah? No? Dont believe me? Ok this is me wearing it.


Finally got a really cool sexy CHEAP vest =D

Brainy Cap

Just another DIY I did, on a cap this time . =)

Well the whole main concept/idea was that when you wear the cap, people would see your brain out you know. The original idea was to draw the actual brain to make it look as real as possible, but them it would be too hard, and the finale result wont look really "cool" (or coral if ur speaking spongebob language =P ) Im satisfied with the end result though.

The main challenge was that to took 5 2d pictures of the brain from multiple angle, and to turn those 2d pictured into 3d when drawing it onto the cap. That was the main problem I guess. I had to use several pictures example to draw the brain. Ofcourse it would be much more easier for me to just cut my cranium, take out my brain, place it next to the cap with all the veins still wired up to my body, and draw my brain to the cap. That would be much more easier. But ofcourse, I dont have the proper tools and no hospitals would want to do the procedure. "Too expensive" they say. So yeah I had to settle using 2d pictures instead.

I google brain hat and I found these...

Guess some one already beat me to it... again. But I still prefer mine because this two look more like a costume thang instead of normal cap to wear =)

Im the Geek In The Pink II

I did a DIY last year and posted it here under Im the Geek in the Pink

Well the pink jacket not really working out cause.. it has a short sleeve, so I would still be very cold even wearing it =S

So I had to reanimate it again =S sort of rereanimate it... anyone understand what Im blabering about? no? =S

Oh well basicly I just sew sleeves to the jacket, but at the same time I have to maintain the punk look on it. So i decided to gave it a black/pink stripe sleeve as that would really match the whole punk pink theme of the jacket. Apparently its so HARD to find a black/pink stripe sleeve to sew it to the jacket, so in the end I had to settle for white/pink stripe. WHITE/PINK!!! Soooo gurly gurlish =S

Yeah I know it looks absolutely fugly! From a punk jacket it became sort of candy gurly gurly jacket =S I really have to redo it again. Have to find a black/pink stripe man. Have to rerereanimate it =S


Recently I got some really GOOD stuff from aboard =D

My parents went to England, and they went to Old Trafford!! Old Trafford! THE THEATRE OF DREAMS! and they didnt bring me along. Thats a sin!

But the good thing is they bought me some Red Devils stuff =D

They bought me a really cool United wind breaker, a United toothbrush (??), and breath mint(??)

The really AWESOME Devil windbreaker =D I feel like a United player already =P

United toothbrush. Come on how many people own a United toothbrush? hahha. no way Im using it

ManUtd breath mint. Not going to eat it even when my breath smells like sampah =S hahah. love the container.

Also, my beloved gf went to Padang, Indonesia (she left me for 6 days =( =p ) and bought me a really nice tshirt =D

Always wanted an orange tshirt. Thank you sayang *mwuah!* love the back design. Its kinda small for me, but look "sexy" in it =P thanks baby! Sayang yooouuuu~