Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Thousand Suns!

September 14th mark a historic day as Linkin Park's fourth studio album finally come out!

So ok to any one who already listened to this album most likely would be commenting " Ahh this album sucks, their old stuffs Hybrid Theory and Meteora are waaaayy better" ect2 , the all cliche condemning comments. But to me, the only fair way to judge the album is to eliminate any expectation, comparison, or resemblances to their old records, then only you can truly judge the album and truly appreciate it. Once youve done that, you will realise that this album is AWESOME!! A master class at its own.


1) The Requim.
2) The Radiance.
3) Burning in the Skies.
4) Empty Spaces.
5) When They Come for Me.
6) Robot Boy
7) Juarnando Del Muerto.
8) Waiting for the End.
9) Blackout.
10) Wretches and Kings.
11) Wisdom , Justice and Love.
12) Iridescent.
13) Fallout.
14) The Catalyst.
15) The Messenger.

Theres like 6 short interludes in the album (1,2,4,7,11,13) and only 9 full length songs. However a more proper way to look at it , since its a concept album, is to look the album as one full long song! Then only you can really appreciate it. If you listened to the whole album at one go, you can see how all the songs perfectly aligned resulting in a very unique awesome experience! I give it an 9/10 ratings.

Fav songs would be.
The Requim + The Radiance: Two short interludes that could be combined together. Gave a great but at the same time sort of sad spooky chilling introduction to the album.

Burning in the Skies: A slow song that is very soothing and relaxing, but also resembles catastrophic and destruction. Great experience hearing to it.

When They Come for Me: Something that the old Lp fans would very appreciate. Have sort of a rap rock features with Mike rapping all the way. very strong and heavy stuff. Mike rapping about why they are hanging their music styles and everything. The song come to and end with a rock+Indian influence, which was edited by NoBrain.

Wretches and Kings: Def the heaviest song in the album. This is the only song featuring the old LP formulae of rap+rock, but the instruments less electronics and edited. Very heavy song which would be perfect live!

Iridescent: The best song ever! Not for the album but maybe the best LP ever created. Its perfect to be heared if you play together with the short interludes before it, Wisdom, Justice and Love, as it gave a very sad and slow build up to the song. Its a slow song building up to a very motivating and inspiring chorus. Also features the first ever gang solo by the whole band. Perfect to be played live!

The Catalyst: You maybe heard it on the radio and thought "Naaaahhh!!" but if listened to it from the whole album perspecive, its an ace!!

I truly recommend everyone, LP fans or not to buy it. Fucking worth it!!!

"Do you feel cold and lost in desperation??"

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Salam Eid Mubarak 1431Hijrah~

Semoga Raya kali ini dilimpah rahmat, dan dapat bermaaf-maafan bersama orang yang terdekat. Banyak dosa dan ksilapan kia lakukan sepanjang tahun, guna kan peluang ini untuk menebus dosa tersebut. Semoga jadi macam kain putih, bebas dari segala dosa (OMG Im becoming more and more skema these days =S)

So far, raya this year has been quite good. And ca$h collection been performing really well! 150% increase in cash so far, and ROCE of 25%! Hahah!
Btw, I choose this purple card cause it matches my RM75 baju kurung, eh baju melayu =S hahhah!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Your 21 on this date.
And we are 8months together =)

We fight we quarrel,
Through hell and high water,
But because we love each other,
We are still together,

Happy birthday and 8 months anniversary sayang. I love you very much Princess =)

You drive me crazy sayaaang~ hehhe.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Linkin Park A Thousand Suns!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Sooo many hype and promotion is going on around ATS releasing in 1week!!
Im so hyped about this album. Fuck what other people think, I think its going to be doped! Cant wait 13Sept!!
Soo many things are going on I just cant possibly to comment them all. For any updates, visit;

Come on LP come to Malaysia. Definitely wont be reluctant to pay Rm 300++ for front row yaw!!

Heres The Catalyst MV.

The MV is very good. Truly matches the song perfectly. Yeah many can argue the song is just "meeeh" but its a concept album. which means all songs would be AWESOME to be heard all together instead of as single individual song. So yeah the song itself wont do LP and ATS much justice.

Heres are some leaked song that really make me all HYPED ABOUT!!!

Wretches and Kings.

This song is just too ridiculous! It would awesome live as you can hear its somehow made for live! Many old LP fans would like this song as they sed the rap+rock formula again, but to me this is (rap+rock)^1000. Mike FM energy is vivid here. "go go go.."

Waiting for the End(Preview)

Apparently its the next single. I think this song would make most LP fans unite again, as its soo beautiful. And oh did I hear Mike raps toward the end?? =D


Friday, September 3, 2010


You know that when Im into something Im going to be REALLY into it. Fanatic like!! And recently Ive been really into Left4Dead2, hence I made something related to it!

Nick Hariz Melee FIGHTER!! Hahahha!!

Who has the coolest Man United polo tshirt ever??!!

I was born to wear this =P
A bit of irony. Ive been trying to get this polo tshirt since my 1st sem at UiTM, but only in my last semester did I finally got it. Oh well, GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!! All hail the Red Devil!! =P

Green Tshirt II

For the Green T's competition, I got to see my competitors designs, and man they are GOOD!! Seriously mine will be kicked in the ass! The other designs are GREAT! No way mine gonna win (trying to be a modest "designer" here =P )

Here are the design that I truly admire.

This concept exactly like my trafic light design, but have to admit its cuter than mine, so kudos!



This one really caught my attention. Really nice work with good artistic value and clear message. Could easily top any of my designs.



This one quite settle but still nice. Not my cupa tea, but still job well done. Very cute and "green".



This is the one that really KICK ASS!! Has a liltte bit of goth, but the mesage is clear and presented in a very cool artistic way! Respect!!

Well done to the other participant! Really hope the tree design or the Fydo design win. Awesome! Mine looks like talentless as compared to this designs. Hahaha!!