Saturday, October 23, 2010


Paramore was good. 6 out of 10 performance! Their performance was really good, full energy, nice list, and very good at addresing and entertaining the crowd. Fucking lucky the guy who got to sing with Hayley.

However I didnt really "rock out" cause ;
1. Not a big paramore fan, hence some.. I meant quite a lot of the song I didnt know, so cant really jamn to it.
2. Bought the seating tix, cant really feel the energy. Next concert, rock zone a must!
3. Only 7000 crowd, didnt feel the crowd energy. Quite a small crowd for such a big band. Even Adam Lambart had more crowd!
4. The gf kat sebelah so had to control macho =P
5. Alot of the fans are high school students! Aiyooo. When they striped off and show thier very "muscular" body.. aiyo =S

I didnt take any pictures cause I wanted to concentrate "rocking out". I stole these pictures from some one's facebook. Sooorrryyy =P


Money Tree YES Challenge.

I entered this Money Tree Young Entrepreneurship StartUp (YES) Challenge.

Basically its a competition where we have to come out with a business plan and proposal, and we have to actually try to implement it. We have to take the necessary steps and action to implement the business idea.

I team up with 3 accounts degree students of UiTM, Zat, Naimah, and Diana, all girs (actually its good to team up with girls, more work can be get done, guys lagi malas kan =P).

Our business idea is... sorry that PnC man. Have to keep it secret so that no other people can steal it. soory man. hahaha.

The competition will go through 3 stages;
1st stage: The Breakthrough Session
2nd stage: Judging Session
Finale stage: The Big Pitch.

1st Stage: The Breakthrough Session.
The 1st stage was held at Taylors College Lakeside Campus (may i say the place is fucking awesome!! Really like rusa masuk bandar when I got there!! but gila mahal!)
The 1st stage we had to present our ideas to a panel of judges. We were only given like 2 minutes to present, so the presentation was more on the overall helicopter strategic view of the business proposal rather then the details part.

Me doing my thang during the presentation.

The 1st stage was quite well, and the judges seem to like our idea, so that was very good. 26 team enter the competition, and only 13 teams will go to the next round. Alhamdulillah our team got selected =D

2nd Stage: Judging Session.

The 2nd stage was held at Monash (less impresive then Taylors I might add) in early October.
This time we were given like 5 minutes to present, so we can present in more details.

The 2nd Stage was quite brutal, as the judges become more strict. They asked a more detail questions this time. And we got cought off guard with one question regarding our profit generation which wasnt quite reasonable. =S

However, thank God Alhamdullilah my team made it through. From 13 teams, only 5 teams selected to go to the finale stage.

The Finale Stage, the Big Pitch is going to be held on 22 Nov, where we have to present in front of potential investors to try and attract them to invest in our business. My teams now have to prepare a LOT for the upcoming stage. And it so happen to be around finale exam period!! Niceee~~~

Hopefully, InsyAllah we will do well at BigPitch. Really want for this idea to come true man. Its exciting! A lot of work has been and being put down for this. Research, report, presentation, appointments, meetings, design ect2. Really tiring but exciting. Hope we can make it. Pray for us k. Really wish I could post some of our work here, .. but PnC. huhu.

This was our team logo

Even though I did the logo last minute, I was quite disappointed with the logo. Doesnt really has an artistic value, and doesnt really reflect what our business about. So I just had to redesign it.

Better the new logo?? Btw , the company name is MKey, that would explain the key thing and all.

What am I up to now??? *haih*

Gearing it up for the finale stage! Wish us luck and pray for us!

Haih somehow during my last semester , Im involved in more and more activities, keeping me busy all the time, and cant really concentrate in my study. P4 is killing me! And trails in 1 week!! Arrrgh!!

God save us everyone we are mad people living under exam stress! Hoooo!!

APAcS Night Run

In conjunction with APAcS Career week, APAcS held a night towerthon an Menara SAAS, UiTM. Basicly it was a race to climb the stairs of Menara SAAS (all 14 floors 70 meters of it) and whoever reach it , win! Since it was in conjunction with the Career Week, we had to run in formal attire, which was.. "fun" =S

The race was fun , but fucking tiring. Did I mentioned we had to climb it twice?? One for qualifying stage and the other one the finale stage.

Penat gila after the run! Specially we were indoors and didnt have fresh air. Seriously thought I was gonna die! Since it was only 14 floors, my strategy was ... throw strategy out of the window and just run your self like mad!! And the strategy served me well as your winner is....


The prize bag was really cute. Got a lot of junk food for the prize!

Oh I also got 3rd place for the futsal competition. Finally won a futsal competition. Finale sem jugak la baru dpt mng!

Mangkuk Malaysian

Hey guys (to whoever still loyally stalking me), Im putting up a new segment here on HBlogK entitle "Mangkuk Malaysian" to, well as the tittle suggest, show stupid and mangkuk things Malaysian does, because we Malaysians are doing more and more stupid things everyday and Im SICK if it! To whoever read this and terase because you accidentally did anything Im highlighting here or in future post, well then good. I Hope it will go through your stupid skull and you will actually insaf. Enjoy~

This is classic Malaysian stupidity. The white MPV parked there in the middle of the road where in fact there are 3 empty parking bays for him to park! THREE!! He cant move his stupid ass to park properly! By doing that, he disturbed the traffic flow of any car going through that road, and also prevented 3 other cars from parking properly at the empty bay! Its isnt rocket science to park properly dumb ass! Its not that difficult! Just fucking park at the fucking empty parking bay!! Mankuk!

Ahhh yes the ever popular double parking. Just so you know, they are few empty parking bays just a few meter away, but the driver just had to didnt use his brain and to bloody lazy and just had to double park behind my car. How absurd is that! The most ridiculous part, oh boy this is classic mankuk-ness; the driver of the white car was actually having a breakfast at the mamak just infront of my car! He must have seen that I went inside of my car and wait for the stupid driver to move his car, but did he move his car?? Noooooo~ he just buat selambe for like 15minutes. Only when I took this picture that he had the willingness to move his car. Stupid! Not only he double park me when there were empty bays few meters away, but he just buat selamba when I wanted to go out of the bay! Mangkuk!

More Malaysians mankuk-ness and stupidity coming soon! Spirit of 1Malaysia!!

Colourfull Pants~

I have the "coolest" colorful pants collection ever!! I love coloured pants!! *definitely too much influence form Matt Bellamy and co.


Soo cute~
ok soo tak de idea what to post =S hahaha

I made my 1st ever stand up comic show the other day. However, biggest mistake I ever made! I made it for a UiTM event, and to make it worst,it was for accounting students! BIGEST MISTAKE EVER! UiTM known for not having a totally organize and fun event! And accounting students are.. well... most of them... are.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So they didnt really get my sketch. My part was during lunch time, so people was busy q-ing the buffet table , and they were eating talking taking pictures roaming around and wasnt paying attention. And since they are accouting students, well ( no disrespect for them) let put it this way, accountants are generally boring. So yeah those two combo = BAD STAND UP COMIC GIG EVER!!