Saturday, November 27, 2010


From 8-11th November 2010, the World Congress of Accountants were held in Kuala Lumpur, and me and few other UiTM friends have helped?worked for the event.

We didnt actually work at the event, we were station at KLIA to greet all the delegates who came from all over the world at the airport.

Since we were working at KLIA, we stayed at Concorde In KLIA. At first I thought "wow best giler dapat stay at concorde!" . But ends up, Concorde In KLIA is only a quite hampeh very basic 3 Stars Hotel. Not luxury at all. So you can imagine our reaction when we at 1st thought going to stay at a posh luxury hotel, but end up in a very basic army-look-a-like hotel =S

But the hotel actually was quite nice. Quite cute.

The swiming pool. Very small and like 1.3meter deep only. But I did swamp in it once, and even meet a cougar =S =P

The gym. Tried it once also. Thought of building up my body to have a buff macho muscular body when greeting the delegates. Tapi itu suma cita-cita kosong sahaja.

My casa. Quite small but ok laaa.

We did get free buffet breakfast though. And it was GOOD! kenyang makan breakfast everyday =D

Ok enough writting about the hotel (which make me seems like a spoil menggedik breat) and lets talk about the job itself.

The only thing we had to do was to greet all the delegates that arrived at KLIA and gave them all the relevant information. Seems easy enough? Then imagine a group of 600 Africans came all at once, and some of them cant speak English that well, and we had to attend to them and layan all their absurd kerenah. It was quite a hell of a work to do!

But in the end the experience was really good and nice. And Im getting RM 300 for a 3 days job! Wooo!! $hopping! WCOA cepat la bayar gaji oi!! Didnt get the chance to hi on any hot delegates though =P

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