Saturday, December 11, 2010



Today was like the biggest MERDEKA ever for me in YEARSS!!
Today I actually took my last ever paper for ACCA! Yup no more ACCA papers after this! Hell yeah!!

That is, if I successfully past both of my papers (P4 Fuck!ng Advanced Finance and P5 Advanced Performance Management) for this December 2010 sittings.

Man P4 was like really tough! A new examiner set the exam, his question style was pure cruelty! A lot of small tedious time consuming mark-less calculation, and also tested on pure financial knowledge. 2 questions I didnt have enough time to complete. Damn my chances to pass is veeery thin!
P5 was less unforgiving. 1st question on CSF caught me off guard as it was a very uncommon question, but other than that I think I did ok, better than P4 definitely!

I really hope I pass these two papers this time so that I dont have to repeat the papers again. To who ever out there still stalking HBlogK, please, please, I beg you, tolong doakan saya dapat pass these two papers. PLEEEASSEEEEE! So that I can be done with ACCA already. InsyAllah I can pass. Amin.

But now the exam are done, no need to worry about it anymore. My results come out in February. So until then I have 3 months to have fun, partying, and live my life! Yup definitely need to enjoy my life right now before the era for depressing work life began. IM GONNNA ENJOOOYYY!!!

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