Saturday, December 11, 2010

Money Tree Big Pitch YES Challenge Season 3

Date: 27th October 2010
Time: 9am -2.30pm
Venue: Multi Purpose Hall, Sunway College.

The Big Pitch event for the YES Money Tree finally took place, basically what we had to do on the event was to present our business ideas in front of group of investors, and also open a booth at the event, in order to attract the investors so that we were able to gain some capital finance to actually start up our business proposal. So yeah it was kinda like a BIG DEAL!

Sooo many effort had been put prior to the event. Stuff like finding potential investors, presenting infront of a few earlier investors, preparing all the information and data for the event presentation, and also preparing everything for the booth. It was tiring! Specially as I had to juggle between studying for my finales and also preparing for the event. Alhamdulillah my partners finished with their exams earlier, so they had more time to focus on the event, and I could concentrate more on my finales. Since I was busy on exam, my main job was more on designing and preparing for the booth, including designing all the posters, banners, and props for the booth.
And ah yess, I did wore my full red suit, my best suit for the big day =D

The main stage where we would be presenting.

Brandon, CEO of Money Tree with the opening speech.

Our booth. Seemed a little bit bersepah. We had to design our booth related to our main business. Our business, MKey business is related to public trasnportation, hence the booth design.

Other team, Go Get It booth, a team related to tourism and holiday.

Call21 booth, business in the phone servicess.

One of the prop I did. It supposed to look like a bus. Chomelnye my bus in the end. huhu.

Another prop yang tak menjadi, which supposed to look like an LRT =S

Me and Ameerah getting ready for the big presentation. See the thing on the tele? We actually come up with a cute animation video to promote our product. Which truned out quite dissapointing as there were no sound, and the video cant be replay automatically. Hampeh

Thats our brochure, and also a toy train for deco. At first we wanted to the train to actually moves, but it was to noisy and childish.

My baby even came to support me =D

Me preparing for the presenatation I

Me preparing for the presentation II (muke can not go!)

Me presenting, doin my thang!

Me presenting close up.

Zat doing her thang presenting the financial part.

After the presentation, distributing our brochure and company card, promoting to attract more investors for our business.

Since we are related to public trasnport, I did this sort of railway on the floor to be sort of the path way into our booth =)

Group pictures =D

Yeay finally done with Big Pitch!!!

I think everything went really well that day. The booth looked good and able to attract some investors. The presentation went smoothly and I didnt forget too many important stuff. The only downside was very few investors came. Supposedly 150 investors come, but on the day only a few came. After all the effort we did, we only present and attract a few investors, it was quite dissapointing. As though most of the effort went to waste. Although we did manage to gain around RM 3000 equity finance which is good. Better than none right?

I was really happy and pleased with the way we ended the big day as almost everything went smoothly. 3 months of hard work had to be shown that day, and we did quite well to deliver.

Now we need to actually make MKey happens,and I cant wait to get start after my exam =D

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