Saturday, December 25, 2010

SMKBJ 07 Reunion, Football, Football, and more Football.

Owh hot damn. My enthusiasm to blog these days has been 0, that most of the stuff I blog about happened like 2 weeks ago and dah basi already. Im blogging these days for jyst the sake of it. Dont know why Im still blogging anymore. Blogger Block!! Oh well...

I went to my high school reunion last last Saturday, 11th December I think (told you this blog dah basi) at Marcy's the Curver. Thanks to Shazwina for organizing it ;) Really nice cool place, love the concept. It was my first time there, so I was a bit (ok ALOT!) jaukn! hahah. The place is not liek a restaurant, but more like cold storage instead. You just go to any couunter that serve foor you are interested at, and then just order there. They will then stamp your order on your guess card (if that what they call it) and then you will pay latter on. Really love the concept. COOOOOLL!! (jakun here)

I came late, 1 and half hour late, as you know, cool people came late for parties =P hahaha. Only few people showed up, maybe because a lot of other people were busy, and the thang sort of planned last minute. But hey still good fun though meeting them again . Pictures time!

Ok ..pictre time ( no "s". Not many pics were taken . boomer)See, only few people showed up, not very happening. Huhu. Next reunion, LANGAKAWI! hahahah! (btw, fyi, I was wearing my totally cool and cun (perasan) lime pants that day. Damn x nmpk in the pict )

Jus after the reunion, I had a football game arranged by Azri against the Arsenal supporters club. The match satrted at 5pm, but I left the reunion at 5.30 pm, so we really had to rush to Setia Alam (not to mentioned Messi buat hal lagi =S =P )

It was a very good match. I played right back (ouh I havent blog this yet, I no longer play goal keepers anymore. After strings of blunder the "manager" finally replaced me and Ive been depromoted (opposite of promoted?? ouh what the hell) to right back) We went 1-0 ahead, then the opponent equalise. We took the lead again 2-1, then they equalised agian at 2-2, and then they scored to pu it 2-3 just before half time. But then we came back to make it 3-3, then 4-4, 5-3, and finally 6-3. Good match!

The very next morning, I went to MBJ keeper training (I no longer playing for MBJ but I have a football match in the evening, and I had to play gk after a very long time, so need to get rid some of the rust =S)

The training was good, unfortunately not the same can be said about the game. We fought against team UMNO (???) but comprimise of Indian, Chinese, and even Inddons. So yeah watafak?! There were one Indon fella with long hair that looks exactly like a Samurai (tak tipu) and he was fucking fast. He beat the offside trap easily and we ended up loosing 2-0. Oh well. Huhu.......

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